Why even the best baby carrier backpack won’t ease your parenthood?

Sometimes we say to ourselves: “Don’t complain too much – now you have all these modern devices such as a toddler back carrier, swings, and jumpers” But still, why is it so difficult sometimes? Why aren’t these numerous devices making our motherhood perfectly happy and easy? Because the same child carrier backpack is just a tool, and the rest depends on how we use it.

If your relatives are waiting for a visit from the stork, buy them the portage as a giftRecently I got a call from a friend who has a 4-month-old baby. She said that she doesn’t feel happy, although the baby was planned and they were so happy to become parents. Now she feels that her life is over, and she is very ashamed of these thoughts. Yes, it is not easy to admit this. But I perfectly understand it! I felt the same myself! Today I understand how to deal with it.I’m not going to talk only about wonderful baby devices today, but also about some things that you might experience after having a baby. I hope you will find my thoughts as helpful as my recommendations for choosing the right toddler backpack carrier or sling.

I was preparing myself for having a first baby for a long time. I will avoid the saddest parts of my journey, but my way to motherhood was not easy. I was shocked that even after having a baby my life hasn’t turned into endless happiness either. Just the opposite – it has become very monotonous. What I know for sure is that despite some ups and downs, the baby is a miracle.

Here is an example. After the birth of my baby, I bought a sling, and when I realized that it doesn’t work for me, I bought a baby carrier backpack. But I didn’t use it either! I often felt worried about something. What if I go somewhere and won’t have a place to change the diaper? What if he starts screaming and hurting everyone? What if he gets a virus outdoors? Endless ”what ifs”.

Recently I found a new model of child carrier backpack on Amazon. I feel like I just need to share my excitement about this product with you.

The sonnie has ensconced. He and his Dad are real friends. Here is the full world before them

I love this type of ”transformer” toddler back carrier. It’s great when one item can be transformed into several more. After all, we don’t have giant houses to store all the baby stuff. This model can be also used as a traditional baby carrier backpack. The baby can face you or the outside – depending on the age. You can unfasten one strap and carry the baby on your hip. Or you can remove child carrier backpack, everything and it will turn into a Hip Seat which is very convenient for older children. By the way, I bought that also. Mine is turquoise.

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Let’s return to my story. I would be still stuck at home if one day I didn’t see an advertisement for an oil painting class at a festival. I really wanted to go. The class was only two hours and was free. I thought I could rely on a toddler backpack carrier that I had. My son was already 8 months old and I decided to go!

My husband was happy to help me and take care of our son while I would attend the painting class. We decided to prepare for the event and take everything we might need. Besides the toddler back carrier, we took with us a bunch of diapers, a giant package of wet wipes, a pair of diapers and all sorts of different foods. To be gone for four hours seemed quite an adventure for me, so I decided to be fully prepared.

This pleasant soft fabric with stickum is suitable for a baby car armchair best of all

Our little guy fell asleep while we were driving, so my husband pulled him out of the car and went for a walk. By the way, I found a very cool piece for the car seat. It’s an arm cushion on velcro. You can attach it to the handle of the car seat and you won’t hurt your arms anymore!

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If the little thing’s carrying hasn’t been bought yet. Such fasciation can be helpful

When my son woke up, he had a snack and his daddy moved him to the toddler backpack carrier. There were mothers with children in slings. Meanwhile, I was having fun drawing. It was so wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of it! A real easel, canvas, and oil paints! I was blending different shades and making progress with the landscape we were painting.

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The result wasn’t perfect, but I am not a professional artist either.

The most important was that I enjoyed the process. I had a great time, and the baby only needed a child carrier backpack and a cookie.

I decided to put my life on a hold until the moment my son grows up and only then I would do the things I used to like before. I was anticipating this moment, instead of enjoying life right now. Luckily everything changed for the better. In my case, our second child was born almost right after my first one. I just realized that I won’t be able to wait for both of them to grow. We kept doing the same things we used to do, and the kids were with us, in the baby carrier backpack.

I also decided to take piano lessons and attend classes twice a week. So the toddler backpack carrier goes to my husband, along with the children. Even though I still can’t play Mozart or Bach, I enjoy my lessons and the piano so much.

Mother’s good mood is very important for the mite of a child. You have taken care of it

What I realized is that even the coolest baby carrier backpack won’t automatically turn you into an easy-going, active and happy mother. Although it can help you by a lot.

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My advice to new mothers is to live your life to the fullest and enjoy the present moment of your motherhood. A variety of baby devices are there to help you every day!

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