Why do children need a regular physical activity?

It’s rather difficult to bring a healthy life in adulthood.  So it is extremely important to teach a child to live an active life in childhood. The earlier you start, the more effective your attempts are. Starting from the first years of your baby’s life you can already provide some exercises for him or her. The most simple but regular exercise will help your child grow up healthy and strong.
The National Association for Sport and Physical Education has created a list of international standards for appropriate practices preschoolers should get in a day. According to them:
  • Kids need to have at least 1 hour of structured physical activity per each day
  • Also they need to engage in more than several hours of unstructured daily physical activity
  • Meanwhile staying sedentary shouldn’t continue more than 60 min.
  • The role of adults responsible for children is crucial in attempts of providing opportunities for structured and unstructured physical activity for them.
  • An access to indoor and outdoor areas is important for providing exercise for preschooler.

Unusual lifehacks for indoor activities

Of course, you can buy a bicycle for your child or equip a nice playground near the house. But there is no need for them when it rains or snow falls. Indoor exercise for preschoolers can become a simple way to mix fitness with interactive games. It can work right in a living room or big children’s room.  An exercise won’t be boring if you focus on the fun. For the best result a preschool exercise theme can be presented everywhere: in the film your kid watches, in the fairytales you tell to your toddler. It even can be an image on wallpaper in the room. You can use all sports equipment, toys or furniture you have during exercise. Don’t forget to turn on the music your child loves. Remember that even small children pick parents as their major role model.

Examples of fun indoor activities

Here is a list of ideas of fun exercises for preschoolers to encourage healthy habits at an early age. Promise your kid will have the happiest time ever after trying them.
  • Warming-up. Start your morning exercises with simple actions. Roll your head from the left to right, move your shoulders up and down, bend your body forward and lean back.
  • Squat jump. Ask your child to sit down about 5 times and up with a jump.
  • Animal race. Jump like a frog or hop like a rabbit. There are a lot of ways to imitate how animals move.
  • Jogging in place till the music stops.
  • Dance and freeze. Let’s dance and shake your body! But you need to stop and freeze in some pose when the music stops.
  • Football with a balloon. There are so many ways you can play with a balloon. For example, blow up a balloon and throw it from your foot. Ask your child to do the same.
  • Do a backbend.
  • Stretching. Children, as well as adults, are recommended to finish fitness exercises with stretching.
If the child does not get something try to do exercises together. Don’t forget to praise and encourage your baby. Then your child will be inspired to do exercises the next time.

Pros and cons of indoor exercises for kids

Do you believe an exercise is only helpful for your kid? Here we show two faces of the issue.
Pros Cons
  • Exercise minimizes the risk of getting ill
  • It can be some sort of stress for preschooler
  • It makes your kid’s body muscles and bones stronger
  • Children who do their exercises are losing the chance to interact with other kids
  • It’s a perfect deal for overweight children
  • Some kinds of exercises and sports can make a harm for a kid
  • Exercise has a good effect on a school readiness
  • Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • It aims to improve your child’s well-being and emotional development

Moreover, the regular exercises help your kid to sleep better. They also prepare preschooler for taking up different life challenges – from physical activity to developing mental skills.

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