Week 8 – Two Months In, Carrying On!

The baby is starting to take a human shape and is no longer looking like a tadpole. He’s small – just like a kidney bean – but is growing every day. It won’t be long until my baby belly begins to show! Soon, I’ll not only feel pregnant – but look pregnant.

I officially have seven more months until the due date! I know, it’s very early – maybe a bit too early to get excited – but I can’t help it. I’ve known about the pregnancy for almost a month now, so I’m creeping with excitement.

I am currently wrapping up my second month, but since I am still so early in the first trimester, my week 8 belly size is not yet there – although I try faking it in the mirror, to see what it would look like.

Mom vs. baby at eight weeks, let’s see what it looks like.

The 8-Week Baby

I’ve scheduled for a week 8 ultrasound – and for the first time, I was able to get a pretty clear image of my baby. At this point, the baby is as big as a raspberry – and doesn’t measure more than 0.63 inches. Every day, the baby is growing by one millimeter – so things are starting to speed up.

My baby’s heart is now beating regularly, the beat is strong and steady – and I could hear it. The baby’s “tail” is just about gone, and his brain and nerve cells are now branching out to connect with his organs.

The eyelids have also formed, his upper lip is starting to take shape, and his nose is beginning to protrude. Obviously, he can’t use any of them yet – but he’ll be able to once he is born. While his extremities were only stubs before, he is now developing fingers – around both the hands and legs.

His neck is also lengthening – and while he still relatively looks like a kidney bean, he’s looking more human with each passing day.

Mommy at 8 Weeks Pregnant

I may not be showing – but my hips have definitely gotten wider. The baby is obviously expected to grow a lot in the following months – and my body knows it. For this reason, it’s getting itself ready to “grow” a baby the size of a football.

I’m constantly feeling the effects of the pregnancy, and the anxiety has also settled in like it’s at home. My nausea also doesn’t make things any better – so I’m walking around, trying not to puke at every whiff that I catch.

Overall, my week 8 symptoms include:

  • Sore Breasts: My breasts feel bigger and heavier – and I have the feeling that my husband does not mind this in the slightest. The downside, however, is that they are also sore. Considering that the lobules responsible for producing milk are expanding, it’s quite understandable.
  • Fatigue: My body is pumping more blood – but at the same time, I also have a lower blood pressure. This is because most of the nutrients in the blood are sent to the baby. I try to get as much sleep as possible, whether it means going to sleep early or sneaking in some naps every now and again.
  • Nausea: That’s it! I refuse to call it morning sickness anymore, since it can hit me at any time of the day. I try to keep it under control by using ginger, vitamin B6, and acupuncture wristbands. It doesn’t eliminate the nausea completely, but at least it makes it far more manageable.
  • Keen Sense of Smell: This would have been very useful if I didn’t also catch every bad scent possible. I can catch a whiff of my favorite cheesecake from far away – but I can also just as easily notice offensive odors. Half the time, I’m covering my nose so that my stomach doesn’t go completely crazy.
  • Weird Dreams: I’m not completely sure if this is an official symptom or not, but apparently, many pregnant women go through this during their 8th week of pregnancy. This is most likely a result of anxiety since I’ve been juggling a lot on my mind these days.
  • Constipation: Well, this is embarrassing – but at least I know I’m not the only one going through this. I’m fine as long as I eat plenty of fiber-rich foods and drink a lot of water – but on days when I don’t, I can’t even get close to going number two. This makes me feel very bloated – and almost making it seem like my baby belly has grown. No, my friends, that’s just my constipated belly.
  • Cramps: I do admit, I still panic when I get cramps every now and again during my pregnancy, since I associate them with bad things happening. However, at this point, it’s very normal. My uterus is expanding and my ligaments are stretching – so it’s bound to cause a little bit of discomfort. However, if the cramps are really bad, I suggest you go see a doctor. No woman should be in excruciating pain during pregnancy – perhaps only when they give birth, and that can be managed as well.
  • Spotting: Spotting can occur at any time during your pregnancy, but you have to be careful if it happens at about 8 weeks in. One of the reasons may be sex – since your cervix is very sensitive at this point. Another reason might be a miscarriage, particularly if you are spotting A LOT. You should get checked immediately by the doctor.

The symptoms that you feel might be way worse if you are carrying twins. Since there are more babies to feed, there will also be more hormones to handle – so you’ll have to do more work. Don’t panic if you see this happening to you – and if you have suspicions, don’t shy away from consulting your healthcare provider.

Final Thoughts

While the pregnancy symptoms seem to be getting worse, I’m very excited to bring my baby into the world. With each day, he’s becoming more and more of a reality. He’s no longer a cell mass; he’s a baby-to-be.

I’m not showing yet, but I’m definitely feeling. For all you mothers to be, I hope you found my week 8 pregnancy guide to be useful.

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