Week 7 – The Embryo That Is Becoming More and More and More Human

Week 7 – the week when the cravings made themselves at home. Most of last week’s symptoms are hanging strong, but I still have some new symptoms that seem to be making their way.

At this point during the first trimester, I am pretty far along. I could swear that I feel the baby growing every day, forming its little body and becoming stronger and stronger by the minute. My pregnancy hormones, on the other hand, are also feeling these changes – which is why I’m relatively rough around the edges these days.

I have new week 7 symptoms. Yay. Well, the first trimester is not fun for anyone – so I don’t expect it to be any different for me either. If I didn’t feel anything, then that would mean the baby is not developing correctly. So, what if I’m feeling a little pain? To make things clear for you, here’s my week 7 pregnancy guide.

The Baby at 7 Weeks Pregnant

At this point during the pregnancy, my baby is no bigger than a blueberry – measuring around 0.51 inches. He still looks pretty much like a tadpole, but by the end of the week, he will look almost like a human baby. At the beginning of the week, his extremities were still tiny little bumps – but during the course of the week, they have lengthened and started bending around the joints. He will have knees and elbows!

The bones aren’t as hard as those of an adult human; at this point, they are only cartilage. But he also has a digestive system now. He has a heart, a liver, a spleen, a set of kidneys – and even an appendix. He’s developing nicely inside the placenta, which has now sprouted villi (mini hair-like projections) – which have the purpose of carrying nutrients from my bloodstream to the baby.

The 7-Week Pregnant Woman

My baby may no longer look like a frogspawn – but this doesn’t mean I’m feeling so great. At this point, I have a love-hate relationship with my hormones. On one hand, I’m happy because I know my baby is growing nicely. On the other hand, I still hate the scent of my husband’s perfume (which I used to love) and cover my nose every time I go past a food court.

I’m craving a lot of salty, sour, and bitter food – and I can say for sure that I’ve never eaten so many pickles and potato chips my whole life. My doctor says it has a lot to do with my increased blood volume, which shows the need for additional sodium.

I do have some fun with the cravings, though. I know they aren’t really a problem – but they are a good excuse to send my husband scrambling for chocolate at 1 AM. I do limit my cravings to safe, food substances. I’ve been advised that if I ever crave non-food such as cigarettes, alcohol – or even bleach – to (obviously) not act upon them.

Yes, there are indeed pregnant women in this world who have this type of craving. It’s possible that it might be because the body is trying to supplement some missing nutrients. Still, if you find yourself suddenly craving to eat the from the sandbox, you might want to contact your doctor first.

Mommy’s Symptoms

Well, here’s where the fun starts. In addition to the symptoms from last week, I have some symptoms that have only begun to manifest themselves this week.

  • Nausea: Yes, it’s still here. The nausea has me covering my nose each time I pass by something with a smell. I try to keep it under control with ginger, vitamin B6, and acupuncture wristbands – but I still have instances when I want to hurl my guts out. I can’t even call it morning sickness, since it can happen at any time of day.
  • Food Cravings: This is fun for me – but not as much for my husband. I have moments when I crave specific foods that can’t be easily found – and it tends to happen at very odd hours. I told my husband that I was craving mango ice cream at midnight; the look he gave me was priceless. Desperation, disbelief, and panic combined because he knows these cravings are coming from the baby. He did scout half the town looking for mango ice cream, so he definitely gets points for that.
  • Aversions to Certain Foods: I used to find hamburgers delicious – until I didn’t. Just as with food cravings, there were also some foods that I usually found delicious – but now I can’t get anywhere near them. Apparently, this is nature’s way of telling me those foods are not exactly good for my body.
  • Acne: You’d think that once you’re past your teenage years, you’d get rid of acne once and for all. Nope. Give it to pregnancy to make you feel like a teenager once more – and not in a good Thanks to the hormonal changes, I can have clear skin in the morning – and a huge breakout when the evening comes. I’ve been advised that if I want to use anti-acne products, I need to discuss it first with my doctor and ensure they are baby-safe.
  • Extra Saliva: Well, here’s another symptom that I didn’t expect – but my mouth seems to be producing more saliva than ever. This is most likely due to the fact that my hormones are going crazy – and it probably has something to do with my nausea too.
  • Mood Swings: I’ve grown so used to this that I’ve given my multiple personalities names. The angry one in Nancy. The emotional one is Helen. The affectionate one is Crystal. And I have several other names thrown in there. At this point during my pregnancy, my husband has a pretty good idea who he is speaking to.

Pregnancy sure seems fun, doesn’t it? And the week 7 belly size didn’t even change one bit, despite the fact that I’ve been continuously checking it in the mirror.

Final Thoughts

This week was an emotional rollercoaster packed with cravings and nausea. The baby is growing, but not showing – and since I go in for regular checks, I know for sure that everything is in order.

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