Week 5 – Pregnant and Conquering Every Step

The baby is growing, and I’m really part of the pregnancy club right now! My hormone levels are up in the skies, and my symptoms are really confirming the fact that I am going to be a mother!

When you’ve been trying to have a baby, it’s a blessing when you see that pregnancy test turn positive. The ultrasound looked good, and I know for certain that my little bundle of joy is growing there with every passing day. It might be the hormones talking, but I can’t help it; my motherly instincts are already getting the best out of me.

Granted, with all the week 5 signs of pregnancy, the “club” is not as fun as one might originally think. But oh well… 8 more months to go – and only a few more weeks in the first trimester!

The Baby at 5 Weeks

At this stage of the pregnancy, the baby is no bigger than an apple seed – so if I didn’t have the symptoms or a confirmed test, I wouldn’t even know he was there. And he’s gearing up to grow even more! By the end of the next week, he will double in size.

The baby is now starting to take the shape of a human. The heart is already formed, although a week 5 ultrasound won’t show his beating heart yet. The spinal cord and brain are also developing – and the baby now has a head, front, back – and a tail. The tail will eventually get absorbed in the body, so I’m not worrying about anything.

This tiny being is growing rapidly, and by tomorrow, I’m pretty sure that he will be even bigger. He now has three cell layers – the endoderm, the mesoderm, and the ectoderm. Later on, these layers will transform into his tissues and organs.

Mommy’s Changing Life

At this point in the pregnancy, it’s very clear that I’m going to be a mother. Those around me won’t really notice anything – other than the fact that I’m apparently “glowing” (increased blood volume does the trick). However, the nausea is starting to make itself known, and the baby seems to be taking a lot of energy from my body. It needs that energy, so at this point, I need to be very careful about what I eat. No more junk food for me, since the baby needs useful nutrients.

Also, I need exercise, so I started taking long walks. Dancing also works for me, and I swim every now and again. I love it when my husband joins me for these activities, because I want him to be as involved in this pregnancy as possible – and, luckily, he does, too.

Currently, I’m focusing on having as healthy a pregnancy as possible. I’m constantly in touch with my healthcare provider so that I know for sure that everything is going smoothly – and my prenatal vitamins are part of my daily routine.

The 5-Week Symptoms of Pregnancy

I’m 5 weeks pregnant – so I’m obviously feeling the symptoms. They’re not fun, that’s for sure. But for me, that’s a sign that the baby is growing nice and healthy. The first trimester is always the toughest, so I’m not going to dread the entire pregnancy based on what’s happening to me right now.

  • Morning Sickness: The name of this bad boy is definitely not accurate. If it would have been only in the morning, it would have been a blessing – but it can happen at any time, at any place. I felt sick at 6 pm just by catching a whiff of something I didn’t like during my walks. I managed to deal with it by eating small meals, consuming ginger, and adding vitamin B6 to my diet. Acupuncture wristbands also seemed to help.
  • Increased Hormones: I’ve already made peace with the fact that my heightened hormone level won’t be lowering anytime soon. I’ve never watched so many chick flicks or romantic/nostalgic movies for as long as I’ve lived. If I’m not bawling over random TV commercials, I’m bawling over Finding Nemo. Yes, at this point everything sets me off.
  • Sore Breasts: Morning sickness is obviously a winner, but the breast soreness is not to be underestimated. My breasts are getting bigger – to the delight of my husband, I’m sure. At the same time, they are very tender to the touch. They’re preparing to be milk ducts, after all – so they are also getting ready for motherhood.
  • Frequent Urination: This is a symptom that stayed with me since week three now. My kidneys are expanding due to the fact that they have to clear more toxins – which means that mommy now has a pretty faithful relationship with the toilet.
  • Fatigue: This is another symptom that won’t disappear anytime soon. I want to nap at all times – whether it’s during housework, a dinner date, or in the middle of a work meeting. Granted, I’m burning energy for two now – so it’s understandable that my energy is running low pretty fast.
  • Cramps: Yes, I still feel cramps every now and again. Doctors say it could be from one of two reasons: the embryo has implanted itself nicely into the uterine wall, or my ligaments have begun to expand in order to make place for the baby. Still, I’ve been advised that if the cramps get very bad, I should go see a doctor.
  • Spotting: 5-weeks pregnant, but I still see random spots on my underwear. It’s not bad, so a panty liner is generally enough to ensure that I don’t ruin my underwear. At this point, it’s normal – but if the spotting looks more like bleeding, then I advise you call your doctor.

Currently, I’m just focusing on getting a lot of rest and taking care of myself overall. The rest I’ll be figuring out myself as I’m watching my week 5 belly size grow.

Final Thoughts

If you’re pregnant and you know it, clap your hands! Yes, I’m pregnant; I can’t see my belly yet, but the test and symptoms have confirmed it. My week 5 pregnancy guide should give you a good idea of what a pregnant woman may feel at this point.

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