Week 40 of Pregnancy – The Home Run

Description: It’s here! The final week is here! Next week, I will no longer be pregnant. My baby is fully developed now, and completely ready to meet his parents.

I can’t believe the due date is here already! At the same time, I’m happy that it will be over. The prospect of labor still freaks me out a bit, but at least I’ll be belly-free after this. My week 40 belly size is already more than I can handle – and I can’t wait until I’m able to tie my shoes by myself.

If I was eager and anxious before, it’s nothing compared to this week. You know that feeling when you prepare for a trip, and your heart goes through hoops a few days prior to departure. This is me right now. Only in my case, it is the journey of a lifetime – or well, at least until he goes off to college. Only thinking about that just made me sad.

So, do you want to know what a 40 weeks pregnant lady feels – besides super-duper excitement? Well, here’s my week 40 pregnancy guide.

The Baby at 40 Weeks Pregnant

The oven is done cooking! Well, that might not have come out as well as I had intended, but all I’m saying now is that he is full-term and fully developed. Everything is on point. His lanugo is completely gone, and his skin and fat layers are formed enough for him to retain a healthy temperature. Plus, he’ll also have some irresistible chubby cheeks to boot.

Right now, he’s about the length of a watermelon – and weighing 7 ½ pounds. He’s 20 inches long – and would normally not fit inside my belly is he wasn’t cooped up in the fetal position.

I’ve been told that I should not worry if the baby’s head is looking a bit pointy after he’s born. Right now, the bones of his skull are not fused – that will happen later, as he grows up – so they might overlap as he’s going through the birth canal. Because of this, he might have a “pointy noggin,” but which will shape up once he grows.

Mommy at 40 Weeks Pregnant

It’s been months and months of anxiety and anticipation. When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t actually realize that I was going to be a mother – and now it’s really happening. I still can barely wrap my head around the idea.

With due date closing in so fast, I am restless – and as a result, I can’t sleep. Sure, my bulging belly may have something to do with it as well. First off, my thoughts keep me up at night. I keep thinking about the delivery room, how it’s going to be, go over every possible detail – and whenever I try to keep a blank mind, my mind goes all over it again. There are bound to be many surprises, and the delivery is likely to be very different from what I imagine, despite all the books, articles and videos I went through to gather information.

There’s a chance of a prolonged pregnancy – but if things go well, the induced labor will set out the other domino pieces. By the end of the week, I’ll be holding my baby in my arms. This week, I was told to take long walks – and also have sex. Both of these are fun, and they are a good way of naturally starting the childbirth process. While I used to rest a lot until recently, now I am trying to be as active as possible. If not, the doctors will help me induce labor.

I also have less of an appetite nowadays– mainly because my stomach is doing the flips. I’m so excited for having this baby that I can barely eat. Or, well, one more reason might be that my stomach can’t hold much. After all, I have a plump full-term baby pressing on my digestive system. Ah, I can’t wait to splurge on my favorite desserts, with a fully-accepting stomach. 

Curious about my week 40 pregnancy symptoms? Well, here it goes:

  • Leg Cramps: I’ve still been drinking a lot of water recently, but this does not stop my legs from cramping whenever I’d just fallen asleep. I try to stretch my calf and hamstring every so often – because otherwise, I end up waking up, trying to clutch my leg after a heavy cramp. Believe me when I tell you, it’s very difficult to do that with this big belly of mine.
  • Fatigue: First of all, I can’t really sleep. I lie awake at night and end up staring at the walls, and it takes hours until I can finally put my mind to rest. My belly isn’t helping either. Because of this, I’m pretty much permanently exhausted, trying to catch a nap whenever the opportunity shows itself.
  • Contractions: I can no longer really differentiate between Braxton Hicks contractions and the real deal – because they take a fair amount of time to pass. I was told that if I have too many of them, then I should start timing them. If they are regular, then it’s a sign I’m going into labor.
  • Anxiety: Remember what I told you about being anxious all the time? I keep overthinking everything, to the point where I’m even driving my husband crazy. At 3AM. In the middle of the night. It’s no wonder he looks just as tired as I am.

The last symptom I am looking forward to is my water breaking. Once that happens, all I have to do is pack my bag and I’m ready to go to the hospital – and finally meet my baby.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a very long journey. From the nausea to the cravings and the back pains, everything was a process where my baby grew up – all by himself – inside my tummy. Sure, I helped him by providing the nourishment – but I’m still amazed how easily life can form inside of a person.

For me, this child is a miracle. A 7-pound miracle that will need years of love and caring – but nonetheless, a miracle. And it’s time this miracle came out and saw the world outside of the womb.

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