Week 4 – I Found Out That I’m Pregnant!

One month after fertilization, I found out that I’m pregnant. My baby is technically two weeks old inside my belly, and now I know that it’s bound to come into the world!

There are two types of women during this time of pregnancy; some of them swear that they can feel the baby growing, while others don’t feel a thing until week 5 or 6. I admit, I belong to the 1st type– because I have been actively trying to get pregnant. My focus was only on this, so when I started to see the signs of pregnancy, I was pretty much certain that I’d get a positive result.

With this week 4 pregnancy guide, this is where my journal really starts. While before I was only suspicious of what was happening, now I am completely certain of it. Here ‘s what my experience was like throughout the 4th week.

The 4th Week Baby

The baby has seen some serious development during this time of the week. First of all, the moment the implantation occurs, it is no longer an egg; it’s an embryo. At this stage, the baby is as big as a poppy seed – maybe even smaller. It’s practically a ball of cells that is prepping to develop – turning into what we will eventually hold in our hands once they are born.

You may not know that you are 4 weeks pregnant yet – but the baby is getting busy. Every layer of cells is going to differentiate itself into baby parts. The inner layer will become the baby’s lungs, liver, and digestive system, the middle one will become the heart, muscles, bones, kidneys, and reproductive organs – and the outer layer will be the baby’s skin, hair, and eyes.

Mommy’s 4th Week Signs of Pregnancy

In my case, I felt the hormonal changes, as well as some 4-week pregnancy symptoms that were also present during the previous week. I didn’t get the positive results of my pregnancy test until later in the 4th week, so the only things that I had to go on were the symptoms – which included the following:

  • Bloating: This was thanks to the fact that I was puffed up on progesterone – a pregnancy hormone. It made me feel more bloated, forcing me out of my skinny jeans and making me break into comfortable pants.
  • Mild Cramps: These cramps had me worried in the beginning since I thought it meant the baby was in trouble. However, when I went to the doctor, I was told that this level of cramping was normal; it meant that the embryo had successfully implanted in the uterine wall. However, the doctor did advise me to let her know if the pain got worse.
  • Mood Swings: I thought I was imagining it at first, but my moods were so hectic that I was crying over every life insurance commercial I’d see on TV. I was sad, then angry, then happy, then sad again – all in a matter of moments. My husband was barely able to keep up. And from what I hear, this will last until sometime in the 12th Good thing my husband is so patient and supportive…
  • Spotting: Don’t panic, it’s a frequent and entirely normal symptom. This happened during the 3rd week as well, but it is also a sign of implantation occurring. It feels like a light period, so for me, panty liners were not actually enough. Still, I didn’t have to use the full-size tampons – a slim pad was just enough.
  • Morning Sickness: Morning sickness did not affect me as much during the 4th week, although I do hear some women have it rough during this time. I did get queasy in the morning and throughout the day, but I tried to prevent hurling by avoiding strong smells, sucking on ginger candy, and eating little bits fairly often.
  • Fatigue: My body was already working for two – so obviously, I was feeling very tired. Since I had the little one in the oven, my body was overworking itself – which is why I was completely exhausted at all times.
  • Sore Breasts: I don’t know how to tell you this, but my breasts took mom mode seriously. It’s like I felt them wanting to make and pump milk for the little one, even if he was 9 months away from being born. If I wasn’t completely sure that I was pregnant, my breasts would surely make it clear to me that my milk ducts are ready.

The symptoms are only starting, and I expect they will keep up until around week 12. By then, from what I hear, the only symptom will be a belly conquering everything in sign with the gushes.

The 4-Week Belly Size

At 4 weeks, there’s no actual belly; the baby is too small for that. However, you will be bloated – and people might confuse that with a belly, although that’s a stretch of the imagination. Still, it is not a baby bump. At this stage, I had to quit the skinny jeans and move into stretchy pants, leggings, and other comfortable clothes.

You need to start taking care of your baby at this point – which is why I started taking prenatal vitamins. The ones I took had at least 400mg of folic acid – which is crucial in preventing birth defects.

After I found out I was pregnant, I was really hoping I could get a week 4 ultrasound. I may only see a tiny dot, the gestational sac – but I ‘d know that my baby was there. It’s typically too early, and the doctor may not even see anything at all at this point, so I’m getting an ultrasound probably around week 7 or 8, where I’ll be able to hear the heartbeat of the baby.

Final Thoughts

I’m officially pregnant! Well, ok, I’ve been pregnant for the last two weeks as well – but now I know! The pregnancy test was positive, and now I can proudly tell people that I am going to be a mother. My life is going to change even more, starting now – since I know that it’s not just me; it’s me and my baby. We’re sharing a body, and in the future, we will be sharing a life.

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