Week 39 of Pregnancy – Love Eternal

Description: The baby is cozy in there – may be, too cozy. While I used to dread childbirth and freak out at the thought of labor, now I just can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore. Childbirth, show me what you’ve got!

I’m going to be completely honest: I love my baby. I haven’t even met him yet, but for these past few months he was a part of me; he was an extension of my body. However, I can’t wait until he’s out, because the pregnancy discomfort is killing me. Well, not killing me – but certainly unnerving me.

I’m VERY BIG. My baby has really grown recently, and he packed a fair amount of weight. It makes it very difficult for me to walk around, considering I packed almost a quarter of my weight in pregnancy kilograms.

But then, I look at my belly – and I imagine him feeling very warm in there. I imagine his smile and his big, beautiful baby eyes. I imagine how in two weeks, I will be holding him close to my heart – and in my arms.

I feel myself getting emotional. Before I start spilling my guts with other sentimental stuff, here is my week 39 pregnancy guide.

The Baby at 39 Weeks Pregnant

My baby is fully developed at this point. His brain is working perfectly, his lungs are ready to take their first clear breath of air, his senses are all formed – everything is just perfect. He’s continuously growing inside of me, which is why things are getting pretty crowded in there. Every day, he’s putting on around an ounce of weight – all of which will help him regulate his temperature once he’s born.

At this point, he’s almost as big as a small pumpkin – weighing just a bit over 7 pounds. Since I’m having a boy, he’s a bit heavier – mainly because they usually pack more weight than girls. Yay for me, since I’m the one giving birth.

All of the lanugo is almost gone – all that remains is the baby smooth skin. He has now “dropped” to my pelvis and is getting ready to be born. Fortunately, he’s not with his head up, as some babies tend to be before childbirth. I could have gone for a natural childbirth even then – but my doctor said that if this happened, a C-section would have been the safer option. Thankfully, this is not the case with junior here.

Mommy at 39 Weeks Pregnant

My prenatal appointments have now become a weekly occurrence, just to be safe. My OB is doing abdominal checks to ensure that the baby is still in the correct position and that there will be no problems at childbirth.

She’s also checking the status of my cervix, and how ripe it is. If it begins to dilate, it would be a sign that I’m about to give birth very soon. However, all things considered, she can’t be 100% sure when the baby will come; only the baby knows that. And I have a feeling that even he doesn’t know for sure.

I’m also paying close attention to whether my water has brokenor not. My doctor said that it could manifest itself as a strong gush – or a small leak. At this point, I was told that if I even suspect that my water has broken, I have to let them know right away. My water can break even without the contractions making themselves noticed – so if this happens, I’ll definitely need to have my labor induced.

The “bloody show” has become a common occurrence now, although I can’t say it’s very obvious. My OB said that it signals that labor will be coming shortly – but that it may still be a few days. Some women go into labor the next day – while others get to see it for two weeks prior to delivery. I’m two weeks shy, so I guess this is an early occurrence. However, I was advised to let her know if I see more than a few drops of blood. A few drops are normal; more than a few drops, however, aren’t.

Here, in a nutshell, are my week 39 pregnancy symptoms

  • Labored Breathing: My baby isgrowing – somy lungs are becoming increasingly more cramped. It’s becoming more difficult for me to get a full breath of air – which is why I need to take a break from anything remotely strenuous fairly often.
  • “Nesting” Urge: I may be getting tired very easily – but the urge to nest is stronger than anything. I sometimes get surges of energy that send me on a cleaning spree – tackling every little detail in my house. I try not to overdo it, though, since it can lead to an early visit to the delivery room.
  • Lightning Crotch: Yes, this is also apparently a thing – that I’ve experienced firsthand. My baby is now in a fairly low position – sitting right next to some very sensitive areas. Therefore, every time he kicks, I get this very sharp sensation – similar to a lightning strike. Yes, they are called that because the kicks are pretty painful.
  • Pelvic Pressure: He may be settled in a proper “birthing position,” but this doesn’t make it very comfortable for mommy. Since he’s all the way down there, all the pressure is going into my pelvis – and I can assure you, it’s not very comfortable.
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions: These are already a fairly common occurrence and are quite constant. The only difference between these and actual labor contractions is that Braxton Hicks go away once I lay down.

My symptoms are constant, my week 39 belly size is fairly big – and I can’t wait to deliver this little (kicking) angel.

Final Thoughts

Slowly, but surely, I’m about to hit ahomerun. Soon enough, I will be belly-free and hugging my baby. Depending on how the week goes, next week I might be telling you that I already had my baby – or that I’m on my way to the delivery room. Well, not right on the way – but my doctors will induce the labor. This way, I’ll know everything goes according to plan.

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