Week 37 of Pregnancy – The Final Mile

Description: As I enter the 37th week of pregnancy, I am getting more and more anxious to meet my baby. My body seems to be ready to go into labor – but I’m still hoping the baby stays there to term.

Four more weeks! Four more weeks, and I will be able to meet my son! I don’t know if this is why I keep organizing all the cupboards and closets – but I’m as anxious as I am restless. My husband is both amused and concerned when he sees me frisbeeing around with a big belly. I’ve never seen him do so many chores in his life (although I’m pretty sure he does it so that I don’t overdo it).

I know I should be resting – but the fact that I know the baby is coming soon has me on edge. I keep thinking if the house is baby-proof enough, or if it’s sanitized enough to welcome a baby. My husband tells me that I need to calm down, that everything will be ok. After all, the baby can’t walk yet.

Even I know that I should “chill”, I’m pretty certain that I’m only like this because it’s my first baby. However, I can’t really help it. For those who are a mess – like I am (sort of) – here is my week 37 pregnancy guide!

My Baby at 37 Weeks Pregnant

At this point, my baby is for the most part done growing. He could probably do with one more layer of fat – but he could easily do that once he is born as well. His lungs are set – ready to take a breath of air. Not amniotic fluid, but actual air.

His eyes are fluttering open and shutting, blinking continuously, sleeping or watching – and completely ready to see his parents and the outside world. I wonder what the color of his eyes is. I heard that babies generally have blue eyes when they are born, but that this changes once they grow up. I hope he has his father’s eyes – because I’ve always had a weakness for pretty green eyes.

I’ve been told that most babies generally have a full head of hair once they are born, with locks that can go to one and a half inches long. At the same time, I was told that if the baby is born without much hair now, I shouldn’t worry – and that I (or, well, my husband) shouldn’t panic if the hair color is different.

I’ve heard stories when couples with brown eyes and dark hair gave birth to blond kids with blue eyes. No, there weren’t any cheating spouses; just babies who need time to “grow into their color”. Even I was a blonde when I was born – but now I have dark brown hair, just like my parents. And it’s all natural.

Right now, my baby weighs a little bit over 6 pounds – so I expect it will be a pretty painful childbirth. But oh well, at least I’ll be a mother – and that thought makes me very happy.  

Mommy at 37 Weeks Pregnant

I’m currently one week away from “full term” status – but I’ll still have to wait three more weeks for that. The longer he stays inside until term, the better it will be for him – because he’ll gain weight and strength and be born a healthier baby. If I can help it, I’d want him to stay inside me until week 40.

My doctor has been talking to me about induced labor. And yes, it sounds like a a far better idea than sitting in my home and having my husband drive through town like a maniac to reach the hospital. I am, however, still in doubt as to whether it’s right to induce a process that is so natural. To ensure everything goes nicely, I’ve tentatively scheduled my delivery for the 40th week – the ideal time for childbirth. I still have the chance to opt out and wait for the delivery to start naturally, and there is still some time to make the final decision. Hopefully, there won’t be any surprises until then.

The weird dreams are still there – and obviously, all of them are about childbirth. Last night I dreamed that I was hiking the Kilimanjaro with my husband, and then I went into labor. I gave birth to an Eskimo, and then we decided to live our lives there. Obviously, this is my subconscious going crazy because I’m stressing out with the entire pregnancy and childbirth thing.

Long story short, here are my week 37 symptoms:

  • Heartburn: The baby’s still pressing against my digestive system, which means that I experience a lot of heartburn – particularly when I eat acidic food. I try to tone it down by watching what I eat.
  • Frequent Urination: Once more, the baby is pressing against my bladder – and I need to pee. A lot. Even as I’m writing this I feel the intense need to go to the bathroom.
  • Spotting: Nearing the end of my term, my cervix is ready to start delivering – which is why a little spotting is just normal. However, bear in mind that if there’s more than just a few drops, you ought to call your doctor.
  • Stretch Marks: My week 37 belly sizeis now bigger than ever – which is why I have new stretch marks now. The reason why I keep body oil at hand is that I want to at least minimize the effect.
  • Abdominal Pressure: The baby has descended toward my cervix now – which means that my cervix is under a fair amount of pressure.
  • Nausea: I certainly did not miss this symptom – but with my digestive system so pressured upon, I have moments when I feel slightly nauseous. My doctor told me that it’s normal – but that I should contact her if it gets worse.

At this point, I’m thankful that I’m not having twins – because I’m not really sure how I’d be able to move.

Final Thoughts

Next week I will have another prenatal visit, to ensure that everything is going smoothly. However, so far, everything is just fine. Aside from some slight discomfort to my cervix, there haven’t been any new symptoms – and I felt just fine as long as I got enough rest.

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