Week 36 of Pregnancy – The Little Papaya

Description: I have finally reached the early term stage. Now that I have entered my last month of pregnancy, I am more and more excited to see and hold my baby. Final mile, here I come!

I can’t believe it’s already been 8 months since I got pregnant – and I’m entering the last one! Time flew, and I feel like it’s only been a short time since I took my pregnancy test. I am putting together the final details before the baby is born – because obviously, there are many things that I forgot or that could only be handled now.

One month ago, I took a childbirth class, to know exactly what I should expect. Now, I’m going through the materials again – to be sure that I did not miss anything. I am also going through the what-ifs so that there aren’t any surprises at the hospital.

So, do you want to know what it feels like to be a woman pregnant in her 36thweek? Well, it’s not the cheeriest of months – but it does have its perks. Here’s my week 36 pregnancy guide.

The Baby at 36 Weeks Pregnant

Right now, the baby is as big as a papaya – which is pretty big, if you ask me. I know because I’m the one carrying him all day long. Also, considering the fact that he used to wiggle a lot, now I’ve noticed that he favors sitting in a particular position. Also, according to my OB, he now rests with his head down – with the rump going towards my ribs. Apparently, that’s the perfect place for delivery – and that’s where every baby should be.

He is now considered to be an “early term” – so if I happen to give birth to him this week, it would not even be considered preterm anymore. He has shed all the “peach fuzz” right about now – which are the tiny hairs protecting his skin in the amniotic fluid. However, his skin is now thick and strong – and can easily protect him in the outside world.

At this point, the baby doesn’t kick and move around much anymore, since he doesn’t have too much space in there. However, he likes to give me a fair number of false alarms. He wants to come out – but at the same time, I know it might be better if he sat still (well, not too still) for the rest of the month.

Mommy at 36 Weeks Pregnant

Words can’t really explain how I feel right about now. I’m ecstatic that soon, my pregnancy will be over – and I’ll be able to walk around without a belly. Sure, I’ll be walking with the baby in my arms – but at least I’ll be able to hold and cuddle him. It will be much better than hugging a belly; it’s like holding the contents of your birthday present.

I do admit, “nesting” behavior has kicked in as well. I feel the need to clean the house, do chores, and make everything ready for the baby. At the same time, both I and my husband know that too many “experiments” like these can lead to a trip straight for the hospital – so he cleans for the two of us instead. Ah, the perks of being a pregnant woman.

What I don’t really like, though, are the nightmares – and I know that they are caused by sleep deprivation, along with a case of pregnancy-related anxiety. I keep waking up either thinking that I’m going into labor, or that I’ve already given birth in my sleep (if only).

I also have nightmares that my baby was born with problems or that I’m losing my baby. Because of this, my husband has to hold a pregnant, hysterical woman that can’t stop crying for at least an hour. I’d blame it on the hormones, but I know they have mostly calmed down by now.

As for week 36 symptoms, here’s what I’m experiencing this week.

  • Better Breathing: The baby has now gone down to my pelvic area, expecting delivery. For mommy, this means that her lungs are no longer overcrowded – which also means that she can breathe now! Indeed, I can’t breathe as I could pre-pregnancy – but it’s still a lot better compared to a few weeks ago.
  • Pelvic Discomfort: So, my body is getting ready for labor right about now. For the same reason that I’m now able to breathe, I’m also feeling rather tight around the pelvic area. The baby descended – which is why my pelvis is under a lot of pressure now.
  • Sleeping Problems: I can’t relax, so I often find myself at 3am reorganizing my closet or making macaroni and cheese. I may not be getting a lot of shut-eye, but this still helps me relax. I sometimes find comfort in a good book – mainly because it takes my mind off the pregnancy.
  • Heartburn: Now that the baby is around my pelvic area, he is once more crowding my digestive system. Because of that, I avoid the foods that would cause acid reflux – and I also go for smaller meals. I keep myself nourished by eating more frequently than usual.
  • Frequent Urination: So, I still have to drink a lot of water – and with the baby pressing more and more against my bladder, I have to take a lot of bathroom trips

My week 36 belly size is also bigger than ever. I feel like a balloon – and I look like one. I gained around 30 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy – which is very normal, considering my BMI.

Final Thoughts

This week has sure been uncomfortable – but it’s oddly satisfying to know that I’m almost done with the third trimester as well. A part of me will miss my very pregnant looks – but I also miss wearing a sundress or walking without holding my back.

Everything will be perfect once I’m able to hold my little junior in my arms. I’m so anxious to see him that I almost want to give birth right away. At the same time, I know he needs the following month to gain some weight – which is why mommy will be patient.

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