Week 35 of Pregnancy – My Little Melon

Description: At this point, my baby is considered to be fully developed. If he were born now, he could survive on his own, without help from the machines. Still, it wouldn’t hurt for him to stay there and be born at the right time.

Excitement is just peaking. Right now, if I were to go into labor, I wouldn’t worry too much – mainly because my baby is already fully developed. According to my OB, he has already reached full term and he’s a big boy now.

However, for safety purposes, I should not rush to bring him out in the world. With every Braxton Hicks contraction, I still shift around and try to prevent any pre-term labor. He’s a big boy now, but he’s still in need of some mommy care.

The Baby at 35 Weeks Pregnant

At 35 weeks pregnant, all that my baby basically has to do now is put on a little weight. Each of his organs is fully developed, and if he were to be born right now, I’d probably be able to take him home very soon. He likely wouldn’t need to stay in the neonatal intensive care inorder to survive – unless he had a pre-existent health condition.

Right now, he measures about 18 inches and weighs a little over 5 pounds – making him as big as a honeydew melon. Also, he is very snug inside my womb – so if he wants to do some karate kicks, he will probably be restrained to some extent. However, this doesn’t mean that he won’t be moving at all; he has to move. It only means that his kicks will be closer to the border.

While before he was covered by peach fuzz and soft, fuzzy hairs, now he’s actually getting real hair – or so I’m told. It was not visible on the ultrasound, but every week 35 pregnancy guide would say this. I can’t wait to see his mane.

He also has sleeping patterns now. Unfortunately, his sleeping pattern does not coincide with mine. Each time I want to sleep during the night, a kick in the guts wakes me up. “Mommy, I want to play,” I imagine him saying. That’s usually when either I or my husband starts singing lullabies – and my baby boy generally calms his kicking down.

Mommy at 35 Weeks Pregnant

Now that I am no longer going to work every day, I visit the doctor as often as possible. There are several prenatal tests that have to be dealt with around this time of the pregnancy – and I’m not leaving anything to chance. If there’s anything that I can do to protect my baby, you can bet I will do it.

I am worrying and spinning around continuously – well, not literally, but in a manner of speaking. I know that I won’t be able to stay home forever and that eventually, I’d have to get back to work – so I hired a nanny. She will come starting with the first days so that I could get some rest and recover. Childbirth is, after all, pretty straining.

At this point during the pregnancy, even my maternity clothes no longer fit that well – and they’re snug around my week 35 size belly. Not only is my baby growing, but my organs are also running out of room too. I can barely go for a full-blown yawn or hold my pee almost immediately after drinking water. The baby is taking a lot of space now – and because of that, I have to take it easy.

Braxton Hicks contractions are also a common occurrence – and while before I wouldn’t really worry about them, it is different now. So, each time I feel a contraction, I start thinking: “Is this it?” My husband is already clutching the hospital bag whenever I tell him “Nope, false alarm.” I can see he is also very eager to see the little one.

Overall, here are my week 35 pregnancy symptoms:

  • Frequent Urination: This is likely the most obvious symptom of being in the 35th week of pregnancy. My baby is growing more and more with each day, and he is constantly pressing on my bladder. As a result, guess who has to spend most of her day on the toilet. Plus, as a pregnant woman, I have to keep myself hydrated – otherwise, I risk premature labor. Lots of water + pressed-on bladder = which way to the bathroom?
  • Pelvis and Hips Pain: Before, the pain in my back was the most pressing problem – and it’s still obviously there. Now, however, I have one more symptom – and that is the pain in my pelvis and my hips. At this point, my body already knows that I’m supposed to deliver the baby – so all my ligaments are loosening up so that he can find his way out.
  • Constipation: To be frank, I no longer know how much fiber I need to add to my diet because the little one eats it all up. As a result, I sometimes find myself sitting on the toilet – with no stool coming out. My husband packed the bathroom with books for this particular reason – because I stay in there a while.
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions: They’re getting more and more frequent nowadays, with due date closing in. My belly is really hard sometimes, and the contractions are getting stronger and stronger. I try to rest whenever I get them, along with drinking a fair amount of water. My doctor recommended that if they don’t go away quickly, I should go to the hospital – because I’m in labor.

Overall, the symptoms are not really painful – but they are still quite annoying.

Final Thoughts

I’m nearing the end of my 8th month – and in about a month, I’ll be finishing off the third trimester as well! My baby is growing, growing, and growing – and soon enough, I’ll be able to cradle the little bundle in my arms! My journey to being a parent will begin very soon!

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