Week 34 of Pregnancy – The Sound of Lullabies

Description: If there was a better time to sing my baby a lullaby, it’s now. He can hear fairly well, even if the sound is coming from outside the uterus. He’s also growing up quickly.

Did you know that at 34 weeks old, everything you say might be heard by the baby? This is why you have to watch what you say – although he probably wouldn’t understand a word you are saying. However, he does understand that it’s his mommy and daddy talking to him right now.

Most people wait until they are born to sing them lullabies. I, on the contrary, am doing it before he is even born. Like every expecting mother, I spend my sleepless nights reading through pregnancy guides.

It seems that babies are actually able to recognize pre-birth songs that their mother sang to them. They will be easily soothed since they’ll hear the familiar sound in a new environment. So, in an attempt to have a child that can actually be put to sleep at bedtime, I’m learning lullabies. Thank God, the baby probably doesn’t care about the fact that I am just a bit off-key.

For other expecting mothers, here’s my own week 34 pregnancy guide.

The Baby at 34 Weeks Pregnant

At 34 weeks pregnant, the baby is as big as a small cantaloupe – or a butternut squash, if you prefer that. He weighs around 4.7 pounds now, which is about half a pound more than last week. He’s gaining weight pretty fast – but in this case, it’s a very good thing. Sure, it might be painful for me – but it’s for the health of the baby.

His skin is also very pink and smooth – smoother than it ever was before. His lungs and central nervous system are pretty much set to go – although they may still need some maturing.

His muscles are also forming right about now – and I can feel that with every kick. He is getting better at stretching and throwing kicks – and he is also trying to make more space for himself inside my womb. I can see that he can’t wait to get out so that he can get a good, full stretch.

His testies have also descended in their rightful place. His eyes now stay open when he’s awake – and they are closed when he goes to sleep. At this point, I can tell when he’s awake and when he’s sleeping. His kicks are stronger when he is awake.

I’m told that if I go into preterm labor, the baby should be viable at this point. Unless he has other health problems, he’ll do just fine in the long run. However, he may need to stay in the neonatal nursery for a bit. 

Mommy at 34 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve just had my week 34 ultrasound – and possibly the last one before I give birth. The next time I’ll see my baby will be when he’s born and I’ll be able to hold him in my arms.

My OB is now familiarizing me with the symptoms of premature labor – and told me that if I were to experience menstrual-like cramps, amniotic fluid flowing from my vagina, or a watery discharge, I should go to the hospital immediately. However, everything looks fine so far.

I also admit that I’m pretty much a klutz lately – a tired klutz. The fatigue that had plagued me in the first trimester has returned – and it has settled just as cozily in the third trimester as well. At this point, I took maternal leave and I’m staying home until the baby is born – for both my sake and his.

As for the week 34 symptoms, here is what you should expect:

  • Fatigue: You know how tiring it is to carry the groceries all the way from the car to the house, all in one go? Well, imagine that you’re doing this every day – and you’re also sleeping with the “groceries.” Carrying that extra weight is not easy – and the fact that I can’t really sleep doesn’t actually help my cause.
  • Blurry Vision: When you combine fluid buildup with hormones and sleep deprivation, you’re bound to have your vision a little “off.” It doesn’t last for long, though, and my vision gets better in like half an hour or so. I’ve been told that if it’s accompanied very often by swelling or headaches, I should contact my OB.
  • Constipation: More often than not, I feel “stopped” when I go to the toilet. I consume fiber-rich food fairly often, and I do my best to drink the recommended amounts of water – but I still have moments when it simply won’t get out. Thank god for smartphones, they keep me busy in the meantime.
  • Hemorrhoids: As if straining each time I went to the bathroom wasn’t bad enough, I also have the not-so-fun symptom in my rectum. These two generally go hand in hand – so, if I manage to fix my constipation problem, I can also work through the hemorrhoids.
  • Abdominal Pressure: The baby is descending towards my pelvis – which is why I’m starting to feel more abdominal pressure than before.
  • Frequent Urination: As mentioned, the baby is going down towards the pelvis – so guess whose bladder is more cramped than ever. Add constipation to that, and I’ve made the toilet my new best friend.
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions: My body is obviously getting ready for childbirth and labor – so at this point, Braxton Hicks contractions are a fairly common occurrence. They go away once I shift positions – and so far, they haven’t been a sight of premature labor.

At this point during the pregnancy, I am also going through “rehearse rides” to the hospital.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is not very easy at this point – and to be honest, I can’t wait until I get to term. Not only am I eager to meet my baby, but my week 34 belly size is also wearing me out.

Less than two months, though, and I’ll be able to hold onto my little bundle of joy. I already love him and every kick he makes.

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