Week 33 of Pregnancy – The Ticking Clock

Description: Baby and mommy are both fattening up. At this point, each of us is eager to see one another – and we are separated by less than two months.

Seven months and one week; that’s just how far along I am. I am currently not pregnant, but very pregnant. Whenever I enter the room, it’s not me the people first see – it’s my very big week 33 belly size. My baby is getting bigger with each week – fattening up and reminding me every day that it’s going to be a very painful childbirth. But still, the prospect of labor doesn’t curb my excitement of meeting the baby.

If you’re as stressed out as I am, I’d normally tell you to take a deep breath and just relax – but at the same time, I know it’s easier said than done. With back pains and a huge protruding belly, it’s probably just as very difficult for you to catch your breath, sit back, and relax. Plus, this is a week with new symptoms, at least for me, so “yay” for “Team Pregnant.”

The Baby at 33 Weeks Pregnant

Right now, my baby is as big as a head of celery – or a pineapple. Weighing just a bit over 4 pounds, he has gained a fair amount of weight since last week – and he’ll be gaining even more by the time I reach the end of the term.

His skin is no longer wrinkled and alien-looking. Finally, it’s smooth and baby-like –looking the way a baby should look like. Plus, now that his skin has thickened, it also looks pink now – as opposed to the reddish color that he had until not very long ago.

His skeleton is also hardening even more now, but the bones in his skull are not yet fused. This is actually good since it permits them to overlap and move around – making it easier for my boy to pass through the birth canal.

Plus, it may seem weird, but those bones won’t really fuse until early adulthood. This way, his brain can grow properly, and his tissue can form as he is growing up.

If I talk to my baby now, I am fairly certain he can hear me very well – as he is now surrounded by a world of sounds. He can hear my stomach growling, he can hear me breathing air into my lungs, and he can both hear and feel my heart beating – which I’m sure is a very reassuring sensation for him.

My Life at 33 Weeks Pregnant

As the baby is getting bigger and bigger inside my belly, I’m also feeling more than a few changes happening in me as well – and I don’t just mean my physique. I feel good about myself – and I often have times when I feel sexy. Believe it or not, my husband also agrees with me on that. In fact, he’s the reason I feel so great these days – and since we’re already married, I’m certain he’s not doing it to get in my pants.

Still, as hot as I may feel – and you’ll find out that I mean it as literally as possible – my body is also going through other changes. For example, now I am no longer sashaying; I am waddling all the way. Not only is it difficult for me to find a good sleeping position, but I also continuously bump into everything: chairs, tables, everything that has a corner.

I’m also experiencing a fair share of numbness in my fingers, which must be my circulation not pumping the blood strongly enough at times. I’m also never certain if I’m going through labor or if it’s just the Braxton Hicks contractions teasing me. I almost had my husband drive me all the way to the hospital simply because the contractions took a moment longer to pass.

Other than that, here are the other week 33 symptoms that I’m going through at this time of the third trimester.

  • Overheating: When I told you I was hot, I wasn’t joking – and I meant that as literally as you can imagine. My metabolic rate is jumping through hoops right now, which is why I’ve always been feeling hot lately.
  • Headaches: If there’s something that really gets on my nerves during pregnancy, it’s the hormones. These fluctuations aren’t really appreciated by my body, which is why I end up having headaches fairly often. The most annoying part is that I shouldn’t really take painkillers for it either – since I’m, well, pregnant.
  • Shortness of Breath: Thank god I’m not pregnant with twins, because I don’t know how I would have been able to breathe. My baby is currently pressing against my lungs – which doesn’t really give me a lot of space to catch my breath. I am literally taking baby steps so that I don’t tire myself too much.
  • Forgetfulness: From what I’ve read in every week 33 pregnancy guide, baby brain is actually a thing. It may be because I’m stressed or my hormones are getting the better out of me – but I forget what I did with my keys just a second after I put them down. Plus, I’m clumsier than ever – which is why I try not to move around too much or do anything too difficult.
  • Frequent Urination: Getting enough hydration + baby pressing on my bladder = hello bathroom every half an hour. This is why I try to stay home as often as possible.

I’ve gained a fair amount of weight recently – but it’s all within the healthy standards. Next week, I’m going to have my prenatal appointment.

Final Thoughts

Aside from several Braxton Hicks contractions and a bit of discomfort, this was a good week. I am also very excited – mainly because soon enough, I’ll meet the “boxer.” Yes, I sometimes call him that because of his kicks.

Every woman has a different kind of pregnancy, so if you are exhibiting other symptoms that I did not have, you shouldn’t worry – unless your doctor actually tells you to. It’s best that you keep in touch with your OB.

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