Week 32 of Pregnancy – The Peach Fuzz

Description: I have finally finished the last of childbirth-related preparations. These details will not only impact my own well-being – but the baby’s as well. With his hair grown, my baby is now a looker.

“Mommy, watch this!” That’s what I envision my baby saying each time I feel a kick. If I wasn’t convinced that he was a boxer before, I am now. The little one could go into the league now, considering the strength behind his punches.

At this point, I have finished all the details, paperwork, nursery renovations – everything that a baby and our expanded family would need in the beginning. Hopefully, there won’t be an early arrival – and my boy will be patient enough until month 9. Still, better be safe than sorry – since I don’t want childbirth to catch me unprepared.

The Baby at 32 Weeks Pregnant

At this point during the pregnancy, the baby is as big as a squash – which might not seem too big from the outside. However, considering the amniotic sack, it’s fairly obvious why my body looks like it’s one part baby, two parts mommy.

I’ve measured my week 32 belly size.  From the top of my uterus to my pelvic bone, it measures a total of 13 inches– from which I’m told, is the average size. I can feel my baby beginning to slowly “drop”, going from my ribs further down to my pelvic bone. It’s like he’s telling me right now that he’s getting ready to be born – and he’s standing near the “doorway.”

My baby boy now has fingernails, toenails – and actual hair on his head. Oh well, at least very decent peach fuzz. In the next two months, the hair will grow even more until my baby has a full head of hair.

I can’t feel his skin, but from what I have read through every week 32 pregnancy guide, it’s supposed to be very smooth and soft now. He is also plumping up for the moment he’s born, and to be honest, I’m pretty scared. I chose to go into natural childbirth, and, while I believe that’s the best way for me to go, I can’t help but wonder how that will go.

Mommy at 32 Weeks Pregnant

My body is making more and more accommodations for the baby – to the point where I kind of already gotten used to it. I have a feeling it will take a while until I get used to not being pregnant anymore.

My blood volume has gone up by 50% now – and all of it has the purpose of keeping my baby warm and nourished. The dreams are also getting weirder and weirder – mainly because I’m probably stressing myself out. Everything fuels up my anxiety now: childbirth, motherhood – I’m even thinking about how I’ll handle my son’s teenage years. I know, I’m crazy – but tell a pregnant mother not to overthink. She’ll overthink her overthinking, which will lead to even more anxiety.

Thinking about childbirth, I’m envisioning who should be in the delivery room (aside from my doctors). Obviously, my husband has to be there. I’d also like my mother to be there – mainly because she has been very supportive throughout my entire pregnancy. And, well, she already knows every step of it. I’ve talked with my husband about it, and he supports my plan.

I’m also considering whether I want to film the eventor not. For one, I don’t want to expose my private parts to a camera, nor do I want to record several hours of my screaming (of which I’m sure there’ll be plenty). At the same time, this will be a big moment – so I want to immortalize it. I’ll think about it more in the next few weeks.

Overall, here are the week 32 pregnancy symptoms that I’vefelt.

  • Braxton Hicks Contractions: Yes, even more of them. My body is getting used to the idea of labor, and it keeps sending me dummy signals – and I don’t always know whether they’re false alarms. Several times I thought I’d give birth right there, in my husband’s car. They disappear after I drink some water and change positions – so I guess I should be safe.
  • Shortness of Breath: Yes, the baby did go down a bit – and he’s pressing more on the lower side now rather than my upper one. However, the baby is still pretty big – so it’s kind of difficult for me to catch my breath now.
  • Heartburn: The baby is getting bigger and bigger – so obviously, he is pressing a lot on my stomach. Not only can I not eat as much as before, but I also get heartburn every so often. My doctor prescribed me some baby-safe antacids to relieve the symptoms.
  • Frequent Urination: It’s even worse than before. The baby is going further down towards my pelvic area – which means that he’s pressing down on my bladder even more now. I’m practically living in the bathroom these days.
  • Darker Nipples: All of a sudden, my areolas seem like they are getting fairly dark. I don’t know exactly why, because the Internet doesn’t seem to be clad on explanations. One theory is that so the baby can see them better when breastfeeding.
  • Leaky Breasts: My boobs apparently can’t wait to breastfeed. My baby hasn’t even been born yet, so I sometimes have to “milk” my breasts to take off the pressure. Milk is building up in there – and since it doesn’t go out, it’s making my breasts hurt a bit.

Aside from the occasional discomfort, this week has been fairly good. My back still hurts – but I’ve already made peace with that symptom.

Final Thoughts

My baby is almost fully developed – or at least, his organs are. All he needs now is to gain a few more pounds, and he’ll be ready to enter the outside world. I can’t wait until I can finally hold him in my arms.

I’m going to become a mother – in less than two months. As exciting as it might sound, it is also a bit nerve-wrecking. The prospect of motherhood no longer really scares me, as I’ve already grown to love this soul growing inside of me.

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