Week 31 of Pregnancy – Growing and Growing

Description: Things have really started to become pretty crowded right now. This is the time to put my final birth plan details in check. The belly is fairly big now – which means the baby is almost ready.

I sometimes catch myself staring at my now week 31 belly sizeand I can still hardly believe we have made it this far. And this time, I said “we” correctly. Because now it is no longer just about me; it’s about my baby too. He did his best to grow up healthy – to become a big boy.

Mamma’s still at the beginning of the first trimester – but she’s very proud of you! You are a fighter, and I can’t wait to finally hold you in my arms!

The Baby at 31 Weeks Pregnant

At this point during my pregnancy, the baby is as big as an asparagus, or a coconut – and believe me when I tell you, I can feel it. He’s stretching around everywhere in the amniotic sack – despite the fact that he doesn’t really have a lot of space there anymore. For that reason, I keep not only feeling, but seeing the kicks as well. He packs a good punch now – and I can see that he’s eager to get out, now that all his senses have been formed. Patience, little pumpkin. You still have to stay there for two more months.

I can also feel him shifting, with his head now directed downward. It’s obvious that he is getting ready to exit my body – but he also knows that he’s still not supposed to get out yet. He’s around 3.3 pounds now – which means he is a pretty big boy. Not only is he moving a lot, but he’s also crowding all my organs.

However, he is fully developed right now. If he were to be born at this exact moment, he’d probably be able to survive with only a little help from machines and incubators. I have wrapped up month 7 now – which means that my baby has entered a pretty safe zone. He has a 90% chance of survival – even higher, and the chances of complications (other than the preterm labor itself) are fairly slim. Doctors know what they are doing.

Mommy at 31 Weeks Pregnant

The baby is getting bigger and bigger – which is why mommy’s week 31 symptoms are also becoming more and more obvious. Sometimes, it’s funny – at least for my husband. I’m practically strutting around like a little duck carrying a belly. If it weren’t for my back pain and swollen feet, I’d probably laugh too.

To be honest, I am a little stressed out. In two months now, I will be in the delivery room – giving birth to this being that has been growing inside of me for quite some time.

I’ve been having nightmares fairly often – nightmares that I’m going through complications in the delivery room, or nightmares that I’ve given birth to the baby during my sleep at home. Actually, the latter wouldn’t be such a bad thing. If only childbirthwas so painless… but no, I’m pretty sure it’s going to hurt. A lot. Thank God, my husband will be there. And if for some reason he’s absent, I’ll make sure he regrets it (I’m such a lovable wife).

Aside from the fact that I’m apparently developing a very evil way of thinking, here are some symptoms that I’ve gone through this week.

  • Shortness of Breath: When you are 31 weeks pregnant, the baby is fairly big – and is crowding pretty much everything. This includes my lungs as well. For this reason, whenever I see a flight of stairs, I make peace with the fact that it’ll probably take me thrice the normal time to get up. This is why I’m trying not to push myself as much – for the baby’s sake and mine.
  • Brittle and Dry Nails: The good news is that my nails and hair have been growing very fast – or at least, faster than usual. However, the bad news is that they have also become fairly brittle and dry. Each time I try to open a can of soda, I end up breaking a nail. It’s pretty unnerving, to be honest.
  • Braxton Hicks Contraction: Each time I feel a contraction around this month, I can literally feel the blood draining from my face. However, I calm down when I shift and the contractions go away. My advice is to drink plenty of water and always change positions. This will ensure that the trial contractions do not actually turn into childbirth.
  • Frequent Urination: I’ve been drinking a lot of water. Add to that the fact that my baby is pressing against my bladder, and I’ve practically acquired a premium membership at the bathroom.
  • Leaky Boobs: So many beautiful blouses ruined by my leaky boobs. The baby may not have been born yet – but my milk ducts are surely ready for it. And since the baby is not yet there to eat it, well… my clothes would have to do the honors.
  • Backaches: By now, I am pretty used to this. Since the baby is now pressing against my spine more than ever, the backaches are getting fairly bad. I do manage to calm them down, however, by stretching frequently.

This week has not been very different compared to the last two weeks, for example. I’ve grown accustomed to it – and I’m certain nothing much will change once the pregnancy will near its end. The only difference would be my belly, which will have gotten bigger.

Final Thoughts

Little by little, I’m getting close to delivery. These last seven months have been a breeze – and to be honest, I’m not completely sure where they went. I’m certain these last two months will pass just as quickly.

Every mother has a different pregnancy, with different symptoms – more or less. You can’t get rid of the belly and the backaches; you’re stuck with that until delivery. Hopefully, this week 31 pregnancy guide was of some use to you.

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