Week 3 – My Baby is Growing!

At week 3, my baby is growing more and more every day. The embryo went through my fallopian tube after it was fertilized and made his home in my uterus. I was not yet aware of my pregnancy, but my maternal instincts were starting to kick in.

During week 2, a little miracle occurred: sperm and egg met, they had dinner, did some mingling – and the next week, a baby is forming inside my belly! I did not know yet at that point that I was pregnant – but since I was trying, I had hope and indeed felt some symptoms.

I did not necessarily need a test since I knew for sure that something inside me had changed. This week 3 pregnancy guide is based on my recollections from that time.

The 3-Week Baby 

At the end of being 2 weeks pregnant, the sperm had won the battle! My baby was still very tiny; doctors call it a blastocyst. Basically, the fertilized egg is made up of hundreds of cells that will be multiplying quickly. My baby has started to grow!

At this point, the baby is not even settled anywhere. Traveling throughout the fallopian tube, it’s going towards the uterus – where it will eventually plant itself onto the uterine wall. During his “journey”, my baby will survive on nutrients from the cells. Once it’s implanted onto the uterine wall, the fertilized egg will turn into my actual baby – and it will start growing day by day.

Since it was so early in the first trimester, I did not even notice that I was already carrying. It took another week until I was able to confirm it – but I could feel that life was already starting to grow inside.

Mommy at 3 Weeks Pregnant

This is when I started feeling rather hormonal – again. The placenta was already beginning to produce hCG (a pregnancy hormone), which told my ovaries to stop releasing eggs for the next nine months. At this point, the production of progesterone and estrogen also started increasing. Thanks to this, my uterus would no longer shed its lining – and my baby would stay in place.

The amniotic sac was starting to gather fluid – and my baby began to grow. In this early stage, he would receive his nutrients through the uterine wall’s blood vessels – mainly because the placenta is still underdeveloped.

After the third week has ended, you may be able to see a positive result on the pregnancy test; still, do not be too disappointed if you don’t. At this point, it may still be too early to notice the result – so you might want to wait, even if you see that you have missed your period by a day or two.

I’ve tested for mine almost four weeks in, but I went with a blood test – since the results were much more accurate. You could get results from blood tests even if you check at the beginning of the third week. These will check the hormonal levels in your blood, therefore telling you for certain whether you are pregnant or not. It’s far more accurate than peeing on a stick, that’s for sure.

The Week 3 Pregnancy Symptoms

I only started having actual symptoms after the 4th or 5th week, but there were still times during my 3rd week when I did not feel quite like myself. Pregnancy hormones were floating all around – and I felt like I was ready to step into motherhood. I was seeing babies everywhere, and I was eager for the moment when I could see my own. Other than that, here are the week 3 signs of pregnancy that I noticed:

  • Implantation Bleeding: Once my baby has “nested” inside my uterus, I started seeing some bleeding. Since I knew it was not possible for me to have a period so early in the month (I still had one week left), I didn’t exactly know what was happening. Still, after doing some research, I found out that this is what happens once fertilization takes place.
  • Breasts Changing: They did not necessarily get any bigger – but they got pretty sore. My nipples were also darkening, as a sign that my body was getting ready to make baby milk.
  • Morning Sickness: It may be called “morning sickness,” but I was feeling rather queasy throughout the entire day. This was caused by the pregnancy hormones that were making their way throughout my entire body. It was not that bad yet since I was carrying just one child – so I just had a slight discomfort. However, I hear that those who are carrying more than one child would feel worse during the third week – that, or they are further along than they actually thought they would be.
  • Loosened Ligaments: It was very easy for me to move around at this point, since my muscles and ligaments were very relaxed. This was also my body’s attempt to get ready for the baby, since it entered the “making room” mode.
  • High Blood Volume: Many people told me that I was “glowing” – even before I found out that I was actually pregnant. I was pretty sure that I was expecting, so that might have been one reason – but this was also my blood reacting to the baby. It made my blood pump much faster, pulsing through my body and giving more color to my face.
  • Frequent Peeing: This is directly related to the fact that I had a higher blood volume. At this point, my kidneys were working overtime to filter out the impurities from my blood – causing me to go to the bathroom more than usual.
  • Fatigue: I was tired for two reasons: one, my heart was working overtime to pump the blood, causing me to burn more energy than I normally would. The fact that I was slightly nauseous also did not help. My food choices were limited since my sense of smell was way too sharp for my liking.

The week 3 belly size was not visible yet – although I did get more bloated than usual.

Final Thoughts

At this stage of my pregnancy, I wasn’t really aware of my pregnancy – but I had a good hunch. Adding these symptoms to the mix made it clear to me that unless I’ve become sick all of a sudden, I was definitely pregnant.

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