Week 29 of Pregnancy – The Making of a Little Genius

Description: At 29 weeks pregnant, my baby’s lungs are still growing – but so is his brain. His little head is growing more and more every day, making more space for the intelligence he is developing in there.

At this point during the pregnancy, I feel like I know my baby boy based on the way he kicks. Most mothers also say that by this time, you can realize for yourself if you’ve got a dancer in your belly – or a ninja. From the way he kicks, mine is definitely a ninja.

I’ve finalized most of the details for the time when the baby is born. The nursery is stocked with baby essentials, and I have also looked into several daycare options. I am going to take maternity leave, but soon enough I will have to get back to work.

The baby bug-out bag is also ready at this point – and I’ve moved it from the nursery to the door. This way, my husband will just have to grab it – because I know for sure he won’t remember it once labor contractions hit me.

There are a few specific details relevant to this week – so here’s my week 29 pregnancy guide.

The Baby at 29 Weeks Pregnant

At this point during the pregnancy, my baby is quite big – specifically, as big as an acorn squash. At six months and one week pregnant, he is just a bit over 15 inches long – and weighs 2.5 pounds.

He still has a long way to go, though – because from what I know, he’ll be tripling in weight by the time he is born. From now on, his growth will slow down a bit – and he’ll be growing faster in width rather than in length. 

At this point, he is soaking up a lot of calcium from my body. His bones are slowly turning from cartilage to actual bone mass – so he needs calcium to make them stronger. This is why I’m drinking a lot of milk lately, to ensure that he gets the nutrients that he needs.

He is also filling up this week, getting ready for the day he gets out into the world. Layers of fat are covering his body, insulating him from external factors. His lungs and muscles are continuously developing, and his head is also growing to make room for his brain.

If he were to be born right now, he’d probably be able to breathe without assistance. The problem is that since his lungs are not yet 100% developed, he’d have trouble breathing continuously on his own. He might tire easily, which is why he needs help from today’s technology.

His eyes are still sensitive – so if he does come out now, the chances are that he won’t be keeping them open very much. He’ll only be “test-opening” them every now and again until he gets used to the light.

Mommy at 29 Weeks Pregnant

This is the second week of my third trimester, and I can literally feel the clock ticking louder and louder. I’m starting to think about some big decisions now. Should I only go for breast milk, or should I consider the bottle option as well? Should he be circumcised, or do I leave him just as he is?

Decisions, decisions. He may be small right now, but some of these decisions will follow him his entire life. I don’t want him to grow up blaming me for a decision that I took for him – so this is pretty stressful.

The heavier my baby gets, the heavier I feel as well. I am starting to feel more and more like a walking balloon – and it’s getting difficult to move around. I am actually considering taking my maternity leave right now – since I haven’t yet taken a full break from work. 

The week 29 symptoms are not really that different compared to the past few weeks; just amplified. If you are getting closer to this stage of your pregnancy, here is what you should expect:

  • Lightheadedness and/or Headaches: I don’t know if it’s because I’m sleep-deprived or because my blood sugar has reached a low point – but I seem to get headaches quite often now. I can’t always alter my sleep pattern – but at least I try to eat at regular intervals, to prevent additional “episodes.”
  • Itchy Belly: My week 29 belly size is already big – and is continuously stretching. Therefore, as my skin is getting thinner, it is also getting more and more sensitive. To calm the itches, I try to “lotion it up,” and drink plenty of water.
  • Pain All Over: It’s no longer limited only to back pain; it’s in the hips and legs as well. Imagine yourself carrying bags of groceries all day, only you can never put the weight down. This is pregnancy in a nutshell.
  • Frequent Urination: The baby is pressing on my bladder – which means that mommy has to take even more trips to the bathroom than usual.
  • Trouble Sleeping: I’ve toned down on the caffeine ever since I got pregnant, so I can only assume it’s because of the pregnancy anxiety. I’ve also had some pretty weird dreams of going into labor lately.

The symptoms were not really that bad; you just have to work your lifestyle around them.

Final Thoughts

So far, so good. I only have around 10-12 weeks to go – provided that things go smoothly. I’ve filled out the paperwork to be admitted into the hospital – so now I don’t have to bother with any of that. All that needs to be filled in is the check-in date – but that can be done later.

There’s nothing to be really worried about this week. In the very unlikely event that you do go into labor, the chances of survival for your baby are very high. This is mainly because we have a lot of technology today that can mimic a “mother’s womb.”

So, congratulations! You have made it this far! Now excuse me while I go pee – again.

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