Week 25 of Pregnancy – The Pregnancy Excitement

Description: The baby is developing his identity more and more. He can hear, he can sense, and he can kick – and boy, he’s good at all of it. Plus, mommy found another perk – and that is her lustrous, shiny hair!

I am 25 weeks pregnant! Panic? No. But it just dawned on me that I’m about to deliver quite soon. Yes, it’s scary; but at the same time, it is exciting. The cool part is that the hospital that I’m planning to deliver at has already calculated when I’m due – and allowed me to pre-register for childbirth early. This way, I won’t have to sign and fill a bunch of papers while the child is basically screaming “Let me out!”

I’m getting closer and closer to the end of my second trimester – and with the third term, the countdown will start. I know I still have a while to go – but considering how quickly the last 24 weeks passed, I feel it won’t be long until my family grows.

Week 25 of pregnancy felt pretty good – with just a few annoying trifles. However, they didn’t disturb me in my daily activities. Here’s how this week felt for me.

The 25-Week Baby

My baby is growing more and more. At 25 weeks of pregnancy, my baby is as big as a cauliflower – which means he is closer and closer to his final weight. He still has to grow, though, since he is almost 14 inches in length. He’s also getting his body fat in check – discarding his very lean look.

His lungs are still developing. This means that if he were to be born right now, he’d need a little help from today’s medical technology. However, his nostrils are open, so the odds are that he could also breathe on his own.

His testes have grown – meaning that we can officially call him a boy now (even if I knew that already from a few weeks back). His skin is also wrinkled and fairly translucent, and his ears are very sharp. He can hear my stomach gurgles – but he can also hear me sing. I made it a habit to sing him a couple of lullabies before he goes to sleep, just so I can get him used to the sound of my voice.

He is becoming very much aware of the fact that he can move – a lot. He’s wiggling his toes and fingers – and he also stretches and kicks around a lot. I can feel it in my guts – literally.

He’s getting more hair now. His locks may still be small at this point – but soon enough, he’ll have lustrous hair. Whether he decides to cut it short or keep it long, I’m sure he’ll look handsome.

Mommy at 25 Weeks Pregnant

Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to have hair that’s beautiful, with lustrous locks, which looked like that of a model. I kept giving it oil masks, treatments, careful washes, and everything I could think of to make it grow. Nothing really worked, though.

I didn’t think that pregnancy, of all “treatments,” would be so efficient. Considering the stress that I’m going through with the delivery (yes, it still freaks me out – but ladies, that’s normal), I thought that it would fall more than ever. However, it seems that I’m actually growing more hair. I don’t think I ever had hair that looked this full.

I’m thanking the pregnancy hormones for that. It’s allowing the hair that I’d normally shed to stick around for longer. I barely see anything on the hairbrush – and every strand of hair is slowly healing. From what I hear, this fullness will pass after I give birth, and the extra hair will start falling – which is why I’m enjoying this while I still can.

I’m also not as graceful as I used to be – and I think it has to do with the week 25 belly size that rivals that of a soccer ball. I also try to stay as hydrated as possible to avoid any “incidents.” I am taking iron supplements, as per my doctor’s recommendation, because I seem to be slightly anemic. From what I have been told, however, it’s nothing to be worried about.

Overall, my week 25 symptoms boil down to the following:

  • Sleeping Troubles: It’s not that I feel sick or anything; it’s just that my brain is going into overdrive. Maybe it’s the hormones, or maybe I’m stressing about the delivery. This big belly of mine is also getting in my way.
  • Frequent Peeing: I have to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, and the baby is currently crowding my bladder. As a result, I take frequent trips to the bathroom.
  • Constipation: Thank god for smartphones, because I’m spending more and more time on the toilet. Ladies, eat fiber-rich foods; you’ll thank me for this.
  • Bloating and Gas: My hormones are currently putting a dent in my digestive system, slowing it down. As a result, bloating and gas have become something of a daily occurrence.
  • Hemorrhoids: Whoever came up with the term “pain in the butt” has never heard of hemorrhoids. This happens because the baby is putting a lot of pressure on my digestive tract – causing a fair amount of discomfort each time I go to the toilet.
  • Heartburn: Once more, since the baby is pushing against my digestive tract, acid is also pushed back up into my esophagus. This leads to a sensation of burning. My doctor recommended a baby-safe antacid – and I also advise against medicating yourself without your physician’s approval.

This month was all about the stomach – and obviously, the hair. I’m actually considering that maternity shoot now since my hair has never looked this pretty.

Final Thoughts

Week 25 of pregnancy didn’t bring many troubles – aside from the tummy troubles. However, those are manageable – and aside from some slight discomfort, they didn’t bother me that much.

Hopefully, my week 25 pregnancy guide managed to calm your nerves. I know what it feels like to search for symptoms at 3 in the morning. However, if you really feel bad, you have to contact your doctor and tell them about your concerns. 

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