Week 23 of Pregnancy – The Big Listener

Description: His hearing is getting sharper and sharper, and he seems to have found a routine. He has his moments when he prefers to kick, it seems. My back pain is turning into a daily occurrence – but at least my baby is healthy.

My nursery is painted, and the closets are getting stocked with diapers – but we have reached a point when we are also thinking about the big boss – namely, our financials.

I’m also looking up how to change my health insurance. Right now, I’m the only one who’s covered – not my baby. Not even childbirth is included. So, I’m contacting my insurance company to make the necessary changes.

So, how does it feel to be 23 weeks pregnant? Pretty good, I’d say. Particularly since some bonding is definitely occurring here.

The 23-Week Baby

At this point, the baby is as big as a mango, or a grapefruit – whichever one you fancy more. He is just a little over 11 inches now, weighing just a bit over one pound. I can feel the weight – my back pain is a dead giveaway – so I’m pretty certain that my baby is growing healthily.

My bowels might not be exactly regular right now – but my baby has sure found his routine. He’s fairly quiet during the day – and at night, he turns onto a dancer. That, or he’s already training to become a professional sumo wrestler.

He can also feel me move right now. If I’m dancing, he knows I’m dancing. If I’m lying down, he knows I’m resting. That’s probably also why he kicks only when I’m not moving. Basically, when I’m walking around, it feels like I’m rocking him. However, when I’m not, he’s probably giving me the “why did you stop” kick.

He is now getting accustomed to the outside noises as well. For example, I hear that if he continuously hears a dog barking or the sound of the vacuum cleaner from inside the womb, the chances are less likely that he will be startled by them once he is born.

Her lungs are also almost fully developed – and in just a few weeks, he’ll be in peak shape. With today’s technology, if he were to be born right now, he’d have a fairly good chance of surviving.

Add three or four more weeks to this, and he’ll have a 90% chance of surviving. Hopefully, though, that won’t happen – so I’m taking the necessary precautions so as to not provoke pre-term labor.

Mommy at 23 Weeks Pregnant

Slowly but surely, I’m becoming more and more convinced that this is not a baby in my belly; he’s an amateur boxer waiting to go pro. He is currently practicing by pummeling into my guts. Even my husband can see them now – so he’s not giving me any breaks.

I had my week 23 ultrasound the other day, to check for the risk of pre-term labor. I do admit, this is giving me a slight feeling of anxiety – and considering that I am also a hormonal mess right now, I’m giving my husband a dose of my daily panic attacks.

Which is why I was also reading articles like this at 3:40 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep – and when I could, I would dream of a lot of random stuff. I admit, I am pretty much on an emotional roller coaster right now.

Still, nothing compares with how freaked out I get when I feel a contraction coming. Yes, they’re fairly common, and they are just fine as long as they pass quickly. But telling a panicked mom to keep calm is like throwing a brick in a running washing machine: it never ends well.

Overall, here are the week 23 symptoms that have accompanied me throughout this time of my pregnancy:

  • Backaches: I’m pretty certain these are going to last for a while now. The baby is growing, and he is currently pushing against my spine to make way for himself. At this point, the pain is manageable – lingering – but my OBs advice was that if the pain gets too bad, I should contact her.
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions: These were the cause for most of my freak attacks. I knew that there was a good chance of survival for my baby even if he was born now – but I still didn’t want to risk it. Still, this is my womb practicing for labor – with the muscles continuously flexing. Once I change my position, the contractions seem to pass.
  • Swollen Feet and Ankles: This is something that I have already gotten used to. It is also why I can only wear runners right now – since they are the only comfortable shoes that I can handle. Flats are also alright, but they don’t offer me the foot support that I need.
  • Bleeding and Swollen Gums: The last thing I expected was for my pregnancy to affect my mouth. The baby is down all the way to the uterus, after all. However, since the pregnancy hormones are affecting the blood flow, I have some extra blood that apparently has nowhere to go – except through my gums. I made it a thing to check with my dentist every few weeks during my pregnancy.
  • Frequent Urination: On one hand, I need to make sure that I’m hydrated in order to prevent any problems. On the other hand, I feel like I’m about to marry the toilet. I can’t stay far away from it, because the baby is pushing against my bladder – leaving me less place to hold my pee.

Overall, the symptoms aren’t that bad. My week 23 belly size is growing nicely. It’s just the back pain that is, well… pain.

Final Thoughts

Week 23 has been a good week for me. Aside from being slightly inconveniencing, the symptoms were not that bad. Plus, the ultrasound calmed things down for me, since it showed me that everything was alright.

I hope my week 23 pregnancy guide managed to calm you down. If you are reading this at 3:40 in the morning as well and could relate to everything – just take it easy. Everything is just fine. Still, if you feel like the pain or symptoms are too bad, don’t hesitate to contact your OB.

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