Week 22 Pregnant – Mamma’s Big Boy

Description: My baby is as big as a coconut now, which means he’s only getting bigger. He looks like a mini-newborn, and his hearing is also getting pretty sharp. He also started to realize that kicking through mommy’s belly is an interesting sport.

Well, it’s starting to get really crowded right now – and I can feel my baby taking more and more space inside my uterus. The bump is fairly big, and my husband doesn’t miss a moment to capture it in pictures. I’ve begun considering to suggest maternity pictures – because professional photos are way better than the clumsy ones shot with the phone camera.

Overall, this was a very good week – which is why I love the second trimester so much. Sure, there were a few hiccups – but it’s not like I didn’t expect any week 22 symptoms. I’m pregnant, so I’m obviously going to feel it.

My Baby at 22 Weeks Pregnant

Coconuts, anyone? Because that’s how big my baby is right now. At this point during my pregnancy, his senses are also getting sharper. He can hear my heart beating, and he can even hear me breathe. I like to think that he can hear what’s happening on the outside as well – so I constantly talk to him. Oddly enough, he only stops kicking when my husband talks to him. Men…

Right now, he looks like a mini newborn. His eyebrows, eyelids, and lips have been fully formed – with the only thing still developing being the iris. That part still lacks the pigment. I hope he has daddy’s green eyes.

His lungs are also developing properly. It’s like I can feel him breathing inside of me – although, technically, that’s just his practicing with the amniotic fluid. He won’t breathe until he is actually born.

Mommy at 22 Week Pregnant

My baby is a big boy now – and I can feel it through his movements. I’m already planning his admittance to the boxing club because he seems to be very good at it. Just joking…

The baby is continuously growing and is in need of space in my womb. My week 22 belly size is pretty impressive – around 20 cm from the top of my uterus to the pelvic bone.

But it still has to get bigger. So, what did my body do to deserve this? Shift all of the organs around, of course!

Right now, the baby is pressing against my lungs – which is why I find it hard to breathe sometimes. He is also pressing against my stomach, which is why I have difficulties eating. Add to this the fact that I’m still dealing with pregnancy cravings, and I end up with heartburn and indigestion almost every day.

The worst part, however, is that I can never be too far from the toilet. Since the baby is also pressing against my bladder, it only takes a few sips of water and I already need to pee.

And that’s not all. Here are some of the symptoms that have followed me throughout my 22nd week of pregnancy.

  • Stretch Marks: I’ve made peace with the fact that I’ll probably have some tiny scars on my skin after giving birth. I’ve been told that they will fade in color – but they won’t disappear completely. Oh well; these are the “risks” of motherhood.
  • Hair Growth: This would have been a very cool symptom – if the hair would actually only grow ON MY HEAD. My pregnancy hormones are starting to go crazy again – which is why I have to pluck hair from everywhere. TMI, but not even my breasts are safe from the appearance of random hairs – which is why I broke out the tweezers.
  • Back Aches: I’ve heard about it – and now I feel it for myself. Well, I’m carrying a pretty big bump around. Add to that the fact that the baby is pressing against every part of my body, it leads to a wonderful sensation of “let me lie down before my back breaks.” Actually, it’s not that bad yet – but it’s inconveniencing.
  • Swollen Hands/Feet: As a pregnant woman, I have a great amount of fluids inside my body. As a result, I tend to get swollen feet pretty easily – and sometimes, even my hands are swollen. I try to rest as often as possible – preferably with my feet up.
  • Vaginal Discharge: I’ve had this before – but the vaginal discharge is slowly but surely starting to increase. The “waterworks” are making life without panty liners impossible – that is, if you don’t want to ruin all your panties. It’s a good thing if I get in “the mood,” though. I’m pretty certain my husband doesn’t mind a little extra, uhm, lubrication.
  • Increased Sex Drive: You’d think that with such a huge bump in front of me that makes me look like a balloon, sex would be the last thing I’d think about. But nope; with these raging hormones of mine, my libido is fairly active. And from what I’ve heard, this is common among women during this week of pregnancy.
  • Darker and Larger Nipples/Areolas: My body is currently producing more melanin than it normallydoes – which is why my nipples and areolas are also darker than usual. Plus, I have random splotches of dark skin – also for the same reason.

The symptoms weren’t that bad this week either. Sure, the back pain was unnerving, and I had to rest my feet more times than usual – but after what I had to go through during the first trimester, nothing fazes me anymore.

Final Thoughts

My baby is getting bigger and bigger every day – to the point that I can easily cup my belly right now. I talk to him often, and sometimes I feel that he also responds to my voice. There’s a lot of bonding going on right now – even if I did not yet see my little one’s face.

Hopefully, this week 22 pregnancy guide that I have written will prepare you for what’s about to come. You may feel some symptoms that I didn’t – or I may have felt some symptoms that you didn’t.

Everyone’s pregnancy is different, so you don’t need to panic about every little symptom. The baby can feel your concerns, and there’s no need to worry him. However, if you feel like something is off – then by every means, go see the doctor. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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