Week 21 Pregnant – The Middle Line

Description: Baby names, room decorations, and plans for the future – everything is developing nicely. My baby is starting to kick ever more strongly right now – and everyone can see him do it. There is some slight discomfort – but it’s actually manageable, all things considered.

At 21 weeks pregnant, I’m well into my second trimester. I haven’t thought of a baby name yet. I have names that have been popping in my head every now and again, and I keep calling him different names to see what seems right. Does he want a fancier, cool name? Or would he be more appreciative of a hipster name?

The task of decorating the nursery is moving along very nicely. We haven’t bought the bed yet – but the walls are done, and we have a few toys along with some nice baby clothes in the closet. The moment we come home from the hospital, he’ll be a fancy prince.

This week has been pretty interesting – but not because I haven’t been feeling well. In fact, I’ve been feeling pretty good. I’m actually considering another babymoon – but a mini one, this time. Maybe just an overnight city break with my husband – somewhere close to home. A staycation.

Here’s what week 21 looks like for me and my little sweetheart.

The 21-Week Baby

At 21 weeks, my baby is as long as a carrot – not as thin, though. While before I could only feel fluttering movements inside my belly, now I’m pretty sure he’s learning how to do martial arts.

I could swear that his movements have a pattern now. Each time I pass over the sweets aisle, there he goes. It’s like he’s saying “mommy, that chocolate spread looks delicious, take it home.” How am I to say no to such a request?

He is growing faster and faster with each week. He’s now getting his fat layer in check, becoming the chubby bunny that I’m about to hug in just a couple of months. These layers are very important, though, since they will keep him warm once he is out of my womb.

His eyelids are always closed. If you looked at him through my womb, you’d think that he was sleeping. However, based on the frequent kicks and wiggles, I’m pretty sure he isn’t. Plus, aside from the kicks, I also feel some frequent jerky motions – which I’m told is my baby practicing how to breathe.

Mommy at 21 Weeks Pregnant

At this point, nausea is just a distant memory. By far, that was one of the nastiest pregnancy symptoms of – and I’m glad that it is gone once and for all.

My week 21 bellysize is pretty big – and I have a feeling it will grow even faster from now on. I’m fairly certain that if I chose to have my babymoon now, I’d have to buy a fair amount of spare clothes – becausein just a week my old clothes wouldn’t fit anymore. That, or I’d have to buy clothes that my bump would fit into.

My fatigue has become manageable at this point. I’m no longer a permanently exhausted pigeon – and I can do my tasks every day without having to take a nap every time I lift a finger.

My mood swings are not as prominent anymore – to the joy of my husband. However, I feel anxiety creeping in with every passing week. I’ve been thinking about motherhood and labor a lot, and reading about childbirth doesn’t make things any easier. I’ve had some freak attacks the other day, telling my husband that no way will I be choosing anything other than a cesarean.

The prospect of a big scar on my belly freaks me out, though, so I’m still thinking about that choice.

What’s starting to be quite annoying at this point is that I have frequent oil buildups – again. Once more, I look like a teenager going through puberty – because my face is a breeding spot for acne. Because of this, even my makeup doesn’t stay on my face for too long.

Overall, here are the week 21 symptoms that have accompanied me throughout this time.

  • Indigestion and Heartburn: The minute I eat something spicy or greasy, I regret every life choice that I ever made. That’s because just half an hour in, I feel my stomach disagreeing with me. I try my best to avoid those foods right now.
  • Contractions: I freaked out the first time I felt the contractions, but apparently, they are common. These “Braxton Hicks contractions,” as they are called, are my uterus’s way of practicing for labor. They go away once I switch my position, so it should be alright.
  • Leaky Breasts: My boobs are finally getting ready to feed the baby – and it seems like my milk ducts have already lost patience. It’s a battle of “give birth already, or I’ll ruin all your clothes.”
  • Itchy, Dry Skin: My skin is continuously stretching – at a faster rate than it’s actually used to. Because of this, it easily gets irritated and itchy. I try to make things more manageable by applying some baby-safe oils or lotions over the bump.
  • Stretch Marks: I knew this symptom would arrive at some point – but I hoped that with enough moisturizing, the risks will be lower. After all, these are marks that will stick around even after the pregnancy is over. I know that they will not disappear – but at least, I hope that they will fade after I give birth.

Overall, this was a good week. Aside from the occasional heartburn or acne breakouts, I don’t have much to complain about. I’m feeling so good that I’m seriously thinking about proposing a weekend trip to my husband.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, week 21 was pretty good. Now that I have entered the second half of my pregnancy, the reality of being a mother is hitting me more and more. And it’s not just because I can see the bump. It’s because I can already feel the connection between me and this bundle of joy growing inside of me.

Hopefully, my week 21 pregnancy guide came of good use to you. Bear in mind that everyone’s symptoms are different – so, you might experience something that I did not – or the other way around.

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