Week 20 – We Made It Halfway!

I am officially halfway through my pregnancy! I know my baby’s sex, I know that he’s healthy, and now I also know that he’ll be growing faster and faster from now on. I talk to my baby every day, barely able to wait until I’ll hold this little bundle of joy in my arms.

Does he have his father’s eyes or mine? What will be his favorite color? Where will he want to go to college? He didn’t even leave my womb yet, and I already miss him. We keep juggling through baby names while shopping for clothes – and we even started decorating the nursery! I hope he likes planes – but if he doesn’t, we can always redecorate it later on.

I already made a list of things that we have to buy – and we also made a wish list for the baby shower. I know, it’s early – but the excitement got the best of me.

How Does the Baby Fare?

Right now, the baby is as big as a banana. He’s no longer “creating” new organs. He is developing them. Everything from his kidneys to his hair and reproductive organs is in place. Even his spleen and appendix have properly formed.

What he is growing now, however, is his teeth. He can now swallow – so the milk ducts will be put to good use very soon. He’s also kicking all the time – small kicks since he is still very small.

His bowels are also beginning to function properly – although he is not producing poop. Instead, his bowels will gather meconium, a similar substance. Don’t worry, he won’t poop in your uterus – at least not typically. That substance will only come out once he’s born, and you’ll probably see it in his first dirty diaper.

He now has hair on his scalp, as well as on his skin. This continuously helps to ‘anchor’ the skin, while also protecting it from cracking in the placenta. He also needs a lot of iron, so make sure that you are taking your prenatal supplements properly. I took the ones that my OB recommended to me, so make sure you don’t take them randomly.

Mommy’s Symptoms at 20 Weeks Pregnant

In the second trimester, the week 20 pregnancy symptoms are different compared to the ones in the first trimester. However, they are still there. Bear in mind that every pregnant woman is different, and the symptoms that apply to me may not apply to you. It all depends on the development of the baby – as well as your mental and physical health.

  • Increased Sex Drive: Considering that I am a little balloon right now, it’s surprising how I keep demanding physical attention from my husband. I have a lot of energy – which is probably caused by my hormones reaching a certain So, this probably explains why I want to wake my husband up in the middle of the night. He doesn’t complain that much, though!
  • Vaginal Discharge: This discharge has been increasing since the beginning of my second trimester – and I have a feeling that it will keep doing so until delivery time. I’m not concerned because I know that this is my body’s way of keeping me bacteria-free. Mine is clear – but I recommend that you see a doctor if the discharge is a specific color (other than white) or smells funny.
  • Indigestion and/or Heartburn: At this point, my baby got pretty big – so, it’s obvious that he will occupy a fair amount of space in my stomach as he grows. The problem is that my organs are also there – including my digestive system. So, once he starts pressing there to “make way,” it’s obvious that my organs will have to deal with blockages. I try to keep this under control by not making it worse – so, I avoid eating spicy and acidic food.
  • Shortness of Breath: Once more, this is the “make way, I need space to grow” syndrome. At this point, the baby is also pressing against my lungs – making it very difficult for me to catch a full breath of air. This generally happens when I make a lot of effort, so, during those times, I try to sit down and rest for a bit. Soon enough, I will be able to catch my breath again.
  • Leg Cramps: The leg cramps aren’t gone. One moment I’m minding my own business, enjoying the day, and the next second I’m holding a cramping leg that nearly destroys me. I’ve been advised to drink a lot of water, as well as do yoga or stretching to prevent these annoying cramps.
  • Energy Jolt: I’m still enjoying this symptom while it lasts. From what I found out, this one won’t go through the third trimester.
  • Swelling: At this point during my pregnancy, I have to buy shoes that are one size up – mainly because the swelling won’t let me fit in my old shoes anymore. I take solace in the fact that this swelling will go down once I give birth – and I’ll be able to wear my heels again. In the meantime, I keep propping my legs up whenever I have the chance.
  • Trouble Sleeping: I can’t really sleep. Either my back hurts, or I start snoring (I don’t usually snore), but nowadays, it’s very difficult for me to get a good night’s rest.

Thus, aside from some slight discomfort, this was a fairly good week.

Final Thoughts

Making it through the first half of my pregnancy makes me feel so darn good. My energy level is high, my sex drive is also on point, and I feel excellent overall. Granted, my week 20 belly size is rather big, and I have to be careful with the way I move or lay down – but otherwise, everything is just the way it should be.

Hopefully, my week 20 pregnancy guide will contain some useful information for you. And if you’re also pregnant in the 20th week, well… congratulations!

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