Week 2 – Mommy Got Pregnant

I’m closer and closer to getting pregnant – and my body knows it. It’s getting ready to conceive and take me onto the road of motherhood. By the end of the second week, my baby will come into existence.

When you get pregnant, there are two weeks when you are actually not pregnant – and those are the first two weeks of the first trimester. During the first week of pregnancy, your body is shedding away all the signs of the last egg – and during the second week, your uterus is already ready to receive the next egg – preferably fertilized.

I’ve been trying to conceive, and, according to my calendar, this is the week when ovulation occurs – which is exactly two weeks after I’ve started my period. This is my week 2 pregnancy guide.

The 2-Week Baby

At this point, there is yet to be a baby. You are not pregnant, but you are a short way of releasing an egg that is about to be fertilized. Since the lining of your uterus was renewed last week, egg fertilization can now be supported.

Around this time, an egg is released from your ovaries, particularly from a sac called a follicle. It travels through the fallopian tube, where it will also (hopefully) merge with one of the 250 million sperms traveling up your uterus.

It takes around 24 hours for an egg to be fertilized. At this time, the genetic material is also determined – just as whether the little one will be a boy or a girl.

The Future Mother’s Mind and Body

At this point, you don’t experience any actual week 2 signs of pregnancy; instead, you’ll be oozing motherhood instinct. You’ll see mothers with their babies everywhere, and you’ll want one of your own as well – which is why your body will start sending you signals to work on it. I know this is what happened to me.

The hormones once again started spiraling around, which is why I probably drove my husband crazy again with my mood swings. Thankfully, however, he knew how to handle the crazy and let himself seduced by the sexy.

At this point, I’m a few days prior to ovulation – which means that the body is getting ready to release the egg. I’m feeling cramps – similar to the ones during menstruation, but at the same time different. If I were to compare them, the cramps during menstruation were “here’s your punishment for not fertilizing me,” while these were “copulate now, or I’m just going to make it worse.”

There’s no baby yet – but the moment the sperm comes beating at the door, my uterus will be able to welcome it with cookies baked at the door.

The Symptoms Accompanying Motherhood

There may be no baby yet – but there certainly are week 2 pregnancy symptoms. Here’s what I went through during my second week of pregnancy.

  • Egg White Cervical Mucus: It sounds gross, I know – but during this week, the cervical mucus becomes very thin and stringy, sort of like egg whites. Thanks to this consistency, it will be much easier for the sperm to make its way towards the egg.
  • Increased Libido: The human being is made to reproduce – which is why it gives you signals to do so. Around the day that the egg is released, I felt the need to get all the attention I could from my husband. I was ovulating, and the increased libido was my body’s way of saying “it’s time to put a baby in there.”
  • Better Smell Sense: At this point, we are all going through great hormonal changes – and these changes also affect our sense of smell. This is most likely nature’s way of aiding you in “sniffing out” the male pheromones as a means to procreate.
  • Tenderness and Sore Breasts: Have you noticed that during ovulation, your breasts tend to be bigger – but also hurt a little? Mine too. This is also caused by hormone changes mixed with ovulation.
  • Pelvic Aches: Remember the cramps I was telling you about? These are your ovaries sending twinges as they release an egg. I felt it on the entire lower abdomen, but the focal point was always on the side where the egg was released.    

I calculated the day when I was most fertile, but you can also buy ovulation tests when you are not completely sure. Obviously, if you’re tight on cash and have a healthy libido, a surefire way would be to have intercourse from day 12 to day 16. No way the egg will be missed this way.

The Pregnant Belly

Generally, the pregnancy will occur somewhere by the end of week two. Some symptoms remained, but, at the same time, I noticed some new ones:

  • Spotting: The egg was fertilized and implanted itself into my uterine wall. Once this happened, I started noticing some spotting – like having my period, but with very small amounts of blood.
  • Fatigue: The increased libido is gone, now my body was ready to “grow” the baby. After conception, I often felt very exhausted, like I was functioning for two.
  • Frequent Urination: Again, my hormones were going haywire – which is why I took more trips to the bathroom during my second week.
  • Sore Breasts: The egg has been fertilized and my body went into “mom mode.” This was my body getting ready for breastfeeding.
  • Bloating: By this point, my body realized it was pregnant. As a result, my digestion was slowed so that it could deliver more nutrients to my baby. I didn’t have a baby bump, since the week 2 belly size is not noticeable. Still, the bloating could surely be mistaken for one.

At this point, I didn’t know for sure whether I was pregnant or not – but I was starting to get a hunch.

Final Thoughts

Week two is when my baby starts being alive. I was baby-less at the beginning of the week – and by the end, I was already becoming a mother. It was a very chaotic week, considering the mood swings – but at the same time, a little miracle has been produced. Being 2 weeks pregnant is an interesting point, but it’s only the start!

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