Week 19 – He’s a Big Boy!

I’m not ashamed to admit that, at this point, probably everyone knows that I’m expecting a boy. I can’t help it, I’m a blabbermouth – and I’m too excited to be able to keep it a secret.

I’ve had my babymoon with my husband – and now we’re just in baby mode. From now on, the baby will just continue to grow, making me look more and more like a future mother with each passing day.

My Baby at 19 Weeks Pregnant 

At this point during my pregnancy, my baby is as big as a mango. His organs are all fully formed – but they still continue to grow. Right now, he has lanugo covering his skin – which is a soft coating of tiny hairs that will keep his skin hydrated within the amniotic fluid.

My baby moves pretty frequently right now, and I am definitely able to feel his kicks. If I take a stethoscope and place it on my abdomen, I can even hear his heartbeat.

Moreover, his sense of smell – and other senses, for the matter – are getting better and better. He can now touch, see, hear, taste, and smell properly – and according to most researchers, he can even hear me talking to him. Now I know that whenever I’m singing him my favorite lullabies, he can definitely hear me. What a joy!

My baby’s kidneys are able to make urine – but he can also move his bowels at this point. Most of it will be liquid right now since the baby won’t be having any solid food in my tummy.

His arms and legs are now proportionate to the rest of his body – so all that is left for him to do now is to grow in size. For the moment, he is just the mini version of what he should be in the future.

I’m a 19-Week Pregnant Mom

Boy, I’m big! With each passing week, my tummy is growing faster and faster – which means that everyone can see from far away that I am expecting. Granted, one more week and I’ll be halfway through my pregnancy – so, it’s supposed to be quite pronounced. I’m actually very proud of my week 19 belly size.

I do experience stabs of pain every now and again around the abdomen, particularly from the sides. Still, for me, this isn’t enough to put a dent in my pregnancy. I’m actually having fun in picking out names right now.

Speaking of, it’s more difficult than you think to pick out a name. It needs to be melodious, unique, meaningful – and overall carefully chosen. Even nicknames and initials are to be considered. For example, I may give my son a beautiful name – and he will end up saddled with P.E.E. or Z.I.T as his initials. I don’t want my son to have an embarrassing name that will make other children pick on him. So, I must be very careful.

Besides being a worrier and an overthinker – no news here – there are other week 19 pregnancy symptoms that I am experiencing. Some of the most important are:

  • Abdominal Pain: When I say abdominal pain, I don’t necessarily mean cramps or things like that – but they are similar. Think about it: the baby is growing with every week, and he has now begun to push my ligaments and organs around so that he has enough space to grow. Still, the pain should not be severe. So, if it should ever get like that, make sure to contact your doctor.
  • Leg Cramps: I’ve had these for a while, and they still seem to be going strong. I try to keep them under control by drinking fair amounts of water and by stretching my muscles. Yoga every night seems to do the trick for me.
  • Lightheadedness and Dizziness: I sometimes have moments when I feel faint – and from every week 19 pregnancy guide that I have read so far, I am not the only one. Since my uterus is pressing against my blood vessels now, my blood pressure makes me faint. Plus, he is also pressing against my lungs, so less air for me. However, you have to make sure that this feeling is not caused by hunger or dehydration.
  • Hip Pain: This is a common type of pain during this stage of the pregnancy – and the cause is mainly the same as for the abdominal pain: the baby is making room for himself. It’s like when your wisdom teeth start growing: it’s the movement that causes the pain, and it will continue until you give birth. My best advice is to take a pillow, place it between your legs, and try to sleep on your side. It will be way more comfortable this way.
  • Red Palms: “Caught red-handed” suddenly has a different meaning here. At this point during the pregnancy, I noticed that the palms of my hand had a particularly red hue. From what I have heard, this was caused by the excess of estrogen – and it’s nothing to actually be worried about. Dark spots on the skin are also very common since the hormones will mess with your melanin production. In my case, my freckles have deepened a lot since I got pregnant and it’s not the most flattering look in the
  • Rising Appetite: I’m continuously hungry – and yet, I can’t eat large meals. So, I have several small ones per day – plus the snacks that little Chris asks for (don’t know if I’ll name him that yet, but it’s cute). This appetite of mine makes it difficult for me to maintain a healthy weight

So, the symptoms are not bad, but they still make me glad I took my babymoon earlier.

Final Thoughts

This week was definitely a good one. Aside from some slight discomfort, I felt very well. It just took some getting used to – and I’m pretty sure these symptoms will hang until I deliver. Hopefully, my week 19 pregnancy guide is useful for any expecting mother out there.

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