Week 17 – He’s a Kicker!

Today, I felt the baby move for the very first time! Well, it wasn’t a kickboxer type kick; more like the baby had just burped inside of my belly. Still, from every week 17 pregnancy guide that I have read, this is exactly what a “kick” should feel like. Sort of like a delicate nudge. Soon, when the baby grows, the kicks will be easier to recognize – in the sense that you won’t be able to miss them.

The decision-making regarding the future is getting more serious, and I can’t wait to find out whether my baby is a boy or a girl. I’ve scheduled an ultrasound for next week, and I’ll find out there for sure. Plus, we are currently having a lot of fun in planning our “babymoon.”

The 17th Week Baby

At this stage of my pregnancy, my baby is just as big as a pomegranate or a red onion. His ears have formed, and he can now hear sounds – although he most likely can’t hear much from inside my belly.

His arms and legs are now fully grown! I know that for a fact, because I can feel him kicking, saying “hello, mommy!” However, he is not big enough to make it painful. It’s just a slight movement there.

His skeleton is no longer made of soft cartilage. It is transforming into bone, and the umbilical cord is also thicker. His sweat glands are also forming, so now he has his ways of releasing the toxins out of his body.

The week 17 belly size is quite noticeable, and the baby is also big enough to make my organs shift inside my body. The placental sack in my uterus is pressing against my intestines, making it rather difficult for me to do my business in the bathroom. I do try to eat a lot of fiber-rich food, but it’s not always that effective.

Mommy’s Symptoms at 17 Weeks Pregnant

At 17 weeks pregnant, I have a whole load of symptoms – at least more of them compared to the past few weeks since I entered the second trimester. Thanks to my rapidly growing baby, here are the symptoms that plague me day and night.

  • Increasing Bodily Fluids: I’ve had vaginal discharge before, as well as sweat, mucus, and any other type of fluid on my body – but never like this. I don’t want to be gross, but I’m clearing toxins for two now, so it’s obvious that everything that comes out of me now has two sources.
  • Itchy Belly and Boobs: No, it’s not because I did not wash. Let me explain: as the baby is growing, the skin is also stretching to fit him. Precisely for this reason, the skin around the belly is more sensitive – and prone to itch. My advice is that you resist the urge to scratch and find a soothing cream that will hydrate your skin, calming down the itch.
  • Weird Dreams: I thought I was going crazy until I started reading various week 17 pregnancy guides – which told me that these dreams weren’t an uncommon occurrence. I had various weird dreams, such as giving birth to a monkey, marrying my best lady friend – or even suddenly growing male reproductive organs that would prevent me from giving birth. These dreams apparently have two causes: one of them is of hormonal nature (obviously), and the other is stress and anticipation. I have the feeling that these are going to last for a while.
  • Weight Gain: This symptom is just normal. As the baby is growing, I am also growing along with him. I’ve been putting on a pound or so every week – but I keep it under control by not overindulging and practicing moderate exercising. My OB recommends that if I start gaining more than two pounds per week during the second trimester, I should consult with her.
  • Stretch Marks: Sadly, this part is going to stick even after I give birth. Obviously, as my week 17 belly size grows, my skin is stretching in a very rapid manner as well – and it obviously can’t keep up with the skin’s normal rhythm. So obviously, now I have some marvelous stretch marks around my belly. I try to stay hydrated, since drinking a lot of water can help my skin preserve its elasticity.
  • Swelling: Like I said, I’m drinking a lot of water nowadays and most of that water is retained by my body in order to give my baby his necessary fluids. Ironically, this can be prevented by drinking lots of fluids but also by keeping my legs up. I generally prop them on a pillow when I am sitting on the bed.
  • Skin Spots: Some parts of my body have a darker shade than normal, particularly on my nipples. I had a few freckles and those have also deepened in color right now. From what I hear, though, these are caused by the pregnancy hormones and should disappear once I give birth. The same applies to linea nigra, the dark line on my abdomen that goes from my belly button to my private area.
  • Bleeding Gums: My blood volume is obviously going on a rave at this point – and obviously, my body can’t process. For that reason, from time to time, my gums will start bleeding. If it feels like they bleed too much, though, you might want to consult with a doctor.

None of this week 17 pregnancy symptoms are really bad – just slightly inconveniencing. Aside from the itchy boobs, I am not bothered in the slightest by the symptoms. Maybe just the swelling, since I can’t put on my shoes.

About my feelings:

Do you remember, I’ve written about glances? Due to the weight gain, they’ve stopped, but all the other moms, who had their baby already born have started to look at me with understanding. And I felt REALLY uncomfortable because of the stretches 🙁 So, the first thing I’ve asked Toby to buy, was the anti-stretch cream:


After the delivery, I’ve found, that there is one already in my house from previous weeks:

The second one works better for me, but the reviews said, that ELAIMEI one is a bit softer.

To moisturize, I have ordered DermaSafe cream. I think it is one of the best options. Totally worth the value.

And the last: an oil. Due to my skin, I do need oil and I have used it through all my life since I was 19. I could say, that I am used to it!


So, here it is:

Final Thoughts

This week wasn’t so bad. I could get my tasks done without feeling fatigued in the slightest, and my baby is growing bigger and bigger as we speak – or, well, as we write. In three weeks or so I am told he will double his size, so I’m fairly certain I’ll feel stronger kicks by then.

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