Week 16 – Time for Planning

If you want to go on a trip, now’s the time to do so.  At this point, you are not bulging out of your clothes, you can still look cute in a sundress, and you can get some honeymoon action with your husband – and you don’t have the third person to care about every moment. It’s probably the only alone-time you’ll get with your partner until your kid goes to college.

For this reason, we booked a trip to Italy. For one week, it’s going to be just us – after which, the focus will be on the baby. I’m still pretty sure it will feel like a three-person trip, mainly because the baby is growing – and the 16-week pregnancy symptoms are still obvious.

The Baby at 16 Weeks Pregnant

Right about now, my baby is as big as an avocado. I’m starting to properly show, and everyone directly assumes that I am pregnant – and not that I have gained a couple of pounds since the last time they saw me.

He grew a lot since last week, putting on at least one-third of his previous weight. He now has patterning on the head, although we can’t see the hair yet. It will be a while before we are able to observe it. He also has toenails, and his tiny heart is getting stronger with each day.

His eyes are even starting to get their pigments. I’m pretty sure he’ll resemble my husband’s. He’s also beginning to make eye movements, and he can easily open and close them whenever he wants.

He also has fairly well-developed facial muscles, and he can smile. For that reason, I keep talking to him whenever I have the chance and I imagine his little face with a big smile on.

Mommy’s Symptoms

Mommy is feeling better – but there are obviously some symptoms that won’t go away. And by this, I don’t necessarily mean my week 16 belly size. I mean the other symptoms that nag at you.

During this week, here’s what I felt. Some of them were recurring, the others were pretty new. Some were good, some were annoying – but overall, all of them were manageable.

  • Backaches: We keep hearing about backaches from pregnant women, and we always associate them with the weight that we have to carry. However, at 16 weeks, the belly is not that big – so there isn’t much to carry. At this point, the back pain is caused by the hormones – which you can ease by adding some low-impact exercising in the mix.
  • Bigger Breasts: Well, I can’t say I’m seriously complaining about this since my breasts look very good right now. Granted, they got bigger so that I could breastfeed my child – but there are also visual perks to this, considering that I always had small breasts.
  • Forgetfulness: There is a thing going around about the “pregnancy brain” – and let me tell you, it’s actually true. I’ve forgotten my keys more times than I can count, I’ve forgotten that food was on the stove, and I forgot what I did with my phone 20 seconds after I’ve used it to send a message. It’s not exactly clear why this happens. It could be of a biological reason, caused by hormones – or it could be because I have a lot on my mind. Hopefully, this will pass soon.
  • Constipation: Well, this is not exactly pleasant either. It’s likely that because my uterus is now pressing against my bowels, and going to the bathroom is a feat, which is why I keep pushing as if I’m already trying to deliver. To make things easier, I try to eat a lot of fiber-rich food, and also to drink a lot of water so that I can make sure everything goes smoothly (if you know what I mean).
  • Sensitive, Itchy, Dry Eyes: My hormones strike again and for that reason, I always need to have eye drops available. I got mine after I talked to my OB, so it would be a good idea for you to also consult with them.
  • Glowing Skin: We all heard about it – but it doesn’t actually happen until the second trimester. At this point, my hormones have already settled in place and I no longer have acne breakouts. Because of that, my skin is clear and more beautiful than it ever was.

If you are expecting twins, here are some good news for you as well: your morning sickness and fatigue should be completely gone by now. At this point, there shouldn’t be any difference between you and someone carrying only one child, as I am.

I’m starting to wonder at this point when I’ll feel the first kick. From what my OB told me, I should start feeling them right about now – but that it’s also possible to feel the first kick some three or four weeks later. It all depends on how big and strong he got.

I keep weighing myself and thankfully, I haven’t gained more than I should have during this trimester. However, I did gain almost one pound since last week, which means that I am on track with the weight gain.

I do still have cravings, but I try to keep them as nutritious as possible. Still, if my baby says “mommy, I want strawberry ice cream”, then I’m giving him strawberry ice cream. You can’t argue with that.

Baby registry and my feelings:

Well, besides the abovementioned symptoms, I’ve met one feeling for the first time. The glances. From all the people, not only men. My belly is still could not be seen, but as my breasts became bigger… I love my husband so much! Still, those glances are pleasant ?

Concerning the baby registry. This week is the SOCKS week. I and you do need them. Stocking up socks will make your life easier, my friend said.

So, lets add those boyish socks!

Well, certainly, I could add this pack:

But even there are lots of them, the design is so-so.

That’s why, as we want our boy to be stylish, I’ve added this shoe-look socks:

Tiny and cute. Just as I’ve wanted!

Still, there is more socks to buy. That’s why I’ve added one from Amazon Choice:

And the last. Half a shoe, half a sock:

Why? It’s very cold in autumn here already, so, I’d better buy some warm things.

I’m thinking of choosing the stroller after dealing with this post. I don’t know why, but Toby started to help me with the baby registry so much, that sometimes I’m even tired of him. Maybe this is because of my symptoms, maybe due to his vacation, he wanted to spend with me ?

Final Thoughts

All this week made it clear to me that I’ll need a babymoon. The baby belly is there, but it’s not bad enough to be bothersome – nor are the symptoms bad enough to make it an inconvenience.

To sum things up, I felt calm and healthy – maybe a bit forgetful – but overall, this was a very Zen week. Hopefully, this week 16 pregnancy guide came of use to you. Remember that if you have a different pregnancy from mine, this does not mean that you should panic. We all develop differently, consult your doctor if something worries you.

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