Week 14 – I Have a Baby Bump!

At this point, I can probably say that I look pregnant – but just a tad bit. Right now, I have officially entered the second trimester – which is the most marvelous trimester. I can walk around without feeling like I am dying of back pain, my boobs are bigger, and I can finally eat without throwing my guts up.

I am aware that my belly will only get bigger – and in a few weeks, I will have a marvelous bump to show off. Here is my own week 14 pregnancy guide, as well as how I felt throughout the entire phase.

The 14-Week Baby

At this point during my pregnancy, the baby is the size of a peach – which is a lot bigger compared to how he was last month. If I went to an ultrasound right now, the baby would look just like it’s about to “pop.” However, he’s smaller than a doll.

He’s also a wiggler right now – but considering that he’s so small, I can’t feel a thing. He even has small baby hairs from what I am told, but not the type that would allow him to get a hairstyle. If anything, it’s the type that will help his skin develop – since it’s acting as an anchor for its formation. He may hiccup and burp too – but what fluid, rather than air, will come out.

I scheduled a week 14 ultrasound because I know that at this point I could hear the baby’s heartbeat. They used a Doppler, so I could hear the tiny beating – which meant the world to me.

The baby can also grimace now, frown, or smile – because his facial muscles have completed forming. Now the baby is just giving them some exercise – and hopefully smiling when his mommy is sending warm thoughts to him. His kidneys are also able to produce urine now, which will eventually be released into the amniotic fluid.

By the end of this week, the baby’s body will be fairly well-proportioned. He’s no longer disproportionate and he looks pretty much like a baby should look. It’s only his legs that still have a tad bit of lengthening to do.

Mommy at 14 Weeks Pregnant

Since I have now entered the second trimester, the week 14 symptoms are no longer as bad. I’m feeling better than I felt throughout the entire first trimester and this is saying quite a lot, considering that I have been throwing up through most of the first trimester. Now I can finally feel energetic while shopping for maternity clothes. Obviously, my old clothes no longer fit me!

Also, I have a baby bump now! It’s small, but it’s there. I’ve been skinny all my life, so in my case, the week 14 belly size is quite noticeable. The fact that I had to buy larger clothes is already a very significant change for me.

And I’m not the only one that feels pregnant at this point. My partner does too. Since I am now starting to show, everything is becoming more and more real. It gets to him that my baby bump is actually growing and not that I’m just getting fat. It’s finally sinking into him that he will become a dad – and the realization makes him glow even more with each day.

As for mommy, here are her symptoms at this point:

  • Round Ligament Pain: This is indeed very nasty, but it’s still manageable. Since the baby is growing continuously, it now needs enough place to do so. For this reason, precisely, your uterus needs to expand, and your cervix will get wider – which is why I also felt a fair amount of ligament pain. The pain is mild – or just “annoying,” as I call it – but if it gets worse or you’re concerned, I would advise you to seek your doctor’s advice.
  • Increased Appetite: I am not a person that eats a lot – but apparently, pregnancy turns me into one. My stomach is continuously grumbling – and it’s fully understandable, considering that everything that I eat is fueling my baby’s growth. As a result, I try to eat around 300 calories per day so that both my baby and I have enough energy. I need to carry the two of us, and he needs to practice moving all of his muscles. After all, he has to start kicking very soon. I’m really looking forward to that moment!
  • Increased Energy: The times when I would want to take a nap exactly after waking up are long gone. Now that the first trimester is over, I no longer feel as tired anymore. Thank goodness, now I’m getting my energy back and can act like an actual human being.
  • Thick, Shiny Hair: If there’s anything that I noticed in particular around this time, it’s the fact that my hair is getting thicker and shinier than it’s ever been. This symptom is one of the very few attractive ones, and it’s a “side effect” that I definitely welcome. If it would only remain this way…

Aside from the round ligament pain, the symptoms are not that bad. Most of them are actually on the good side. I have my appetite back, I’m feeling more energetic and I’m also feeling prettier by the minute.

Do you remember, that some weeks ago I’ve bought a bump belt? I’m thinking of starting to wear it really soon. I’m not a thin girl, but it really started to become a little bit heavy…

I’m thinking of buying another one. Such as this:


What do you think? I do really need your help in comments ?

Alright, let’s continue with a baby registry. At this moment of time, I feel hungry for the baby outfit. Not a cute one, but a regular wear. There have to be lots of outfits.

There is a handful of things I have added into the registry:

  • And, once again, the cutest one coming first:


  • One for sleeping


  • Same as previous

  • I could not get through it!

  • As his father loves hiking, he has chosen an outwear…

And, as you have already read, I’m having a boy! I haven’t thought about it earlier, as it was already a miracle, that I’ve got pregnant. Toby was, I don’t know how to say it… Maybe furious in a positive way? ? He’s been rushing through the house with almost inhuman screams of happiness. And you know why? Because our child will be the second boy in 7 generations of his family! Stay tuned for other news ?


Final Thoughts

Overall, the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy is also the marking of a pain-free period. I barely feel any morning sickness anymore, I feel like I can handle my daily to-do list without any issues, and I also look good and glowing.

My breasts are bigger, my hair looks healthy, my skin is clear of acne – who needs plastic surgery when you have a pregnancy? Sure, the first trimester wasn’t all that charming – but things are starting to look brighter now.

Hopefully, my week 14 pregnancy guide will be of use to you. However, keep in mind that every woman experiences different symptoms, so your 14th week might be very different compared to mine.

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