Week 13 – The End of Another Beginning

The 13th week of pregnancy marks the end of the first trimester. It’s no longer about the fact that I won’t be puking at work every time I catch a strong whiff of something; it’s about the fact that I just went through one-third of my pregnancy.

I no longer have just an embryo in me; I have a full-fledged baby, packed with vocal cords and everything. If he weren’t so small and swimming in amniotic fluid, he’d be a singer right now – or telling mommy how much he loves her.

At this point, most of my close relatives already know that I am pregnant. That, or they have already noticed themselves. I’m not exactly showing, but they noticed the little things: the fact that I wasn’t touching any alcoholic drinks, the fact that I was covering my nose each time there was something with a smell around; I didn’t have much of a week 13 belly size, but my actions gave it away most of the time.

It’s All About the Baby

Now that I am 13 weeks pregnant, my baby is now the size of a lemon. At this point, it either starts showing – or it doesn’t. In my case, my waist is a bit bigger – but I can’t really say that I have a baby bump. If anyone saw me now, they’d only assume that I raided the fridge a bit too much in the last few weeks – but not all of them would realize that my body is getting roomier by itself to receive the baby.

My baby is getting slowly but surely well-proportioned. Just until two weeks ago, my baby’s head was about the same size as the rest of his body. Now, however, his head is one-third of his body.

I’m not feeling any kicks at this point, but he can definitely move. His eyelids are closed – but he is active. He can apparently suck his thumb at this point as well – which I find very cute.

My uterus is expanding more and more, making room for the baby. He’s growing a little bit every week – and to be honest, I feel it in my guts.

Going for the Week 13 Pregnancy Symptoms

The end of the first trimester is pure joy for me. My nausea is almost gone, and someone may eat next to me without me having to inch away or run in a blast to the bathroom so that I could throw up.

Now that I am no longer nauseous, I have more cravings than ever – to the horror of my husband. And I don’t know if it’s because I can eat whatever I want now or because I have a little angel growing inside of me, but everyone tells me that I’m glowing.

And here’s another piece of good news: the acne is gone. The hormones have begun balancing themselves, which is why I no longer look like a teenager who is just going through puberty.

My breast tenderness is also not as bad anymore. The milk ducts have been formed, so now they have grown as much as they should. From what I hear, it’s very unlikely that they will grow any more in size during this trimester.

Overall, here are my symptoms. Some of them have been present throughout my entire pregnancy – and others are relatively new or getting stronger. Here they are:

  • Cravings: I’ve had cravings for a while now – but with the end of the first trimester, they are getting more and more pronounced. This most likely has something to do with the fact that I no longer want to throw up everything that I eat.
  • Visible Veins: At 13 weeks pregnant, I have a very active and increased blood flow – which shows on my body. I now have visible veins – the ones that would make it very hard for nurses to miss when it comes to drawing blood.
  • Energy Bump: Throughout the entire trimester, I was tired Now, however, I suddenly feel like myself again. I can get through an entire day like
    I normally would, without wanting to nap every five seconds. Now I even have the energy necessary to exercise – which I found difficult to do throughout the entire trimester. If I did, I would always complain a lot that I am tired.
  • Increased Libido: Well, I don’t think my husband minds this very much – but my sex drive has also received a burst. It may have a bit to do with the fact that
    I am well-rested and that I no longer want to pass out each time I go past the front door.
  • Spotting: This is probably strictly related to the fact that my body has received a bump in the libido. Considering that my cervix is very sensitive at this point, it’s not unusual to see a few blood spots here and there; it’s the reason why I
    made panty liners my best friends. However, you should definitely contact the doctor if your bleeding is more like a period.
  • Weight Gain: Since last week, I gained about half a pound – and from what I hear, this is only going strong. I have to admit – it’s not only my baby that is growing, but my other body parts are also receiving some weight. For that reason precisely, now I have a pretty cute butt.

If I didn’t already know that I’m not expecting twins, now I would be sure that I don’t. Most women pregnant with twins would still feel nausea and fatigue at this point – but since I’m only expecting one, I’m just fine.

So, I’ve created a baby registry at Amazon. Yep, it is time to do that. The first thing, I’ve listed was a playmat.

I’ve fallen in love with one by Lovevery. Don’t know why, even though it’s not an Amazon choice (I’m really used to it).

Even though my friends and family are people with a good wealth, I’m trying to give a variety. In this case, I’ve decided to add a variety of playmats.

The second one is:


As the reviews said it’s good value for money.


The last one is this:


Why? It is so cute!

See you at the next week!

Final Thoughts

I have ended my first trimester. No more morning sickness! The pregnancy is more obvious now – and I can finally feel that I am about to become a mother. Soon enough, I’ll have to start thinking about baby names!

Every week 13 pregnancy guide varies from woman to woman. Hopefully, mine will prove of use to you.

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