Week 12 – Sleepyhead in my Belly

At 12 weeks – which is three months – I can say that I feel relatively pregnant – even if my baby belly has yet to show. However, things are changing very fast – and I can’t believe how much my baby grew in so little time.

The good part is that I’m feeling much better – granted, with a few extra pounds on me. A girl’s gotta pay for being pregnant, and I’m basically eating for two – so there’s that.

The good news is that I am now sharing the news of my pregnancy with the rest of my family! The risk of miscarriages is significantly lower – so I don’t feel like I’ll be jinxing if I start telling people.

The 12-Week Baby

I am now nearing the end of the first trimester – which is an important step for me and my baby. He is still very small – but at least he is fully formed. He has a digestive system formed properly – and all the major parts of his body are in their rightful place.

Before, his small intestine was entwined with the umbilical cord – but now, they have been successfully tucked in his belly.

Last week, the baby learned how to burp. Now, he’s learning how to yawn. He’s a true sleepyhead now – and when he is not kicking, he is taking power naps. Also, this little being that is barely the size of a plum now has fingernails. They grow up so fast!

His reflexes are also getting better now. He can open and close his fingers, and his synapses are also forming at this point. My baby is becoming so much smarter with each day – which is impressive, considering that the week 12 belly size is not even showing.

Mommy’s Symptoms at 12-Week Pregnant

I’m starting to schedule more and more checkups with my healthcare provider – this allows me to ensure that everything goes smoothly. I didn’t take a week 12 ultrasound, because I had one last week. I don’t want to subject my baby to them so often, so as long as they aren’t necessary, I’d only have them conducted once every few months.

My week 12 belly size is not really noticeable – in fact, you can’t even see a baby bump. However, I noticed that my waist and hips have gotten wider – and I can no longer wear the jeans that I used to wear before I got pregnant. Soon, I’ll have to wear maternity clothes.

Speaking of maternity clothes, there are still some week 12 pregnancy symptoms that you might want to know about. These are:

  • Increased Discharge: During this week of pregnancy, I had a clear discharge that seemed rather weird for me in the beginning. However, from what I hear, these discharges have a very important role: to keep your vagina protected from infection. You might want to contact your doctor if the discharge is anything but clear or white – because other colors are not normal.
  • Dizziness: Since I’m nearing the end of my first trimester, my hormones are shifting in order to settle – and causing my blood pressure to go quite wild. This is apparently why I feel dizzy so often – so, I try to keep my blood pressure under control by snacking regularly. I also drink a fair amount of water to make sure that I stay hydrated and dizziness-free.
  • Headaches: I’ve felt pregnancy headaches throughout the course of my pregnancy – but it’s during week 12 that they start to intensify. The causes of these headaches are hormonal shifts, dehydration, blood sugar drops – or simply stress. I know I’ve been stressing out a lot during my pregnancy, which is why I also got headaches so often.
  • Spotting: Generally, from what I hear, spotting at this time of your pregnancy could be rather worrisome – or it could be nothing whatsoever. Your cervix is very sensitive during the 12th week of the pregnancy – so even something as simple as sex could cause spotting. To be sure, you might want to have this symptom checked. If the spotting is also accompanied by cramps – or the flow is more than just several spots, then you should definitely see a doctor. It’s for your baby’s safety and yours, as well.
  • Heartburn: It’s not that noticeable right now, but I do feel some heartburn every now and again (which also goes under the name of acid indigestion). This happens particularly when I am lying down, and the acid apparently just needs to get out. In my case, the discomfort was just mildly annoying – but if it gets very bad, you might want to have it checked.
  • Cravings: With every week, my cravings are driving my husband insane – mainly because most of my cravings happen after midnight. It’s not always bad, and sometimes I can even wait until the next day to get what I want myself. Despite this, I do notice that they are appearing much more often than before.
  • Weight Gain: As mentioned above, I have a lot of cravings. Basically, this means that I eat a lot. Because of this, I apparently got wider in the hips and the waist – but I can’t really be sure it’s not because my uterus is “making place” for the baby.
  • Breast Changes: My breasts have definitely become bigger, and they are very sore – but there is one more thing that I have realized: my areolas are getting much darker. This looks a bit odd to me but interesting. I changed to more comfy bras now without an underwire, because most of my old bras are either too tight or too uncomfortable.

As you can see, a pregnant woman nearing the end of the first trimester still has a fair number of symptoms.

So, as pregnancy moves on, I’m trying to continue to purchase all the necessary things:

This time I’ve got a new pajama for future, as it could really help in future:

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Final Thoughts

After reading almost every week 12 pregnancy guide I could find, now I know that I’m going through a normal pregnancy. The symptoms are going down – so you could say that things will settle themselves – and the baby is as healthy as he can be.

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