Week 11 – Pregnant and Feeling Good

I’ve been pregnant for 11 weeks – and while it may not be showing much, I’m feeling it. I can finally focus on the baby – and not the symptoms that would accompany me every moment of every day.

If the thought of a babymoon ever crossed your mind, here’s my advice for you: now’s the time to start planning it. Once the second trimester hits, you’ll feel much more energized – and you’ll actually be able to enjoy some time away with your partner. The second trimester is, in my opinion, probably the best time during the pregnancy.

The Baby at 11 Weeks

At 11 weeks, my baby is now the size of a lime – a very cute one, I might add. It may not be big enough to actually show, particularly since the cravings make you scavenge for snacks every so often – which is most likely why I have gained a couple of pounds.

My baby’s muscles are now all fully formed – so, at this point, he will start kicking, tossing, and doing exercises inside my belly. If he does, however, I can’t feel it; he’s too small for that. I’m only in the first trimester, but I imagine that as I’m nearing the end of the second trimester, I’ll definitely feel them.

At 11 weeks pregnant, my baby can also hiccup – yes, inside my belly. How cute is this? This is because his diaphragm is forming. Nothing’s perfect in the beginning – so every now and again, the little one may start hiccupping.

While he may not yet be breathing inside my belly, the little one is still learning how to do this. I’ve seen it on the week 11 ultrasound – and my baby is slowly but surely learning how to breathe. His chest is going up and down – and while he may not be taking in air, he’s getting the gist of it.

His fingers are toes aren’t webbed anymore – so he no longer looks like a duckling with fingers. Now he looks like he is an actual human being, growing in size until I’m finally able to hold him in my arms myself.

Right now, the head looks a lot bigger compared to his body. He’s basically half head and half body. However, in the future, my baby will also grow in size, reaching the proportions that most of us are visually used to.

Mommy’s Symptoms

At this point, my week 11 pregnancy symptoms are no longer as strong. My morning sickness has subsided – although it’s still sort of there – but at least I can get by now. I’m still paranoid about certain foods that I am given, thinking that they will make me throw up eventually – but surprisingly, the hamburgers that made me want to throw up not too long ago are now looking more and more delicious.

Still, while some symptoms are not as strong anymore, I’m experiencing a fair variety.  Here are some of them:

  • Nausea: Yes, it’s not as bad anymore – but that doesn’t mean it’s completely gone. I still feel sick every now and again, particularly with things that have very strong scents.
  • Fatigue: I’m tired so often that I’m actually tired of being tired. Oh, the paradox! However, I feel that I’m gaining more energy as the days pass. From what I hear from my doctors, this should subside in around two or three weeks.
  • Mood Swings: I have my moments of glory when I am an emotional mess – and I do have my hormones to thank for that. My husband has learned most about what triggers me at this point, and he knows how to make me happy when I yell at anything that can move.
  • Gas: Well, this is awkward and somewhat embarrassing. My baby is now burping – so obviously, mommy is now passing gas. Because of this, I try to avoid gas-causing foods such as beans and other similar ingredients.
  • Leg Cramps: Remember those cramps you’d get in the middle of the night in your leg? Yes, those that would wake you up wishing you could pull your leg off and get rid of the pain. Well, they are more frequent now that you are pregnant – so you might want to drink lots of water to ensure that they are no longer that bad. I also try to add some stretching in the mix, to flex my muscles as much as possible. If my legs are strong and flexible, they can’t cramp anymore – or so the theory goes.
  • Vaginal Discharge: Pantyliners are a must during this time – that is, unless you want to ruin all of your panties. If you are pregnant with twins, these discharges are even more frequent and thicker than normal – so you might want to be careful about which panties you are willing to ruin.
  • Darkening Skin: I’ve noticed that there are some parts on my skin that are darker than usual – particularly around my belly. From what I hear, the spot going down the center of my belly is called linea nigra – and it shouldn’t stick around after I give birth. These dark spots are, of course, caused by hormones that mess up our melanin production. Don’t you just love these hormonal changes?!?

However, my symptoms are getting weaker with each passing day – and I expect that soon enough, I’ll be able to go on a babymoon.

Final Thoughts

I’ve read every week 11 pregnancy guide there is – but this is how I felt throughout all of this time. My baby was growing, and as a mother, I could not be happier. Indeed, I did have the symptoms of a pregnant woman – and the hormones turned me into an emotional mess – but overall, I felt alive.

I am living for two people now, so I couldn’t be happier. The week 11 belly size is not that big – but I can safely say that I feel like a mother to be and I’m showing this through my smile and positivity.

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