Week 10 – A New Milestone in Pregnancy!

Week 10 of pregnancy is a week packed with emotions – whether I like it or not. My hormones are getting me ready to feed my baby, and I’m going through a variety of symptoms – old and new. Soon enough, I’ll be able to show off my baby bump!

I have officially reached a new milestone in my pregnancy – and so did my baby. I can say that I look pregnant as well, not just feeling it. Two and a half months in, I’m required to ditch my skinny jeans and jump into leggings – because my hips make it difficult for me to button up the jeans.

I’m still feeling week 10 pregnancy symptoms – but this is to be expected. I made peace with them – but I also can’t wait for the second trimester to hit. I’m currently still in my first trimester, my baby is well-formed and has all his parts in order.

I’ve read many guides on how every pregnant woman should feel around this time – but since not everyone is the same, I’ve decided to also drop by with my own week 10 pregnancy guide.

The Baby Just About Now

At 10 weeks pregnant, my baby is the size of a strawberry. He’s not big enough to produce a baby bump, but he’s big enough to tell my uterus “it’s time to expand now!” He’s just a little over an inch, and I’m told he’ll be double his size in about three weeks’ time.

At this point during the pregnancy, my baby is even starting to grow fingernails – and soon enough, toenails. He also has eyelids now – but at this point, they are fused together. They will stay this way for several more weeks until he is finally able to open them.

The ears that have initially started growing on the neck are now moving into their rightful place – which is the baby’s head. He can now swallow the amniotic fluid, which will give him the nutrients that he needs. His little heart that has already claimed mine is also almost fully formed at this point.

He’s also kicking up continuously in an attempt to exercise his muscles. Luckily for me, since he’s so tiny, I can’t feel the kicks yet. I do, however, feel that the third trimester will be a complete party.

Mommy’s Feelings and Symptoms

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your – oh my god, that poor puppy in the commercial! Honey, come here! I need to show my love, then yell at you in a matter of seconds!” Yes, this is week 10 in a nutshell. Hormones are peaking – which means that everything else is peaking as well. This will probably last until the last week of the first trimester – after which the symptoms should subside.

So far, here are the week 10 pregnancy symptoms that I went through.

  • Mood Swings: Remember the part about my hormones going crazy? Well, it causes many mood swings. At this point in the pregnancy, I can’t even squish a spider without feeling emotional and crying for it. And I don’t even like spiders!
  • Nausea: Tired of it yet? Well, I am! I never feel sick just in the morning. I can feel like throwing up at 8 PM just as well. I can’t wait for the first trimester to pass so that the nausea goes away.
  • Cravings: A lot of things make me sick – but when I crave cheesecake, then I crave cheesecake. I send my very supportive husband on various food hunts – which is horrible for him at times, but very amusing for me. The baby wants food, so how can I say no to him?
  • Bigger Breasts: Now this is probably the only good thing about pregnancy, aside from my baby himself. My breasts have definitely gotten bigger, and I’ve had to go a cup higher in order for the ladies to fit. The downside is that they are also sore – which is understandable, considering that the milk ducts are prepping to make some food for the baby.
  • Round Ligament Pain: My baby is growing by the day – so he obviously needs his space. The making of that space, however, requires that I make space for him – or more precisely, my uterus. Since it’s getting bigger, the ligaments are also stretching and moving around in order to “make way.” Because of this, I often feel some pain and discomfort around the abdomen, which my OB told me was completely normal.
  • Fatigue: I’m tired all the time – and there are two reasons for that. The first one is that my body is working very hard in the baby growing process, causing it to burn energy. The second one is that I can’t really sleep well. My naps and the sleep time at night are always disrupted by some very weird dreams.
  • Vaginal Discharge: My vagina is now tackled with an increased blood flow, along with an increase in estrogen – causing it to release a relatively clear, odorless substance in a process called leucorrhea. It’s gross, I know – but this is just my body’s way of eliminating the bacteria. However, if the discharge is anything but clear and odorless, you should call your doctor.
  • Visible Veins: If anyone ever wanted to poke a needle in me, now would be the time to do it. The blue streaks are so clear, you can see them from a distance.

To make myself feel better about my symptoms, I try to get some exercise. I keep it mild to moderate at this point: swilling, walking, maybe a little bit of running as well – but I don’t overdo it. I’m already tired enough as it is, so high-rep exercising wouldn’t do me any good.

My week 10 belly has started to develop a slight curve, but I wouldn’t call it a bump yet. In a few weeks, however, it will clearly show that I’m expecting.

So, as my body growths, I’ve decided to buy some things:

The first and the best (in my opinion) thing is the wristband:

This one is an amazing thing – it removes all the sickness and nausea, giving a full relief! When I am using it, I do really feel free!


The next purchase was the pregnancy pillow, as I do understand that really soon I could not even lie on my back, so my choice was this one:


To tell you the truth, I’ve already started using it as It is so huggable…

The next one was the “baby” monitor. However, it is the “mother’ monitor. I am obsessed with health, so I’ve wanted to know my BPM and other things, as my previous sports wristband was not as clever as the one above.


And the last, but not the least: just got it from Amazon. A purchase in advance, as things like this I do buy early enough. The breastfeeding pillow.

I’ve decided to look it up an amazon and saw this Nursing Posture Pillow. All the reviews said, that this pillow is almost perfect, so…


Final Thoughts

Slowly but surely, the reality of motherhood is hitting me. I may not have a baby bump, but you can guess by looking at me that I’m pregnant – and not just because everything makes me nauseous.

This week has not been much fun, mainly because it’s an emotional rollercoaster. My hormones are going all over the place, and I can’t wait for the second trimester to start so that I can finally get some peace.

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