Tutu baby shower ideas

Making some really great parties for the children is quite a challenge for most of the parents. There are different aspects that one should take into consideration while preparing.

Each case is the unique one, and at Tutu baby shower ideas website there is hardly something that will not be able to satisfy any of them. It will provide you with dozens of unique ideas that will help you to organize a real celebration for your child.

What do you think about tutu baby shower ideas? Yes, there are certain restrictions – this plan is for girls only. But as to the rest it is a very tender, elegant and gorgeous manner to arrange the day when guests visit a house to send their compliment to a pregnant woman or newborn. You know that nowadays there are two formats of this event. You can gather friends before childbirth or after it.

The tutu is a ballerina outfit. Being a skirt of a special design it is so refined that becomes a separate symbol femininity full of grace. The fashion of course has changed this element of ballet costume as time passed, but the main feature remains – it is made of multilayered tulle or organza. It can be bell-shaped with the length up to the knees or ankles. Also we know a short one spreading horizontally from the waist of a woman wearing this clothes. Another important detail is decoration. The tutu is usually ornamented with beads, ribbons and other beautiful things.

Anyway this skirt is fluffy and girly. It is good even for everyday life or for some special occasions in the regular life not only on the scene of the Ballet Theater. You can find even a one-layer tutu but made of that airy transparent fabric. This skirt is always stylish.

Now if you think that this image is good only for clothes, you are mistaken! It is a perfect detail for decoration. You can use the tablecloth made of several layers of tulle and place such miniskirts on the table. Choose the tender pink material – it looks gorgeous!

tutu baby shower ideas photo - 9

Or you are recommended to make such skirts for the bowels with salads or glasses. Just look at it!

tutu baby shower ideas photo - 2

Create a dummy with attributes of ballerina, let it be without a doll inside. It is even better to experiment and take a hanger with this fashion item and attach the shoes, glass slippers or even pointe, add long beads and you will get the perfect setting.

tutu baby shower ideas photo - 3

Do not forget about invitation cards which are very important tutu baby shower supplies. Give free play to your fancy and start creating. The pompons, baby suits with tutu, various flowers are very good as applications. But be sure that everything is white or light-pink in order create a girlish image. Though, if you want, try the black-and-white scheme.

tutu baby shower ideas photo - 4

The balloons, garlands, candies, and cakes are almost the classical solution for such a theme. You’ve got a table for a real princess. Do you agree?

tutu baby shower ideas photo - 5

Here is an example of the decoration which can be compared to the above mentioned one, but it is performed in peach-blossom hues. Also you see the marvelous lamp-shades in the form of tutu. It would be good to arrange a table for presents following the style of the table intended for the meal. Add the bright spots like yellow balloons…

tutu baby shower ideas photo - 6
tutu baby shower ideas photo - 7

…and the roses will be good here. You can decorate the tablecloth with the flowers and combine the fresh flowers with candy bars. Just imagine this richness of rose shades!

tutu baby shower ideas photo - 8

Now it is time for baby clothes! For those who still prefer severe black there is a tutu with ruffle bow and a headband with beautiful black flower. The soft fabric is used to create these pieces. It is very delicate and comfortable for baby skin. The same model is available in various colors.

Or choose this sparkling gold tutu. It looks like it is designed just for dancing disco. The skirt is made of three layers of fluffy tulle with stretchable satin waistband. The girl will be a real dancing queen even if she is too little to show class yet.

Another version of a ballerina skirt is made of goldenrod blush pink polyester. It is so gorgeous! And the package suggests a headband decorated with red and gold flowers. Here you will find large pearl beads also.

If you want even more girlish image, buy the suit of two colors: pink and lilac. The outfit is made of super comfortable fabric and completed with headband.

tutu baby shower ideas photo - 10

This dress with tutu is convenient and very nice. The golden unicorn on the breast is an attractive decoration. It is good for everyday wear as well as for shooting and birthday. The unicorn is on a sticker. So you can choose if you need this picture.

Do not insist on pink and white hues. There are so many red, blue or purple tutu baby shower ideas. Experiment with various findings and you will see that your fest will be a success. The darling details will be of help. Add some personalized touches and provide each guest with a personal flag which informs of a name of a baby, for example. Here also you can mention the date. When your friend takes the flag home, he will remember the exact date of birthday. Also a table banner can be offered.

Think of the possibility to customize regular glasses and print the name of the baby on the surface too. You may add a bar cart to the main table and place it wherever it is convenient. Cook or buy special cookies with sugar coating made as an application in the form of flowers and dresses. The favor boxes with candies, cakes, and perhaps mini baby shower tutu for guests to send home are a perfect idea.

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