Play on the street, the best of summer for children

Summer is the best time of year to promote street play among children. The traditional game based on running, jumping, moving … is recommended by doctors and has multiple benefits for children. Not only is it fun and entertaining for them, but they also learn to be sociable, respect rules and exercise. In short, it has physical, sociological and psychological benefits.

Move, the funniest of children’s summer

And it is that the sedentary life is reaching also the children, the smallest of the house. When they are not in school they devote a good part of their leisure time to hanging out with electronic toys, which require the child to be seated. This sendentarismo, understood as a lifestyle, is what has triggered an alarming rate of overweight among the child population.

For this reason, the Observatory of Children’s Games (OJI) has just launched a message to parents: that they adequately organize their children’s time by providing them with more space to play and, in addition, to bet on physical play. Summer is the ideal time for it, since the little ones have more free time to play and they can use the toys they have not been able to enjoy during the winter because of the lack of time and space to play. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to accustom children from small to play for hours and accustom them to share their games with peers, since the children’s game indoors usually involves little energy expenditure.

It is surprising to think that it is about recovering what other generations have already had. In this case, going back is positive and parents have the task of promoting the traditional game between our children and their friends. The fact of running, jumping, chasing, avoiding obstacles, riding a bicycle, skateboard, scooter or skates, playing hopscotch, basketball or football, or games like hide-and-seek, handkerchief, pilla pilla, hare, among others, they improve and increase their physical activity, and involve greater socialization among the children population. Other games that children could use this summer are the ball, the jump rope or the giant games, like the parchís de suelo, which recently won the best summer game at the toy festival.

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