Top rated infant car seats up to two years old age: choice criteria


Where to buy cheap infant car seats without spending hours at the malls. Comfortable car seats for children up to two years old. How to find the most reliable and comfortable baby infant car seat. The safety is number one priority. The most affordable infant carrier seat with base and related products.

Top rated infant car seats that I liked the most

After a long search for a baby infant car seat, I think it’s time to share my experience to help the parents. What is the main choice criteria and what else can you order on Amazon? Finding the right product wasn’t that easy as we thought. The price range is very wide: from the cheap infant car seats to the quite expensive. How to choose the best car seat according to the price-quality relation? How to buy the product that will meet up all the requirements without overpaying?  We wanted to choose the safest, the most convenient and the most affordable one from top rated infant car seats. I will describe the main criteria of our search, which is pretty much universal.

When choosing from the top-rated infant car seats, pay attention to:

Mobility. It is very important to be able to carry an infant carrier seat without extra efforts. The perfect car seat should be easily and quickly installed and removed. You don’t want it to be too heavy, so the weight of the product matters. Our baby is only one year old, and I often carry him in the car seat. One of the brands that offer ultra-light car seats is Graco Click Connect.

Criteria of Graco transportable and safe easy-to-use baby seat up to 2 years

These infant car seat carriers are easy to carry and have a fairly ergonomic design. I liked that you can install and remove the car seat so quickly – just in one click. It is easy to take it out of the car and carry it with you, without disturbing a baby. This is especially convenient when you are traveling with the baby yourself.

Graco Click Connect is designed for children under 2 years old, with weight from 4 to 30 pounds, and height up to 32 inches.

Safety. The main purpose of the car seat is to provide security for the little passenger. The safest infant car seat is the best way of protecting your child on the road. I always try to drive extra carefully when I have my baby with me. Don’t get distracted and pay attention to the road all the time.

Safety is the key criteria when it comes to choosing infant baby seat! These products must be thoroughly tested and meet up safety requirements. Not all the car seats are equally secure. They are made from different materials and have different levels of protection. Make sure you find the safest one.

The comfort and safety of the car seat are provided by:

  • the softness of the interlayer and the quality of upholstery;
  • the thickness of the plastic and the durability of the carcass;
  • the right position of the headrest;
  • an absence of removable parts, or sharp and hard edges.

The safest infant car seat should be much softer and more secure than a stroller. It should provide the maximum comfort for the baby on the road.

One of the top-rated infant car seats is Graco Click Connect. Besides the comfortable design, it’s made from natural materials. We were looking for the seat that was not too soft or too stiff, and we found it all in this model. The car seat is made of durable and high-quality plastic. The product has passed all required safety and resistance tests. It meets up US security requirements.

Price. The quality and security have its price – but don’t overpay. Even the cheap infant car seats are tested and meet the general safety requirements. The rest of the features can be very different. The price might depend on the advance of the protection system, installation ease, quality, and etc. We have spent a lot of time studying the market. I wanted to buy the best for my baby without paying extra money just for a brand or unnecessary details.

The price depends on where you buy. Ordering the top rated infant car seats on Amazon you are saving a lot. After choosing between several products we decided on Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 LX.

Secure rear facing car seat by Graco perfect as first seat for baby characteristics

This model of infant car seat carrier is slightly more expensive than the others, but I liked it so much. It is perfectly matching all our criteria. You can choose a softer or more beautiful model and pay more. You can buy the most expensive one with an advanced protection and safety system, or buy a basic infant basic car and pay less. Ses what is better for your family. Consider how often you drive with your child, and how much time you will spend traveling.

This is far not everything that is worth considering when choosing from top-rated infant car seats

I would also recommend looking for related products on Amazon which you might need driving with the baby. Especially if you often drive with the baby by yourself.

What else do you need besides the infant baby seat?  


The base is designed for fastening the car seat securely. You can buy a set of infant car seat with base. Remember, that more often a base is sold separately. Without the base, you won’t be able to install the seat in the car. The manufacturers provide appropriate bases for every car seat model. We separately bought the base for our Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 LX car seat.

The installation of the safest infant car seat won’t take much time if you carefully follow the instructions:

  • One-step installation.
  • The installation process indicator.
  • Integrated belt lock.
  • Dimensions: 21.3 “- 14.7” – 6.6 “.

If you are more interested in cheap infant car seats and bases, than ordering them separately on Amazon will cost you less, than buying a set.

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30/35 LX Infant Car Seat Base, Black, One Size

Base with integrated wheels for baby infant car seat. It’s just an awesome invention for parents with young children. I love it! Since I travel with the baby everywhere, he often falls asleep right on the road. What to do with the sleeping child, when you came to the mall, a meeting or to the park to take a walk? I can’t move him to the stroller without waking him up. In this situation, infant car seat with a base on wheels is your perfect solution. This model allows you to remove a car seat with a sleeping baby right into the stroller.

Stoller frame allowing you to carry your baby with the help of removable car seats

You won’t need to keep the stroller in your trunk if you have a base with integrated wheels. You just do not need the stroller at all! We didn’t even buy one. Convenient design allows you to expand the frame and easily transform the infant baby seat into a stroller. Voilà! My baby is still asleep, and I’m already walking with the stroller. The special frame has everything you need, just like a regular stroller. It has a tray for a parent, a large basket on the bottom, a cup holder, and reliable brakes on the rear wheels. The product is definitely multifunctional.

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX is universal and suitable for any infant car seat. If are driving a lot with your baby, then it doesn’t make sense to buy a regular stroller at all.

The fact that the base is very light is another advantage. A metal-plastic frame is easy for carrying and folding. It’s so much easier to use than large and heavy strollers.


Another great accessory for top rated infant car seats is a basket. It will make your road trips with a baby more comfortable. It is important to have the travel necessities by your side while driving. A special basket with baby napkins, a bottle, toys can be attached to the infant carrier seat in different positions. Baby stuff won’t be laying around the car, plus it’s the quickest way to get what you need. Pay attention to certain safety and convenience features when choosing the basket:

  • rounded shape;
  • the absence of unnecessary details;
  • easy for finding what you need;
  • durability.

You can find a great variety of baskets for car seats can be found on Amazon. We really liked the Diono Radian Cup Caddy. It looks cool and comfy!

Advantages of Diono durable and handy car cup caddy for life on-the-go

Unfortunately, it is compatible only with car seats produced by Diono. It is made of durable solid plastic and can be attached to a chair in four 4 different positions (the baby infant car seat Diono has special attachments for this). I must admit that the fabric bags are less convenient compared to baskets because it’s harder to find in them what you need right away. The storage bags are less durable compared to baskets.

Useful large baby’s car mirror for watching the kids features

Children’s car mirror for the rear seat is another useful accessory I found on Amazon for the safest infant car seat. Babies and toddlers can get bored in the back seat, especially if you go for a long drives. They like to see themselves in the mirror and smile. Of course, it works great for the driver as well, since you can check on your little passenger anytime. Child rear-view mirrors are the perfect addition for top rated infant car seats.

I should let you know that they are not regular auto mirrors. They are designed especially for the children:

  • unbreakable protective surface;
  • rounded corners and safe shape;
  • adjustable 360º view;
  • the large size 12 “x 7.5”.

The mirror allows the driver to keep an eye on the road and see what happens in the back seat meanwhile. The safety is our number one priority! You don’t have to turn your head every time to watch the kids.

When purchasing an infant car carrier and related products make sure they meet up all necessary requirements:

  • after receiving your order check the quality of the product. Remember that device should work easily and smoothly;
  • don’t buy too cheap infant car seats of suspicious quality;
  • pay attention to the details and the materials – natural fabrics will provide breathability.

Don’t buy used car seats, because some details lose its original qualities with time and reduce the safety properties. Moreover, Amazon allows you to buy a new product at affordable price.

We have already tried the baby infant car seat and we are happy with our purchase. I can easily carry it with the baby from the car to the house. I use its base instead of the stroller for walking. My little passenger feels comfortable and happy just like me!

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