TOP 11 best table corner protectors: review, description, advantages and disadvantages

If you have small kids, you absolutely need to buy baby safety table corner protectors. I’ve learnt from experience that it’s a must for young parents. What are furniture corner protectors? What functions do they serve? How to choose reliable, practical and, most importantly, safe protectors? Let’s look into it!

I hadn’t realized how dangerous furniture corners can be until my eldest started making his first steps. He stood up, ran and bumped into the corner. Wailing, tears, crying… It took a long time to calm him down. Thank God, it wasn’t serious. After that incident I tried to protect my baby at all times, to cover the corners with my hand, but then I found a simpler and more reliable solution. Furniture corner protectors for babies just saved me. They don’t seem like much, but they are incredibly useful. My youngest has just started to run around, but I’m not nervous that he may hit the desk or the chest of drawers, I don’t track him in panic and don’t cover the corners with my hand anymore.

Table corner protectors functions

Okay, so what are table corner protectors? They are special guards for the furniture corners. They’re universal. You can put them on the tabletop, on the dresser, chairs or other pieces of furniture with sharp corners. They are made of different materials: silicone, leather, soft plastic or foam rubber. Baby safety table corner protectors serve a variety of useful functions:

  • Bumping protection. The main function of the guard is of course protection against injuries. The protectors are soft. The baby will feel nothing if he hits them. Tried and tested!
  • Furniture decoration. If you choose the guards right, they can visually improve your furniture. For example, we have heart-shaped protectors in the nursery, regular black ones in the kitchen and transparent ones on the glass coffee table in the living room.
  • Extending the life of the furniture. Sharp corners are quick to wear out. Furniture with worn corners doesn’t look very good. Corner guards for babies protect your furniture from premature ageing.

But these are not all the advantages of the guards. They are cheap, completely safe and allergen-free. The protectors are easy to place on and take off, they are easy to lodge and don’t leave any traces. That’s all provided that you choose high-quality furniture corner protectors.

Different kinds of furniture corner protectors

When I decided to buy corner guards, I started by visiting baby-goods stores. To my surprise, they didn’t sell protectors there. So I decided to search for them online. I’ve found lots of them. There’s a huge range of corner guards for baby offered in different online stores. It’s not easy to make a choice. But at the same time, you’ve got to be very careful not to buy a low-quality product. There’re lots of them around.

In order to choose suitable furniture corner protectors, I recommend reading the description very carefully, examining all characteristics and paying extra attention to the following criteria:

  • size;
  • color and design;
  • fixation method;
  • material;
  • manufacturer;
  • price.

The range includes table corner protectors for baby for big kitchen tables, small coffee tables and for the whole set of unspecified furniture.

Different colors, decorated and transparent items – I think that protectors don’t spoil the aesthetics of your interior but, on the contrary, add an extra flavor.

Best baby proof corners rating

I’ve got two hyperactive kids at home who are experts at attracting adventures. The elder girl is 3 years old, the younger boy is 18 months old. They can find corners even where there aren’t any. I took buying protectors very seriously and it took me a long time to find the best option. Now I have them everywhere and I must say they look good. I’ve got guards on the corners of tables, bed-side tables, dressers and even the tabletop in the kitchen and the windowsill.

My friends made fun of me at first, but now that their kids are growing up they started asking me for recommendations. It’s so practical! You just stick the table bumpers for babies on the corner and don’t feel nervous that your baby will bruise his head or get a lump. Of course, I only recommend reliable manufacturers and the models I’ve tried myself. I’m offering you my own personal rating of the most reliable baby safety table corner protectors. They will serve you well for a long time.

Regional Furniture Clean Corner Protectors

Almost invisible 24 round guards in the package will protect a baby from injury

I’ve put these protectors even on the corners of chairs and beds. They’re almost invisible on the furniture, small round guards made from transparent material. They don’t smell, have no colorants, are absolutely safe and protect the corners from damage and protect the baby from injury. Putting them on is very easy and takes two minutes:

  • take the tape off;
  • stick the protector on the corner carefully.

The furniture corner protectors for babies stick to the surface instantly. You don’t need to glue them on. And they don’t come unstuck even if the baby tries to take them off with his nails. There are 24 guards in the package. You can stick them anywhere. I bought these corner protectors here.

With adhesive tape it sticks strongly to wooden, glass and metal surfaces

Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors

These corner protectors provide maximum protection from injury. I like the fact that they’re very soft and cushioning and are easy to put on. These corner guards come with adhesive tape and stick strongly to wooden, glass and metal surfaces. They’re also non-toxic, flame-resistant and resistant to bites. Our baby bit them when he was teething, and there was no trace left. Table corner protectors for babies don’t lose their shape and regain their previous shape quickly. I ordered them here.

Wittle Finger Pinch Guard

I bought these protectors after my baby shut his finger in the door. The door stopper can prevent serious trauma. The C-shaped baby finger protector is flexible and easy to put and fix on the door. It prevents the door from shutting accidentally because of the wind, draft or AC. Make sure to put it on high, so that the baby can’t reach it. It won’t slide down by itself. Thanks to the universal white color, it fits in any interior.

It prevents the door from shutting accidentally because of the wind, draft or AC

Baby finger protectors are made of high-quality elastic foam, hold their shape well and don’t lose it. If you don’t need the device at the moment, just hang it on the doorknob.

This bright and thick type last a long time of intensive use and serious pressure

There are 4 pieces in the package. I use them to hold doors in the kitchen, the nursery, the living room and the bedroom. Now my kids can run around the apartment and I don’t need to worry that they’ll shut their fingers or hands in the door.

The door stopper stays functional for 6 months of intensive use and serious pressure. When one baby finger protector wears out, I just buy a new one. I bought 5 packages at once on sale and I think they’ll last me a long time. There are also colorful door stoppers available. I bought them for my friend and she loved them. They’re thicker, so they last longer.

These brown table bumpers for babies are made of high-quality silicone, 8 per pack

Baby Proofing Silicone Soft Corner Guards

I have a large oak table in the living room. Black foam protectors don’t look good on it. I’d been trying to find corner guards for it for a long time and finally I did. These table bumpers for babies are made of high-quality silicone. They’re brown, suit natural wood perfectly and look good on the surface of the table. I’ve got no complaints about the quality either. I haven’t noticed any problems in the three months that I’ve been using them, and the advantages are self-evident.

The child corner protectors stick well to any surface: wooden, plastic or metal

  • Quality. These child corner protectors are made of 100-percent premium silicone. They contain no toxic components. I can claim that from more than my own experience. The guards have been tested in laboratory conditions. You can use these protectors and be sure that they’ll do no harm to your baby even if he decides to bite them.
  • Safety. The protectors are shaped in a way that a baby won’t be able to swallow them if he takes them into his mouth.
  • Reliable protection. My babies haven’t hit a table corner once since I installed these furniture corner protectors for babies.
  • Easy to install. You don’t need any extra tools or devices to install the protectors. Just take the tape off, stick them to the surface, and that’s it.
  • Stylish design. The guards suit wooden furniture perfectly. Brown items don’t contradict other interior elements and fit the general composition well.

I don’t regret buying the baby proof corners. They are cheap and with them I’m completely sure that my kid won’t get injured at home. They don’t sell good protectors at our local stores, so I order several packages online, since the guards have a tendency to wear out.

Anti-Collision Bar Corner Bumpers

This bumper guarantees 100% safety from injury. It’s an adhesive tape that you stick along the whole corner. Of course, you can’t stick it everywhere in the house but I put it on every corner in the nursery. Thanks to the high-quality glue applied in the factory conditions these child corner protectors stick well to any surface: ceramic, wooden, plastic or metal.

They hold their shape well and don’t lose it over time, just hang it on the doorknob!

The table bumpers for babies come in different colors so they can fit any room in your apartment – nursery, kitchen or any other. The tape is made of soft and flexible NBR foam. The protectors don’t contain any formaldehyde or other toxic substances and are absolutely safe.

How to choose corner guards

As you can see, baby proof corners are a very handy thing for your home. Unfortunately, some manufacturers care about their profit more than they do about the kids’ health and safety. The use of low-quality materials and the disruption of the manufacturing process are quite common. My friend’s bought some protectors just recently. The foam wasn’t firm enough, and her kid bit a small piece off and almost swallowed it. Luckily, this has never happened to me. The child corner protectors I have at home are reliable, I’m sure of their quality. Here are some recommendations that will help you choose good protectors.

  • Trust only reliable manufacturers. The products of well-known brands are usually of higher quality and made of absolutely safe non-toxic materials.
  • Don’t cut corners on quality. Don’t try to find cheap baby proof corners. Don’t put your kid’s health in danger. It’s better to pay more and be sure that the protector will protect your baby, not harm him.
  • Read the reviews. Parents usually leave comments about good products. Take the effort to read them. If there are no reviews or they’re negative, it’s better not to buy this product.

Baby proof corners have proven their worth. They’re popular among the parents of small kids. Well-known brands’ protectors are not that expensive – about $10-15 for a package. Immediately after installation you’ll see how much easier your life has become. Believe me, the amount of injuries and crying will get significantly smaller. Make your home safe for your kids by putting protectors on the corners of desks, bedside tables, beds and other furniture.

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