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For the parents whose kids are only just starting to sit it’s very important to have the right furniture.
A baby sitting support chair is an ideal solution in this situation. We’d started using a highchair even before our baby girl started to hold her back up. And it turned out to be the right solution! As our doctor said, this manner of sitting really helped the kid’s spine. It gave her vertical alignment, helped to place her back and limbs comfortably during playing, eating and discovering the world. And, most importantly, it assured her correct body posture, which she will retain for her whole life.
With this fancy chair, learning to sit wasn’t just easy for our daughter (my wife and I didn’t have to make any effort) but also interesting. The manufacturers purposefully make this product bright, soft and pleasant to the touch. Kids feel all comfy in these chairs.
As we learnt from our own experience, the main function of this chair isn’t just to position the child but also to completely protect him. This product protects the child from falling and minimizes the risk of injuries. It was especially useful when the baby started getting active and trying to get out of the chair.
Attention! When using any baby support seat,  always put it on the floor so the kid can’t fall from a greater height!

Top 8 baby sitting chairs

The available range is very extensive, so it can be tricky for young parents to find a model that would satisfy their child’s needs. Thanks to this rating of baby sitting chairs you’ll be able to find the best solution for your tomboy or little princess. I created a table using my own experience and my daughter’s impressions from using different kinds of children’s furniture.
I included all the primary kinds of infant sitting chairs in my review: from small soft cushions to plastic chair-and-desk combinations complete with a toy set. Not all of them fit our girl, but that’s OK. Other kids may require other kinds of chairs. You just have to try them out!
Main characteristics of the chairs can be found in this table:
Model Price Type  Description
Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe Giggles Island From 4 months to 4 years A beautiful chair with 6 toys and a tray. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for feeding.
Earlyears Discovery Seat From 6 to 18 months Very light, bright and cute. Easy to move. The cover is machine washable.
Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Toy Tray, Lion For kids that can sit already, 18 months and up Shaped as a lion, with squeaky paws. Easy to fold. Complete with a tray, a pallet and toys.
Baby Sofa Learn Sitting Chair Nursery Support Seat Pillow Protector Plush Cushion Toys for Toddler Infant Leopard by Balai From 3 months to 1 year Helps to sit upright, supports the back, prevents burping. Universal. Machine washable.
Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat, Forest Friends From 4 months to 4 years Has toys, straps and trays for playing. Grows with the child.
Bumbo Floor Seat For Baby From 3 to 9 months A portable chair with a foam restraint belt. Helps your child’s posture. Lots of colors to choose from.
Hugaboo Infant Sitting Chair From 2 months A portable comfortable machine washable seat.
Makaor Baby Safe Seat From 0 to 2 years Soft and affordable, designed to teach the kid how to sit upright. Machine washable.

Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe Giggles Island

Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe Giggles Island
This infant chair is every kid’s dream as it comes with a whole set of removable toys! In my experience, it’s also a parents’ dream. You can sit your kid at the desk that can spin 360 degrees and have an hour or two for yourself while they are busy playing.
Main advantages of this model:
  • We’ve tested the Summer Infant Chair in all three modes. You can use it as a playground at home on the floor, as a chair for outdoor activities or take it on a trip.
  • This chair for infant provides good posture (the kid is always comfortable) and safety (it comes with straps).
  • It’s good to use this infant’s support seat for feeding as well, especially when the kid’s acting up and doesn’t want to eat. The toys help persuade the small meany.
  • The manufacturer has several modifications of this infant chair. Our baby girl loved the pink set with a monkey and a parrot. However, the neutral purple and green is supposed to be the most popular.

Earlyears Discovery Seat

Earlyears Discovery Seat
The inflatable sitting support chair for baby is entertainment and learning in one. It’s easy to assemble, easy to move (it’s especially awesome for going to the beach) and the kid will fall in love with it in 10 minutes! Funny lion, zebra and tiger entertain the kid, and you can also put toys on the caterpillar-shaped front panel.
Main advantages of the model:
  • This seat is recommended to the kids who are only just starting to learn to sit upright. It supports the body from the back and from the sides and also prevents the child from falling over forward.
  • This is the most user-friendly baby sitting support chair of all: it’s easy to wash (even in a washing machine)!
  • Perfect for kids between 6 and 18 months. We got it as a gift when our daughter was 12 months old. She was inseparable from it for several months.
  • Bright colors don’t fade with time and are just as attractive to kids as in the beginning.

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Toy Tray, Lion

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Toy Tray, Lion
If your boy or girl is already 18 months old you can try the sitting chair for baby “with a baby lion”. The lion’s head is on the soft back of the chair, and there’s a removable plastic desk in the front. My daughter became great friends with this lion, even though it wasn’t her first seat. She ate, played and watched TV with it. And her mom started putting all the toys “by the lion”.
Main advantages of this model:
  • It comes with a tray, a pallet and clip-on clacker rings (good for fine motor skill development).
  • The lion’s paws squeak when the baby kicks them. His mom can hear it from another room and realize that the kid’s nervous or wants to get out.
  • This support seat for baby is easy to fold. When folded, it poses no problem to move it anywhere. The cushions are removable and washable.
  • This model is our choice for kids who can already sit upright but haven’t learnt to get out of the chair yet.

Baby Sofa Learn Sitting Chair Nursery Support Seat Pillow Protector Plush Cushion Toys for Toddler Infant Leopard by Balai

Baby Sofa Learn Sitting Chair Nursery Support Seat Pillow Protector Plush Cushion Toys for Toddler Infant Leopard by Balai
The baby sit up pillow is a universal product that will suit the youngest babies best. See for yourselves: it can be used as a static soft playground, as a baby carrier, as a car seat or even as a stroller insert! That’s a great option for active families. We mostly used it on trips.
Main advantages of this model:
  • Good for kids that are only just learning to sit upright and need extra support.
  • This pillow sit up support for little babies is made of safe polyester that guarantees good posture and comfort under any circumstances.
  • When our family doctor saw our girl using this seat, he said that it helps prevent gastroesophageal reflux.
  • It’s designed with three openings that support the body and position the legs providing comfort and safety.
  • My wife really appreciated the fact that the cover is machine-washable.

Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat, Forest Friends

Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat, Forest Friends
The most practical parents try to buy children’s furniture that can transform as the kid grows. This sitting chair for baby model is exactly what you need in this situation. This product is three-stage: once the baby learns to hold his head, you can sit him in the chair with the foam insert that will give his back soft and bouncy support. Once he learns to sit confidently, the chair will become his play zone (it comes with plastic trays where you can place toys). Older kids can eat in their favorite chair. I wish I’d bought this model in the very beginning. It really is as great as everyone says! And it could have saved some money not buying different chairs for different ages. So, dear parents, this chair is a must!
Main advantages of this model:
  • Three-point harness keeps the kid in his place and prevents him from falling down. I really appreciated it as a parent – no need to worry, the child is safe!
  • The chair comes with four toys. Kids love new toys more than anything.
  • Extra (removable) trays for playing can spin 360 degrees giving their little user a full view and freedom.
  • We took this chair for infant  to restaurants and to visit some friends. It’s nice that the kid can sit at the table with adults.

Bumbo Floor Seat For Baby

Bumbo Floor Seat For Baby
This floor seat is one of the hits among baby floor seats. It’s made of incredibly light foam which makes it a perfect traveling companion. You can take it along to visit friends, take it to a restaurant, to the country, to a picnic and, of course, on vacation. With his own chair your kid will be comfortable anywhere. I’ve realized that it’s crucial for him when he’s learning to sit. By the way, you can use this chair for kids up to 4 months old! It wasn’t easy to convince our girl that she’s too big for her Bumbo now!
Main advantages of this model:
  • This baby floor seat is designed for your child’s posture. It softly cultivates the technique of sitting on a chair with the back up straight.
  • I appreciated the safety belt. It’s a must with modern active kids.
  • If need be you can buy an extra tray from the same manufacturer and get a desk-like set. But straps were sufficient for us.
  • This chair for toddlers comes in different colors: turquoise, red, blue, light green, pink, gray, purple etc. We wanted it to match the color of the nursery and, since we have a girl, chose the pink one.

Hugaboo Infant Sitting Chair

Hugaboo Infant Sitting Chair
Soft Hugaboo chairs come in a variety of colors (from pink and blue to leopard). Their high-quality products (made in the USA) guarantee your child’s comfort. This sitting chair for infant is a big bouncy cushion with holes for legs and fabric holders for palms. Our daughter loved sitting in it as long as it fitted her. I’d recommend that this chair for curious babies over 2 months old – the rest depends on the weight and height of your kid.
Main advantages of this model:
  • It’ made of polyester so it’s machine washable (use only the delicate cycle).
  • The cover is nice to the touch and doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin. I’d sit in it myself if I could. 🙂
  • It’s best to use this chair for short games, playing with parents or exploring the world around.
  • Thanks to its portability, this infant’s sitting chair is easy to move from one room to another. My wife also puts the toys inside for the night.

Makaor Baby Safe Seat

Makaor Baby Safe Seat
This funny infant support seat is for children up to two years old. Kids will enjoy the soft seat, bright natural colors and natural materials  (cotton-based). Moms who take special care to keep their kid’s things clean will especially appreciate it. You can wipe or wash it with a neutral detergent every day if you want to!
Main advantages of the model:
  • It’s very nice and soft to touch. At the same time, this pillow sit up for baby is bouncy and flexible and can hold the kid’s spine in the correct position.
  • You can use this seat anywhere in the house. We took it to the kitchen, to the nursery and even to the bathroom!
  • It has the lowest price among its competitors.
  • I’d recommend buying a support seat for infants when the kid is only just learning to sit upright. It will become a good teacher. Your baby won’t even realize that he knows how to sit now!

Recommendations for parents:

How to choose a chair for your toddler:

  • On the average, a child learns to sit between 5 and 8 months. Our baby girl started trying to sit at 6 months. We wanted to find her an aid in advance – a chair for toddler. It turned out that these chairs come in different sizes and shapes. One needs to take into account a child’s age and weight, as well as his preferences (color, toys etc.). I didn’t know it back then, so I bought the first one to match the colors of the nursery, the second – following the doctor’s recommendation and the third one – together with the kid. This last one served us the longest.
  • It’s important to take the functionality into account as well. A chair can be universal or purpose-oriented, e.g. designed specifically to provide the best support for the child’s spine when sitting. Universal seats are more convenient, as you can also feed the kid in it and take it on the road. However, they break faster due to extensive usage.
  • It’s better to choose products with quality certificates in compliance with existing standards, as well as those that are easy to clean and service (specifically, with a removable cover). Friends of ours bought a Chinese item with no certificate and it broke in a week. Thank God it did, as it was clearly made with a colorant not suitable for kids.
  • The safety of your new piece of furniture is also very important. The item should protect the baby from all sides and, ideally, also have special straps. I’m fond of straps in general. Our kid is very active, and they’ve saved us many times.

Different varieties of support seats

Today there are many kinds of children’s furniture by different manufacturers on the market. It’s not always easy to choose the best option, because you never know what your baby is going to like. It’s best to test several classic models before buying and find out which one is most comfortable for your kid. Then you can order the support seat for baby that turned out to be the most attractive and interesting. I’ve built this algorithm for myself and I recommend it to everyone. It’s better not to buy any stuff for your kid without asking for his opinion. At least if he is as fussy as our girl.
Note that the child is supposed to sit reliably in the chair, neither drowning in it or falling out. Ideally, the seat should have some elements that attract the kid’s attention. A toy is perfect! Several toys are even better. That’s a safe pick.

Different modifications of toddler chairs

  1. One-piece chairs. Mostly made of light and solid foam. They have a hole for sitting and special holes for legs. Usually you have to buy extra straps and trays for them to make them multifunctional. I can only recommend this option with some extra equipment.
  2. Plastic items. Plastic floor seats are often a combination of a chair and a desk. Some manufacturers add a set of bright toys to their chairs for toddler, which makes their product even more attractive to kids. My daughter rates it 10 out of 10. The key is – more toys!
  3. Soft modifications, including cushions. Most parents find this one to be the best type of a chair as it’s absolutely safe for the child, is easy to wash and provides maximum comfort. Doctors recommend it as well. Another advantage is that when your kid grows out of it, you get a new soft cushion for yourself. My wife, for example is reading a book on the sofa and leaning on the cushion right now.
  4. Inflatable seats are baby floor seats for trips. They are easy to take on the road, to move around and to inflate when need be. They don’t always last long, but can be a great option for traveling light. Frankly, I don’t recommend using them every day.


  1. Depending on the type of your infant support seat, you can either unpack it and start using it at once or assemble it first.
  2. One-piece chairs and soft cushions don’t require assembly, but to be on the safe side you can clean them before the first use (clean with foam or wash the cover on delicate cycle).
  3. Plastic multi-element chairs for toddler require assembly with minimum tools. I only needed a screwdriver to connect all details. The manufacturers realize that very often it’s the mom who assembles the chair, so they make everything as easy and clear as possible.
  4. Prior to assembly, it’s good to read the manufacturer’s recommendations, or at least ask for the salesperson’s advice. I once tried to put the handrail in the wrong place and almost broke the whole thing.

How to use a floor seat for baby

  1. If the seat is assembled correctly you only need to put the baby in as described in the instructions. It’s really easy and usually self-explanatory. There are also pictures on the boxes showing how a baby is supposed to sit in the chair.
  2. You need to put the baby in so that his legs are in the special holes and his back is against the back of the chair. Put the legs through the holes carefully, sit the baby on his bottom and you’re done!
  3. You need to put a soft guard in the front – a tray or safety belts, depending on the type of the chair. Personally, I prefer belts or a tray with toys.
  4. If the design includes some extra elements, like clip-on rings with toys, you need to put them in place. But that’s a piece of cake too. All done? Enjoy the seat!
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