Unsure of what to give to an expecting mother? Or are you a future mom facing a daunting task of comprising a gift list? Great tips on the best gifts ever!

Tips For Expecting Moms:

Being an expecting mom can be at times nerve-racking as you try to make sure you have everything ready when your bundle of joy arrives. Every mom wants the best for her child and so comprising a good list of sought-after baby shower gifts is highly important. The right selection of gifts can alleviate a lot of anxieties of future maternity, putting a smile on the expecting mother’s face. Failing to make a list of baby shower gift ideas can leave guests unsure of what to give. Many of them might not have children of their own and be clueless as to what a newborn child (and his/her mom) might need. Therefore, comprising a thorough list is imperative. Prioritizing her future child’s comfort, an expecting mom could list a newborn bouncer or a set of infant clothes.

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I was an expecting mother myself once. I made a mistake of not making a list of gifts I would like to receive. I expected to get a bunch of diaper packs, multiple sets of onesies or a portable infant bouncy chair, yet, I got a lot of “Congratulations on your newborn” balloons, expensive brand name onesies for newborns and other, not very practical gifts. Imagine my reaction, when my newborn baby girl puked all over her posh “Burberry” onesie the very first hour I put it on her! At the time I wished I had a set of simpler, yet good quality clothes I could use! And when it came to travelling with my baby girl, I sincerely wished I had a baby bouncer chair to keep her comfy and entertained! I personally moved around a lot with my child and infant bouncers were true saviors for me! I could safely place my child into a baby bouncer chair and go about my chores.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend making a gift list prior to arranging a baby shower! You are going to need those important things once your bundle of joy arrives!

Tips For Baby Shower Guests:

If you are one of the guests attending a baby shower, your task to buy a great gift for a baby could be equally daunting! You might be questioning yourself whether to give an expecting mom a cake in the shape of a pacifier or a set of diapers. No worries, you are on the right track, you just need the right guidance! An infant bouncy seat, diaper bundles or a set of infant clothes would be an excellent gift! It is important to give something useful yet heartfelt while staying on a budget!

Many of us have a limited budget when attending this sort of events so something like cheap baby bouncers would be a perfect gift for your friend’s baby shower that would not break the bank!

We have compiled a comprehensive list of infant bouncer ideas to make your gifting choice easier. All of the products are the same brand for a reason – the Fisher-Price is the leading company on the market that makes affordable, yet high-quality infant and toddler bouncer seats!

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Frog-themed bouncy seat for infants coming in four color patterns with two linkable toys

This adorable frog-themed infant bouncy seat not only provides comfort and support needed for a newbornб but also is fun to interact with! It has soft fabric, a wide, sturdy base and two linkable toys to play with. You child can safely rest and play with this super cozy and entertaining infant bouncy seat.

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It also has great educational value! The linkable toys allow the baby to learn the connection between words and actions. Reaching for toys and pulling them up to play helps promote gross motor development, strengthen baby’s curiosity about the world around him or her and encourage their first interaction with it.

The baby bouncer seat is compact and easy to move around, which is a very helpful when a mommy is on-the-go with her bundle of joy.

Comfy and supportive upright seat on a wide, sturdy base is great for the transition months between not being able to control the head and neck.

This cute newborn bouncer comes in 4 adorable color patterns (3 of them gender-neutral).


  • Very affordable price
  • Soft fabric seat for baby’s comfort
  • Wide and sturdy seat base for comfort and support
  • Removable, machine washable seat pad
  • Two toys included (butterfly and a flower teether)
  • Foldable for compact storage and on-the –go-use


  • Good for younger infants only (ideally up to 8 months)

Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

Hands-free rocking motion, songs, sound effects and linkable toys with baby bouncer chair

This cozy baby bouncer chair has everything to help baby fall asleep! Hands-free rocking motion with two speeds, 12 songs and 3 sound effects will help your little one relax and drift off into the world of sweat dreams! An extra-deep, cozy seat has just the right angle for comfortable rest and the hands-free rocking motion adds a soothing effect that helps the baby to wind down and drift off to the dreamland.

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Entertaining songs, sound effects and linkable clacker toy help keep baby occupied, allowing his/her mommy have some time of her own. Children love to play, but they also learn through playing. Relaxing music, sounds and linkable clacker toys not only help soothe the baby to sleep and keep it entertained but also strengthen baby’s sensory skills.
This newborn bouncer comes in 3 cute gender-neutral color patterns.


  • Sleeper and a playtime seat in one
  • Comfortable incline
  • Hands-free rocking motion at the push of a button; two rocking speeds; 12 songs and 3 sound effects
  • Lightweight


  • Good for younger infants only (ideally up to 8 months)

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

Washable and portable stationary seat for infants and rocking chair for toddlers in one

I used to own a Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler bouncer chair. Personally for me, the midday sleep was the hardest part of the baby’s routine. My toddler played a lot in the morning and early in the day, and it was really hard to put her to sleep around midday. Once I had this toddler bouncer, it was like Christmas for me, a new mom – she would easily drift off and stay asleep for a few hours during which I could finally enjoy my free time.

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Every mom knows that babies grow extremely fast. A toddler bouncer chair that fits just right today, might become too constraining or flimsy in just a few months as the child becomes bigger. This is another reason why I loved this Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler bouncer! It remained comfortable and sturdy as my daughter grew from a tiny newborn baby to a larger, heavier toddler. While a three-point restraint and linkable teether were highly useful during her earlier years, rocking motion and musical tunes worked like a charm as she grew older!

I loved how versatile this rocker is! An inclined sleeper and playtime seat in one, it not only soothes baby to sleep but also entertains, develops motor skills and stimulates senses!

While this toddler bouncer chair is very sturdy, it is also very lightweight and is easy to pack and move around with, which was a great help for me as I travelled a lot with my child.

The fact that the insert is machine washable and dryer safe was also very helpful because, as you can imagine, many “little accidents” happened on that seat. I had my peace of mind knowing that I could just throw it in a washing machine afterwards and have it clean and fresh again almost right away.

It’s also a very cheap baby bouncer for the amount of perks it offers! Definitely a great baby shower item that will not break the bank!

Finally, this bouncer for toddlers has 5 super-cute color and pattern options (3 of them gender-neutral). My daughter had the “Dark Safari” one and she absolutely loved it!


  • Affordable price
  • Convertible from a stationary infant seat to a toddler rocker
  • Deep cradle seat with soothing vibrations
  • Good for feeding and napping
  • Removable bat-at toys and a musical elephant included
  • Good for infants and toddlers


  • Doesn’t come with a tray.

Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

Easily folding lightweight inclined sleeper and infant chair for playing and sleeping

This is a classical Fisher-Price infant bouncy chair. It is both,an inclined sleeper and infant chair that helps your baby play, nap or sleep overnight. All you need to do is to give it a gentle push and it will rock back and forth putting your little one to sleep in no time!

While it is primarily meant as a sleeper thanks to rocking motion and calming vibrations, it also provides great entertainment and sensory stimulation for a child during the day thanks to interaction with a linkable clacker toy!

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This comfy baby bouncer seat has a lightweight design and folds compactly, making storage and traveling a breeze, and the adorable sleeper pad is removable and machine washable for easy clean-up.

Moreover, with a secure, three-point restraint, you can place your little one in the seat when your arms need a little break and rest assured that he or she will stay put while you are resting.

I was also impressed that this newborn bouncer has over a thousand five-star reviews! This rating says a lot about the quality and utility of this product!

Finally, I loved the 6 cute color/pattern options (4 of them gender-neutral) that this sleeper has!


  • Calming vibrations
  • Compact fold allowing for easy portability and storage
  • Can be rocked with a gentle push
  • Sleeper & playtime seat in one


  • Can only be used for a child unable to sit up unassisted or grasp the side of the seat and pull upward

Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer

Infant seat bouncing in response to natural movements with alternative vibrations and toy bar

At a price of around $20, this cheap baby bouncer is an incredibly good deal considering the amazing features it offers!

This infant bouncy chair’s most unique feature is that the seat gently bounces in response to baby’s natural movements. The child’s movements set the Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer in motion, gently bouncing to help comfort and soothe baby. There are also optional soothing vibrations that help baby relax and fall soundly asleep.

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It’s also an excellent palaymate! When it’s time to play, three animal friends on the toy bar encourage baby to reach, grasp, bat, and play, not just stimulating development of motor skills, senses and coordination, but also entertaining him or her! The bouncer Includes removable toy bar with spinning monkey, lion and zebra toys – toys that can become baby’s favorite playmates during his or her early years!

This baby bouncer chair is easy to keep clean thanks to its machine-washable fabric seat pad which is a great help to any mom.

Finally, it has 2 cute color/pattern options (one gender-neutral) you can choose from!


  • Very affordable price
  • Bright colors and fun pattern
  • Bouncy seat for soothing and entertaining
  • Calming vibrations
  • Removable toy bar with spinning monkey, lion and zebra toys
  • Soft, padded, machine-washable fabric seat pad
  • Adjustable three point restraint


  • Can only be used from birth until child is able to sit up unassisted.

Fisher-Price Fairytale Deluxe Bouncer

Highly comfortable and gently bouncing seat for infants with vibration and dragonfly mobileThis newborn bouncer is a true savior, as it can give a baby (and his or her mom) a soothing break with its highly comfortable infant seat that gently bounces and vibrates along with baby’s natural movements.

As play is important not just for entertainment, but also for development, this baby bouncer seat has cute little dragonflies to keep baby occupied and stimulate his or her senses – the overhead mobile captivates baby’s attention and encourages eye tracking-helping to strengthen the development of visual skills! A baby that feels secure, entertained and develops his/her first important skills – is everything a mother can wish for!

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  • Comfortable: deep, comfy seat; extra plush seat pad, head & body support
  • Calming: gentle bouncing action with optional soothing vibrations and serene music with volume control
  • Machine-washable for easy cleanup
  • Entertaining: includes removable mobile with dangling dragonflies


  • Has only one (feminine) color pattern


No matter whether you are interested in an infant bouncy seat or a toddler bouncer chair, Fisher-Price with its excellent range of bouncers for newborns got you covered!

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