Tips for choosing baby clothes

Choice and care of baby clothes

The choice of clothes, especially for the first baby, needs some advice, since often the chosen clothes are not the most convenient for the baby.

When I was just three months pregnant, my husband could not resist the temptation to bring me home the first body for our baby: it was white, and was fastened by a cross-tie type suit of karate. Although there were still 6 months left for the birth of our son, I was touched to see that tiny garment and I imagined playing dolls with my little one.

The first clothes of the baby

Despite the excitement of the moment, before throwing ourselves to buy baby clothes, we have to remember that babies need to wear comfortable clothes, not too tight, have sleeves easy to put on and can be fastened without difficulty. We have to take into account the difficulty that initially entails dressing a newborn baby, so we must avoid bows that can get tangled in their little hands or those little buttons so difficult to put in the buttonhole or that can be easily detached. We will need total and quick accessibility to the diapers (at the beginning, we will have to change them many times.

Ideal for the first months of life are the clothes with brackets, velcro or elastic adjustments, and if you fasten in front, better. Underwear (bodies, T-shirts or panties must always be made of cotton, without interior seams or labels that can damage or mark the skin of the baby) and outer clothing in winter should be cotton or wool, but do not detach hairs such as angora, and in summer, cotton is the best.

Even if your baby is born in summer, it is necessary that you have a body or long sleeve pajamas, as well as a jacket or hat. Socks are a must-have too, both in winter and summer, babies lose a lot of heat through their feet and head. You have to avoid strong colors (for dyes), the colors most appropriate for a baby are whites and pastel claritos.

Washing the baby’s clothes can be done in the washing machine if desired, and can be next to the family laundry, if it is not too dirty and if the child does not have any type of dermatitis or allergy. Also, we must avoid bleach, aggressive detergents or softeners. It is best to use a neutral detergent, delicate with the clothes and without excessive perfume. The iron is a fundamental element for the baby’s clothes, since ironing clothes is one of the most effective disinfectants (when cloth diapers were used, ironing was one of the most frequent tips, to maintain a correct hygiene of the Baby skin.

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