There’s No Question – Any Mom-to-Be Will Truly Appreciate These Sweet Newborn Baby Boy Clothes

What better way to celebrate the new addition than with a baby shower! There’s nothing more exciting than waiting for the arrival of a precious little one. Whether it’s your sister, your best friend, a co-worker – or anyone else – there’s no doubt that you feel honored to be a part of the celebration for the mama-to-be and her new little bundle of joy. However, when it comes to picking a gift, you’re a bit stumped. I hear you! I’ve been to so many baby showers over the years, and you just don’t want to give something that the new mom won’t find useful. Sure, a registry can be a great tool for helping you choose a gift, but what happens if mom-to-be doesn’t have one, if all of the simple gifts like infant boy clothes have been snatched up before you could get anything, or if the desired items are just too pricey?That’s what I’m here for! Like I said, I have been to so many baby showers myself – and I’m the proud mama of two little boys – so I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about baby showers and gifts – especially if the shower is for a boy.

When it comes to baby showers for little boys, I always give clothing. It might seem like a generic gift, but you really can’t go wrong with clothes for newborn baby boys. Let’s face it: babies go through tons of clothing at all stages, from the newborn days, through infancy, and especially during the toddler years. I will never forget having my firstborn and being shocked by how much he needed to be changed – and wishing that I had invested in newborn baby boy clothes. I had to scramble to keep up with the laundry in order to ensure he always had something clean to wear. As soon as I felt well enough, I decided to stock up on infant boy clothes so that I didn’t have to do laundry around the clock. As my son grew and reached toddlerhood, I also made sure that I had plenty of toddler boy outfits on-hand because let me tell you, that child could mess an outfit before I even finished dressing him!

So, needless to say, that’s why I think baby or toddler boy clothes is the most practical and useful gift to give for a baby shower. Plus, it’s just so darn cute!

I’ve purchased my fair share of clothing for baby boys over the years. Here are my top picks that an expectant mom will surely love to receive for her baby shower.

Gerber Baby Boys’ Footed Sleeper

Those jumpsuits can be used both as pajamas and as home clothes for your toddler
Of all the clothing I used for my children, I think that footed blanket sleepers were by far the most useful. They kept them cozy and warm at bedtime, and throughout the day, too!

Gerber is one of the most trusted names in baby gear, and their infant boy clothes are definitely top of the line – especially their footed sleepers. Made of soft cotton, they are so comfortable to wear. They are also machine washable and dryable and won’t shrink, so caring for them is a breeze. I love that they come in so many cute styles, including stars, stripes, and clouds. Plus, the safety tab over the zipper kept prevented my little’s from getting snagged. They also come in sizes 3 months up to 24 months, so they are great for toddler boy pajamas, too!

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Burt’s Bees Baby Boy Organic Footed Sleeper Pajamas

The suit has comfy zipper, that goes all the way down to the baby’s foot, so it is very easy to put on
I just gave these footed sleeper pajamas as a gift at my co-worker’s baby shower. She absolutely loved them! Since they’re so cute, I made sure to give them in a few sizes so that she could use them as infant boy clothes, and then when her little one grew, she would also have some to use as toddler boy clothes.

What I love about these Burt’s Bees footed sleepers is that they are made of 100 percent certified organic cotton, so they aren’t harsh against a baby’s sensitive skin. I also love that they come in such simple, yet adorable striped patterns. Plus, the fact that Burt’s Bee’s won the Cribsie Award for the softest newborn, infant, and toddler boy pajamas two years in a row really speaks of their quality. I highly recommend!

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Luvable Friends Baby and Toddler Pants

Those pants you can put on your baby-girl together with top or hoody. She will be the cutest one
Without a doubt, my go-to clothing choice for toddler boys is leggings. They are soft, stretchy, and can be paired with just about everything. Of all the toddler boy leggings out there, I have to say that I think these Luvable Friends Baby and Toddler pants are the best! They are also easily paired with toddler boy shorts.

They easily pull on and have a covered elastic waist for an easy and secure fit. The ankles are tapered, so they won’t keep riding up. And there aren’t any snaps, buttons, or zippers to contend with, which is perfect in clothes for toddler boys. Plus, they’re machine washable and made of 100 percent cotton. Talk about a win-win-win! Besides, shorts and leggings for toddler boys are just too adorable together.

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Luvable Friends Infant Cotton Bodysuits

Those body suits are all great for summer and for active games with your baby-boy outdoors
Onesies are another absolute must for newborns, infants, and toddlers! They don’t ride up the back, so I never had to worry about my guys getting chilly or becoming uncomfortable. Yes, there are tons of onesie infant boy clothes, but in my honest opinion, Luvable Friends makes the best! They come in so many different patterns, colors, and sizes, so there are tons of options to choose from to make the most adorable toddler boy outfits! The neck also stretches easy for easy dressing, but it doesn’t stay stretched out, so the look isn’t compromised. And, this package comes with 5 different onesies, so they really give you good bang for your buck! I wish all clothes for toddler boys were this affordable.

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Burt’s Bees Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuits

Those suits have absolutely natural material and perfect for baby’s gentle skin
If the mama-to-be is a natural mama like I am (or at least like I try to be), then this package of Burt’s Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuits will definitely be appreciated when you give them as a baby shower gift.

Like all Burt’s Bees baby and toddler clothing, these bodysuits are made of certified organic cotton, so their super soft and non-irritating. Plus, they feature flat-lock seams and nickel-free snaps, so they won’t irritate baby’s delicate skin. I am a big fan of the different sizes they are available in – from preemie up to 12 months. They are available in different colors, and there are five to a pack! Talk about an awesome gift for a baby shower!

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Luvable Friends Baby Cotton Gowns

Those bodysuits can be home and outdoors clothes. Rubber band on the bottom makes it comfy to use

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If you are on the fence about what to give an expectant mom as a gift for her baby shower, then search no more! Gowns are one of the best inventions ever made! They are so easy to slip on, there aren’t any snaps or zippers to deal with, and they don’t constrict those little chunky legs that they love to kick about!

The cotton gowns from Luvable Friends are available in a standard 0 to 6-month size, so they will get plenty of use. They also feature a mitten cuff, which was ideal for my little ones who would unintentionally scratch their faces with their itty bitty (and unbelievably sharp fingernails!) And, those diaper changes in the middle of the night aren’t a huge hassle because the bottom slips right up, allowing for super easy access! Oh, and did I mention that they come in a wide range of colors and patterns, like standard blue and white stripes, puppies, sports-themed prints, and even a super cute “most eligible bachelor” with a little bow tie printed right on it! How stinking adorable? Oh, and there are three gowns in each pack! This really is the perfect gift for a baby shower if you’re leaning towards clothes for newborn baby boys as a gift! Pair a gown with some newborn baby boy socks, and you’re all set with a gift set!

Gerber Unisex Footed Blanket Sleeper

Wearing those pajamas your baby will fall asleep faster. Those prints will bring him a lot of joy

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This is another set of footed blanket sleepers that I personally dressed my sons in. I had received on package in a size 0 to 3 months for my first son’s baby shower and I absolutely loved them! In fact, I dressed him in one on his very first night home! I had the two pack with one bright blue and one white and gray chick sleeper and they were the cutest things ever! I ordered larger sizes as he grew and they made super comfy toddler boy pajamas (they also come in size 3 to 6 months and size 6 to 9 months).

Depending on the style you choose, the feet have friendly little animal prints on them (ducks, bears, or animals), which makes them even cuter! Of course, they’re made of soft, breathable cotton (which is by far the best material for infant boy clothes), and there’s a flap that covers the zipper at the top, so those little necks and chins aren’t irritated.

Hudson Baby Infant Bodysuits

This set can be both for baby girl or baby boy. The materials are natural - colors are very elegant

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Bodysuits (or onesies, whatever you want to call them), are a must for newborns, infants, and toddlers. In fact, there’s no such thing as having too many of them! They are worn for just about every occasion, from tummy time when they are infants to exploring when they start walking. They can be paired with a toddler boy dress pants to make a cute little outfit, or they can be worn alone for casual and cool attire on hot days.

Hudson Baby offers a pack of five cotton bodysuits, which I highly recommend. They have short sleeves and an easy to stretch neck opening (which comes in handy when baby is giving mom a hard time to get dressed). All outfits for toddler boys need to be this easy to handle. Plus, they are 100 percent soft, breathable cotton and won’t shrink or run in the washing machine.

The available patterns and colors are what I really love about this package of onesies. There are so many great choices for baby boys; brightly colored stripes with little chest pockets, cars, planes, motorcycles, checkered, and there’s even an option for little printed suspenders! These bodysuits are totally cuteness overload!

Carter’s Cotton Footed Pajamas for Baby Boy

Those pajamas are for older boys and the dinosaur print will definitely be interesting for them

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Carter’s has been around for ages and is one of the most beloved names in clothing for babies and children. Most of our newborn baby boy clothes came from Carter’s, and I was always impressed with how well they stood up to the beating that my rough and tough boys put them through. I also loved that they were so easy to care for and always looked great.

The cotton footed pajamas from Carter’s are the perfect choice for toddler boy pajamas. They come in a wide range of toddler sizes, from 12 months up to 5T. They also come in super cute prints, including dinosaurs, tools, fire trucks, and fire trucks.

These footed pajamas are made of 100 percent cotton. They are completely machine washable and won’t shrink at all. They also feature a “worry free” safety tab that covers the zipper under the chin. Cute prints, great sizing options, and easy to care for: what’s not to love about these footed pajamas for toddlers?

Other Suggestions

If you are mom, you’ll know - white socks are great for baby. Cotton is the best material for them

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Now that I’ve recommended some of my top picks for baby and toddler boy clothes, I want to offer some generic suggestions that would make great baby shower gifts, too.

One great item that I would definitely suggest either putting in the wishing well or wrapping up with a cute little outfit is newborn baby boy socks. Their tiny little feet get so cold so easily, so mama is going to want to make sure that she has plenty of newborn baby boy socks available to keep those little piggies nice and warm.

I also suggest getting some toddler boy shorts. A lot of people only give baby-sized clothing at showers. That baby is going to turn into a toddler in no time, and mom-to-be will surely appreciate having some clothing that will fit her little one when he reaches that stage. I also recommend getting some toddler boy dress pants for those “special occasions” that toddlers may experience, like the first day of preschool or a family party. You never know what type of event a little one is going to be invited to, so why not make sure he’s dressed to impress by giving some dress pants for a toddler boy as a shower gift?

Summing It Up

Whenever I’m invited to a baby shower, I always give the gift of clothing. From socks for newborn baby boys to the full-blown range of toddler boy clothes – they’re useful, they’re adorable, and they are just so darn cute!

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