The truth about the baby carrier wrap that commercials are hiding from you

Infant wrap carrier is turned out to be so helpful after I finally learned how to use it after several unsuccessful attempts with two babies. This, in fact, is not as difficult as it seems! I found out an effective way of learning how to carry the baby in a wrap in a right way.I mentioned before that my relationships with a baby sling weren’t smooth. All my attempts to carry both of my sons ended up with a complete disaster. I sold it six months ago on eBay. By the way, I had a baby wrap with rings. The majority of manufacturers promise that this model is most suitable for beginners. It didn’t work for me. My babies were screaming and hated it so much that I gave up.

Nevertheless, I insisted and decided to give it another try. I bought a baby sling wrap for my younger son, who was already almost-two-year-old.

He was teething and had five teeth on the way at the same time. Our nights turned into an endless nightmare. The little guy had short naps only if I was holding him. Dental gels couldn’t help either. I’m not complaining, we went through this with my first one, but it wasn’t as extreme. I’m lucky because my mom was helping me so I could have some rest during daytime.

Carrying is a good solution for both. Mom will do whatever it takes. The babe won’t long herBut I just can not physically hold him in my arms anymore. It’s getting very hard. My back hurts, and my arms just can’t stand it anymore.

This time I decided to borrow an infant sling for the night from my friend. It was such a relief! My arms weren’t tired, I could just hold my son without any pain. My low back didn’t hurt, because the weight was divided more evenly. I could finally get some sleep at night, not much as I wanted to but it’s still was a success.

I realized how much a new baby wearing wraps could have really helped me!


What do you need to keep in mind

Usually, before buying any baby stuff, I try to find out more information about the product. I read the opinion of specialists and study the recent reviews. I bought my first infant sling five years ago, for my eldest son, so I didn’t remember anything about the device.

I had to do some research again. When it comes to buying baby products I try to make sure that it’s safe, easy to use and beneficial in every possible way. I read a bunch of articles and forums and highlighted what was the most important.


A newborn sling is the most natural way of carrying children. Mothers used to carry infants with the help of reeled cloths from the ancient times. In the baby wrap, the child is located the same level as the mother’s arms.

You need a convenient carrying to take the little fellow on a long journey. Be always togetherThe newborn can be placed vertically in the embryo posture with legs pinned under the tummy. Older children can be seated with legs widely spread facing the parent. Knees should be higher than the hips in the so-called M-shaped position. You can put the kid horizontally, making a newborn sling a cradle, or place it on your thigh.

It is important that the moby baby wrap is made from natural and durable fabrics. The key is to learn how to use it correctly. This can be not always as easy as advertising photos show. These happy parents in the pictures! How can they do it? It’s good that now my story about a baby sling comes to the happy ending.

Easy of use

I always enjoyed the pictures of beautiful mothers with babies peacefully sleeping in artfully tied scarves. I truly admire these mothers who mastered the science of wrapping baby. There are so many talented women. When I bought my first infant sling, I was realistic and chose a baby wrap with rings. It seemed not complicated. One end of the fabric goes through the ring and you just need to adjust the length. Even this simple operation requires a practice.


Do I really need a newborn sling? First of all, you need to answer this question. I must admit, I bought my first moby baby wrap as a trendy accessory. Apparently, my sons hated the item. I gave up and threw the infant sling into the far corner of the closet. After almost four years, I finally decided to sell it.

Surprisingly I realized that I needed it again! Now I know for sure why. First, to help your back, during night ”shifts”. Secondly, to have the opportunity to easily change the position of the baby from the vertical to the horizontal.

This time I picked up a baby wearing wraps with a ring again. Of course, the sling-scarf is better in spreading the weight equally on the back, but then you can’t move the baby or change the position without waking your little one up.
There are different positions for every ages and situations. They should be cozy and calm

The best three

You wouldn’t believe how much I have learned about every infant wrap carrier that was on the market. There are so many of them that it is almost impossible to choose. I reduced my list to three positions. Each of them has its unique feature, which I really like, and that other product doesn’t have. I would like one model for its soft fabric, another for the level of comfort, and the third one for its beautiful design. The question was how to combine all three in one baby sling to get the perfect item?

We have considered your wishes and will refund your money

If you buy this thing for your infant, fortune will have smiled upon him from his birthHonestly, this is quite a standard model of baby carrier wrapped with rings, which meets all basic requirements. This model seemed to be highly rated and recently upgraded and perfected by the manufacturer. I was also happy about their money back guarantee policy within 60 days if the product didn’t work for me. To me, it means that the seller is confident about the high quality of the item. Another thing that attracted me was that the composition of the fabric included my favorite spandex. I just like this material so much because it gives the material extra softness.

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Four in one

I can’t resist buying the product that has more than one way of using it. This model can be used both as a sling-scarf and as a sling with rings. The rings are removable. It’s a great solution for those who want to buy a traditional baby carrier wrap, but aren’t sure about learning the technique of wrapping. It is always possible to attach rings. Great idea! Also, the manufacturer suggests using this product as a post-partum bandage and dad carry for fathers.
Thanks to their foresight young parents have taken care of themselves and the dot of a child

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If your relatives have no time to buy a baby carry for you, this thing can help very muchThis baby sling wrap took my breath away. After I read the description I was amazed. It’s made from organic fabrics, natural, non-toxic colorants and it’s handmade! It was absolutely perfect and flawless. I already imagined how soft and yet cozy it would feel. The colors were awesome too! I fell in love.

It wasn’t easy to choose one sling, but I finally made up my mind and decided on the model-transformer. Now I need only ring sling and I like the classic models also. The one that I got allowed me to have both types in one.

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How to use baby sling wrap

As you already understood, my new purchase is my second attempt to master this method of carrying a child. During past five years, I developed more patience. Plus my children grew up, which is, perhaps, the main reason for my success. It’s easier to practice wearing a sling with older children.

I felt more confident when kids were not so little. When I first tried to put my newborns in the sling, they were not even a month old. They looked so small and fragile, that I was afraid to hold them, not to mention placing them into some new and unknown carrier. I was worried about too many things at once. What if the baby will get hurt in the sling or fall out of it, what if it would feel uncomfortable and is it secure enough? My panic didn’t let me do anything. No wonder at the very beginning of the instruction it was written: “Take a deep breath and begin”! Staying calm is important since the babies can sense your frustration. You can always ask for a help of your girlfriends who already have kids.

I figured out how to wear a new sling right away. I was calm, and my son was in a good mood. I started carrying him and made it a part of the game. At first, I didn’t tighten the canvas, I pretty much just held my son with my hands. I was trying to make sure that he likes it first, before using the sling on regular basis. This time everything worked!

One time I visited my girlfriend who had a daughter, so I suggested to carry her in a sling to practice. The little one loved it so much that she even fell asleep. I was very proud with my progress.

I remembered one joke. First-time parents are asked if they can swaddle a baby “Yes, of course, we can. We were practicing on our cat before. With our daughter is so much easier- she doesn’t bite or runs away.”

No selling it again

This time I decided not to sell my sling. I will keep it since it doesn’t take too much room anyway. That thing is a real find! I wish I figured out how to use it sooner.

The sling gives the parents more freedom. You can move around the house easier or go for long walks. It made my life and my motherhood so much more fun.

I felt locked inside of my house and I was jealous of mothers who could easily go anywhere with there babies peacefully sleeping in a sling.

Without a sling, it was quite challenging to do anything around the house. Plus I had to make sure that my older son was fed, loved and entertained. It took a lot of my energy and very often I felt completely exhausted.

With a sling, even the feeding became more easy and enjoyable.

When I had to breastfeed my baby outside it was so convenient too. He was staying in a sling and I was just covering him with a light fabric while he was eating.

Of course, the ergo carrier also helped me so much, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to leave the house as often as I wanted to. The only disadvantage was that the baby can’t be placed horizontally in it. The sling minimizes the pressure on your lower back, and the most of the babies sleep so well in it.

So I will keep the sling just in case. I always wanted to have a big family. Hopefully, my dream will come true very soon.

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