The Right Choice of a Baby Bath Gift Set: Effective, High-Quality, Safe Products for Babies

The baby’s delicate skin needs special care. How to choose high-quality cosmetics for your baby? Which of the manufacturers produce really good cosmetic products for newborn babies? What facilities should be included in the cosmetic bag for the tot? The most popular baby bath gift set: description, set components, advantages. Let’s choose together!

Baby Bath Gift Set –The Best Cosmetic Sets to Take Care of the Baby’s Delicate Skin

Since the first days of life, the baby’s skin needs complete comprehensive care. It is so thin, tender, and sensitive to different irritating factors. The question of choosing a baby’s cosmetic products is one of the most relevant these days. There is a huge selection of products on the shelves of cosmetic shops and pharmacies. Each manufacturer claims that his products are the best. Shampoos, oils, soaps, creams attract people with their colorful labels. Unfortunately, not all of them are high-quality nor safe for a child. Personally, I had to deal with dishonesty on the part of both sellers and manufacturers. Now, I am very careful when choosing a baby bath gift set and other products.

Preparing for my first child to be born, I bought different things. I went all out when I chose a baby bath kit. I bought an expensive set from a French brand. I cannot clearly recall the brand name, the bright label, and the rich aroma. But … that cosmetics didn’t fit my baby. Right after the first application on the skin, reddening and rashes appeared. I went to the pediatrician and it turned out to be an allergy. After this incident, before I try a new brand of cosmetics, I study its ingredients and read the customer reviews. Now I have several baby bath gift sets, which I often buy for my kids, and as a gift.

Tips on selecting cosmetics for newborns

So, you are planning to buy a cosmetic set for a newborn. A high price is not always a sign of top quality. But it’s also not worth trying to save money on it. Remember, cheap Chinese products can be dangerous for your baby. To choose really good baby care products, consider different features of cosmetics.

  • Ingredients. This is the first criterion that I pay attention to. No fragrances, preservatives, parabens, and dyes. Only natural ingredients.
  • Hypoallergenic quality. This inscription on the package is an up to 80% guarantee that your baby will not experience any allergic reactions after using the product.
  • Color and smell. The pungent smell of a baby bath gift set is a clear sign that there are a lot of perfume fragrances in the cosmetics. Choose a neutral and tender smell, as well as a transparent or almost transparent color.
  • Alcohol in the ingredients. I never buy products containing alcohol. They make the baby’s skin very dry.

Sometimes, I buy single baby care products to my kids. However, I always take whole cosmetic sets as a gift. It is practical, relevant and attractive. As a rule, all the products are neatly packed in a beautiful box with thematic drawings. I love it!

The best baby bath gift sets

(здесь была фраза про российские бренды, я ее убрала, вряд ли это интересно англоязычной ааудитории) Personally, I prefer American baby bath gift sets, and there is a good reason for that. Yes, the price is higher, but the quality is impeccable.


For me, this is an surefire leader among the manufacturers of cosmetic products for kids. After bathing the baby and applying the Aveeno baby care products, the delicate skin becomes very pleasant to touch and moisturized, without the slightest sign of dryness. American pediatricians recommend this brand’s products.

 Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set
Aveeno Baby Daily Bathtime Solutions Gift Set to Nourish Skin for Baby and Mom, 4 items
This set includes everything you need to bathe your baby. These tools effectively combat dry skin, delicately cleanse, moisturize, and nourish. Baby bath kit includes baby shampoo, an alternative to Johnson’s Head-To-Toe, lavender-scented bath foam that soothes perfectly, a moisturizing body lotion for kids and a shower gel for mothers. This is an ideal gift for the future mother and her newborn baby. The price is about 16 dollars.

Aveeno Baby Mommy & Me Gift Set

Another baby skin care set by this American brand. This one is larger. The set includes products for both mom and baby. Baby products include a 2-in-1 shampoo and gel, creamy cleanser with a soothing effect, moisturizing cream, and moisturizing lotion. Mom’s products include a lotion for daily dry skin care and sunscreen. It costs just under $30.

Why do I like the Aveeno baby toiletry set? Firstly, it consists of exclusively natural ingredients, including a unique oat extract. Secondly, because of its high efficiency, confirmed not only by numerous tests but also by customer reviews. Third, completely safe. I have never heard of someone to complain that their child got an allergy after applying any of the Aveeno products.


This manufacturer also offers a lot of high-quality cosmetic products. It is advertised  a lot more than the previous one. There are a range of gift baby skin care sets and cosmetic sets in a mini-format. Here are the two that I have bought.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Take Along Travel Pack
Johnson & Johnson Baby Take Along Travel Pack (Baby Powder, Wash, Shampoo, Lotion, Desitin) (Set of 2)
A travel set. It includes everything you need to keep your baby clean. The bottles are very convenient and do not take up much room in the bag. The baby toiletry set includes shampoo, cleanser, powder, moisturizing lotion and diaper rash cream. The price of the set is $8 or $15, depending on the bottles’ size.

Johnson’s Sleepy Time Baby bath kit

Johnson’s Sleepy Time Baby Gift Set, 3 Items

Products from this set are an excellent option in case it’s hard for the baby to fall asleep. The set includes lavender-scented baby shampoo, soothing bath cleanser and moisturizing lotion. All products are full-sized. The baby grows sleepy, calm, and relaxed after bathing and quickly falls asleep. Tried and tested! The cost of this baby toiletry set is about $10.

I bought these sets for myself and as a gift. I cannot say a single bad thing about them. My impressions are only positive. There wasn’t an allergy, the cosmetics do not dry the skin, the smell is pleasant and not too sharp. The color of most products from the baby toiletry set is transparent or white-transparent.

Cosmetic sets from other brands

I bought a Baby Mantra baby bath gift set as a gift to a friend of mine. It includes 5 full-sized products that feature a delicate creamy texture and a pleasant aroma. The Cetaphil gift set left a positive impression. It includes all the necessary bath cosmetics, and a fun towel with a hood in the elephant form. Good baby care products with marigold extract and “no tears” formula.

If you have to choose a practical gift for a future mother and baby, pay attention to The Honest Company Baby Basics Gift Set.

The Honest Company Bath Time Gift Set

I already ordered this set a couple of times. It is very topical, as it includes not only cosmetic products, but also diapers and wet wipes. Baby bathing products from this baby bath kit are plant-based and hypoallergenic.

This beautiful California Baby Newborn Tote gift set contains products for a newborn baby. It includes 5 full-sized cosmetic products with marigold extract.

The quality of products is excellent. Very delicate texture. I used cosmetics from this baby skin care set for bathing my baby from birth up to 3 years of age.


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