The plasticine. More concentration and creativity for children

With plasticine children learn to mold and make figures

Have you ever played with your child to mold plasticine? If you have not done it yet, I advise you to do it. You do not know the benefits of modeling plasticine to the learning process of children! Through the plasticine the child imagines, creates, and at the same time materializes the thoughts they have in their mind. It is an activity that brings many benefits to the fantasy and creativity of children.

Play to mold plasticine with children

How many little things have my daughter and I done with plasticine! We have set up a fruit shop, a park, we have molded cars, people, figures, flowers… of all shapes and colors. We have even made a nativity scene for the Christmas holidays.

Plasticine is used as an aid to early childhood education, as a stimulator of creativity and fine motor skills. It allows the child, with his precise look, his hands and fingers, and with various accessories, to differentiate the colors, knead, soften, separate and rejoin pieces, be aware of the sizes and proportions, experiment and play with confidence and freedom.

This craft favors the development of the child in all senses. It increases your capacity for concentration, proposes short and long-term goals, facilitates your reading and writing process, and relaxes and calms you, especially during times of high stress and nervousness. It is an ideal activity for impulsive, restless children, even for children with attention deficit, with or without hyperactivity. It is an activity that not only entertains them, but also allows establishing a physical and pleasant contact.

In general, the commercial clay is not aimed at children under 3 years. For them it is recommended to use homemade clay, which is prepared with flour and water, kneaded until it has consistency, and then you put some edible dye and a few drops of oil, and knead and knead…

When buying clay, parents should take special care with the material, which is not toxic; and when playing with children they must supervise so that the children do not put it in their mouths or choke on it. Apart from that, they should also encourage the children to pick up the masses, and wash their hands thoroughly after playing. A few days ago my daughter gave some plasticine to a little cousin, and look at the picture what she did! According to her, her parents are giving each other a kiss. What is beautiful?

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