The best gifts for future parents: baby car seat covers, ergobaby infant insert, and ergo doll carrier

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What do you give to future parents? Something that they will be really thankful for and happy about. I have at least five answers to this question. For example, yesterday I bought a toddler car seat cover for my pregnant girlfriend. This item is awesome!

So, my friends and I were invited to the Baby Shower. Our dear Lisa will become a mother for the second time. We faced a serious challenge: we had to think about the best gift for her baby. I was in charge of this responsible choice. Plus, I enjoy shopping the most among my friends.

I spent several days looking for all kinds of children’s goods on Amazon. A couple of days later we discussed all these options with friends. Finally, I composed a list of the best gifts for parents. It even has a toy baby carrier!

All products are highly rated and approved by the pickiest experts – my favorite girlfriend who are experienced mothers themselves. The most common reactions were: “Cool! We have the same one!”,” Super!”, ” I want to buy one too” and “I wish I discovered it earlier”! I will share my thoughts about these products so that you can please your relatives and friends with excellent gifts as well.

1. Fewer clothes – fewer problems

The number one thing on our shopping list is toddler car seat covers. When I saw this thing on Amazon, I was completely delighted. I immediately decided to buy this gift for the baby shower. I believe that every mom should have an infant car seat cover. I sincerely admire the creativity of the person who came up with this idea! It’s so simple yet so genius. The baby car seat cover helps to save your time and sanity!

Babies can be quite strong despite their fragile looks. Especially when they do not want to get dressed – and they never do. Every time you have to struggle with tiny pants and jackets. Sometimes it’s cold outside and hot inside the car. If the baby is asleep, the mission of putting on clothes becomes almost impossible.

Sometimes I used a blanket as a baby seat cover, especially when my older son didn’t cooperate and we were running late. The blanket was falling off since the little guy was furiously kicking his tiny but strong legs.

With the infant car seat cover, you just put the baby in and that’s it! You are good to go! Neither the wind nor the rain matters anymore. The toddler car seat covers are compatible with all types of car seats so you don’t have to worry about it either.

According to the manufacturer, approximately 5.5 million buyers around the world have already highly rated the baby seat covers. I believe it! I just found out that the cover has been around for 25 years! I wish I heard about the infant car seat cover sooner. That’s why I feel that I have to share my experience with the world. I’m sure our girlfriend will appreciate toddler car seat covers.

2. Free hands and no back pain

The Ergo baby carrier is another great invention of mankind. This device has an incredible amount of advantages.

The designer of this thing deserves to be awarded. Babies grow very quickly. Yesterday your baby was so tiny and fragile that you were scared to hold it. In a couple of months, I have a chubby little boy whose weight you can definitely feel in your arms.

When my oldest boy was only two months old, I started to suffer from severe back pain. I had to see the doctor. The sling didn’t work for me, even the simplest model with rings. The Ergo carrier brought me such relief. I own a very similar model.

Now your hands are free! You can reach everywhere and hold anything you need without leaving your baby. Your life will get much easier right away.

You can go shopping without any problems too. Or go for a walk with your older kids to the park nearby. There is no need to take a stroller with you anymore. Speaking about the stroller, both of my sons refused to stay at the stroller at a certain age. As a result, I had to carry a baby with one hand, pushing a stroller with another.

Attention! For a newborn baby (0-4 months, 7-12 lbs), you will definitely need infant inserts. They are sold separately.

When the baby grows, the Ergo carrier can be used without a liner. Carriers can hold even three-year-olds if their weight is not heavier than 33 lbs. I am sure that your kid will be running by himself by then.

The capability to unbuckle this insert can help you in the apartment or in a hot summerBack to the baby shower and the gift for Lisa. We bought an insert for infants that is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It provides the correct M-shaped position of the legs, supports the back and head of the baby. I’m obsessed with children’s safety and health, that’s why I prefer certified products. It is made from 100% organic cotton, which meets up OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified fabrics. As a mother of two kids with atopic dermatitis, I recommend to pay attention to the materials of every product you buy.

I was looking at the variety of inserts on Amazon, and I found an excellent model compatible with LILLEbaby. I know that many of you own this model, so here is the link.

3. Teething

Teething is quite a challenge for new parents. Every family goes through sleepless nights with a drooling and cranky baby. There is no way to avoid it. Motherhood is hard work without days off.

My eldest son turned into a drooling monster when he was teething. So all his shirts were wet all the time. I know for sure those infant carrier covers will save you from extra laundry!

Soft bib helps to keep clean even when the porridge is not the most favorite treat daintiesLittle kids leave a lot of messes when they are eating. I’ve noticed that food stains are not so easy to wash. In general, if you want to keep your ergo carrier clean, it’s better to buy a baby carrier cover right away.

Of course, ergo can be washed in a washing machine, but the protective pad is faster and easier to clean. It can be used even if it’s still a little damp after the drier. If you have two infant carrier covers, then you have nothing to worry about. We decided to get two of those to our girlfriend, so she can always use one when the other is in the washing machine.

The first model of baby carrier cover we got was made from 100% cotton – I always prefer natural fabrics. The second one is 70% cotton and 30% bamboo. According to the manufacturer, it’s a special natural bio-agent “bamboo K’un”, which can be found in bamboo fiber, it has an antifungal effect and helps in absorbing unpleasant odors. It is a very helpful property for a baby carrier cover!

When the child awakes from a dream, he can look around. He isn’t capricious and doesn’t disturbThe mode includes cute toys for teething. Hopefully, Lisa will tell us later how did she like her baby gift.

4. Let’s make motherhood easier

Literally easier – babies are heavy to carry. It was always so painful to carry a baby to the car. If we already solved one problem with the help of infant car seat covers, maybe there is a solution for this one too?

The car seat is heavy as it is, but with a baby, I could bearly lift it up. It was very inconvenient. If I was carrying it with an outstretched arm, the seat was almost on the ground, and if I was using the bend at the elbow, it was too painful. So I was trying to switch both ways but it still was super uncomfortable. The good thing is that the distance to the car isn’t too far.
Easy handle will help to carry the baby. The color of the chair is proper for any autoWhat a blessing that the designers of baby products are constantly trying to make our lives easier. The car seat arm cushion with velcro is just an example of such a great solution – just like in the case with the toddler car seat covers. A simple accessory and yet so helpful!

The full set includes a canopy with velcro! I just love it! We all cover the car seat from the sun and at some point, the sheet or blanket falls of at the most inconvenient moment! If I ever decide on a third child, this thing will definitely be on my baby shower registry list.
The child is hidden from dust under a light blanket. He is warm in the cold and cool in the heatWe made a complete upgrade of Lisa’s car seat. Her little princess will be safely hidden under the baby seat covers, and the handle will be decorated with a soft and cute arm cushion.

5. Don’t forget about gifts for your older children

Our friend, who is preparing to have a baby, has an older daughter. The girl is 5 years old. We thought for a long time about what to get her. While looking for gifts for a newborn, I came across this charming ergo baby doll carrier. It’s so cute, isn’t it?! Looks like a real one!

A pretty and simple design is decorated with cute embroidery. The toy baby carrier is made from natural cotton and complies with Toy Standards-ASTM F963 & EN71. I’m sure that the ergo doll carrier will definitely be used by big sister and her favorite Dolly.
I wish I had this toy when I was little. Well, we didn’t have even real baby carriers back then. Now we can give our children all kinds of stuff and cool toys – this is another thing I really enjoy about being a mom.

Making gifts and paying attention to older children is so important!

When you come to visit a family with a newborn, you should also celebrate his older siblings. If you have prepared a gift for a baby, then don’t forget about souvenirs for the older ones. The baby still does not care, but the older kids might get upset.

If you still have one child, you can dream about how your children will love each other, take care, and play together. Of course, there will be some fights and arguments. The birth of a baby can be stressful for older siblings. How will their life change? Will Mom and Dad love them just like before?

It seems that the toy baby carrier is the perfect gift at a Baby Shower for the big-sister-to-be. She will have a carrier with her favorite toy. I hope this will make them feel closer! I love my girls!

Let’s start to start your daughter in growing up and buy this small pack-sack to herIf you are running out of original gift ideas for older toddlers, I would definitely recommend ergo doll carrier. It’s so cute to watch them carrying their favorite toys in it!

6. Bonus: ideas for free gifts

I hope you liked my list of gifts for a baby shower. I believe that the infant car seat covers, the cover and the insert for ergo carrier, car seat arm cushion and the ergobaby doll carrier are great ideas of non-trivial, useful, and inexpensive gifts.

From my personal experience, I know that the baby car seat covers can bring mom much more joy than a dozen nice dresses or a mountain of tiny socks. Good socks, by the way, can also make a good gift.

However, the most valuable gifts are usually free. Very often, the mother of a newborn doesn’t have enough time for herself.

Of course, she will be happy with the infant car seat cover and other useful accessories that will make her everyday routine easier. She will be touched that you thought about her older kids and brought them a toy baby carrier or another cute souvenir.

You should ask a new mom how she feels. You can offer your help to watch the kids or take them to the park, so she can have a bath or get some sleep. Bring her a meal and she will remember it for a long time. Just give her love and support – it’s priceless!

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