Risks of trampolines for children

What precaution should we have when our son jumps on a trampoline

Kids love it. Jump and jump without stopping… what fun! But we must bear in mind that trampolines, like the rest of swings and outdoor games for children, entail their risks. A mother warns us through her Facebook page of how dangerous it can be for a child, if she has the same bad luck that her son had. Pay attention, because we tell you what are the risks of trampolines for children.

What are the risks of trampolines for children

The son of Kait Ellen, Colton, only 3 years old, jumped next to the other children, innocently and joyfully, but after one of his jumps, landed badly on the edge that separates a trampoline from another , with such bad luck that he fractured the femur. His mother shared this image to warn of what can happen in this seemingly innocent children’s game. However, the case of little Colton is not unique. Every year, thousands of people (mostly children) are injured by playing on trampolines (which in many other places they call trampolines). Only in Spain, it is estimated that more than 10,000 children suffer an injury in this type of game per year. The main reasons for the injuries are:

  • Falling incorrectly.
  • Colliding with other children.
  • Burning with the trampoline.
  • Try to do impossible flips.
  • Fall off the trampoline.
  • Ankle sprain.
  • Wrist sprain.
  • Neck sprain.

So behind this fun game there is also the risk of injuries related to burns, traumatisms, dislocation and breakage of some bone. For this reason, many pediatricians, endorsed by the Academy of Pediatrics of America, insist on prohibiting the use of this game to children under 6 years. Bones before this age, they say, are not prepared to withstand such an impact when jumping at high altitude and with such force repeatedly. According to these pediatricians, 75% of the accidents of children in trampolines, however, occur by impact between children while jumping on a circular and closed trampoline.

How to avoid injury to children in trampolines

To avoid injuries to children when playing on trampolines, we must take into account these recommendations of the American Pediatric Association:

  • Prevent children under 6 years old from jumping on them.
  • The protective padding of the mats must be in good condition.
  • If the room is small, avoid jumping two or more children at the same time.
  • The trampolines should be installed on a flat surface and at ground level, not on a surface with a slight slope.
  • Before the child enters the mat, explain that there are somersaults and pirouettes that should not be performed because they can be dangerous for the neck and back.
  • Monitor the child while jumping.

Yes, many will think they are risks that all children have had with other games. Also those who dare to climb trees. But in this case we can avoid some possible dislikes.

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