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Children are not always under adults’ close supervision. Therefore, special attention should be paid to reliable child safety locks for front doors, kitchen cabinets and convenient locking of other unwanted boxes and entrances. This additional protection is required for your baby’s safety. If your child is of the same age as mine, you surely know his immense curiosity, which is very difficult to resist and supervise. Your best assistants in this work are the child proof locks, which are offered by various manufacturers. Today, we will compare them and consider the choice of options.

What interesting solutions and types of child door locks are currently on sale? Let’s review and compare them together

Let’s start with the most important thing, the front doors, as they need to provide the most reliable protection. The options offered now by different manufacturers differ in appearance, design, and operation mechanism. But all of them perform one major function – child door locks will not allow the child to open the front door himself, no matter how hard he tries. Such products include a Cardinal Gates Door Guardian metal lock.

Metal lock is to install on screws, has a robust unnoticeable design

Advantages of this model:

  • Robust metal construction
  • Easy installation on screws
  • Ease of use
  • 12 times higher protection* than with a lock

* As stated by the manufacturer.

This childproof cabinet locks model is very attractive! The robust, modern and super-powerful Door Guardian has a sturdy construction, effectively improves protection and blocks the chance of opening the door. It also can be placed on any door, as it is practically unnoticeable. The product has a very neat, compact design. Depending on your door color, these child safety locks for front doors are available in 6 versions: black, antique brass, brass, satin nickel, satin chrome, and white. We chose the white option, as it is inconspicuous on our furniture and doors.

We did not find any other good alternative in terms of form, price and reliability of fixation.

Let’s now consider the interior doors. Which child proof door locks are the most reliable?

The structure of the top door lock has a completely different operation principle, as it attaches directly to the upper frame. This is another high-quality and reliable children protection, which can be applied to your front door (less durable compared to the previous one). It is more suitable for the interior doors.
The child will not be able to reach the protective device, as it is located very high up on the door. And even if he manages to reach it, only an adult can actually unlock child proof door locks. The upper Deluxe lock is a good example.

Fits child proof doors of standard thickness and is opened from both side

Its design features include:

  • It is fastened to the door frame top
  • It works based on a sliding principle
  • Super easy installation and use
  • It can be opened from both sides

It is perfect for all standard interior doors: kitchen cabinet locks, lockers, bathrooms, child proof cabinets, other rooms in your home where you would not let your child go alone.

Attention! It is not suitable for very tall doors or for sheets of non-standard thickness!

On Amazon, you can buy two top door locks in one package from the Deluxe manufacturer right away and save quite a lot. This is a very lucrative option, since you most likely need to block more than one of your interior doors. Make a note of this this!

Lucrative rubber grips standard thickness doors and takes seconds to install

Another interesting interior protection offered by child proof door locks is a special latch Door Monkey that works lke a supernumerary spring, which blocks by one touch of a button.

An ABS plastic latch of high-quality is fastened directly to the standard lock

Its features:

  • It is pressed against the door corner – setting it up takes a second
  • It works at any height and on both sides
  • It has rubber grips to avoid damage to the surface
  • It is suitable for doors of standard thickness

I liked the simplicity of this stop-system. Child door locks of this type do not require screws, special installation and instructions. It is very simple to install, remove, and move it above or below. Just move it to the other doors. Perhaps, this model is not as solid as the previous one, but it is suitable for us. My child is still too young to stay at home alone, but he runs into all the rooms. With this kind of protection, it is easier for me to close the bathroom door, child proof cabinets and block all other unwanted doors.

Another special product compared to the other products on the market is the Door Monkey that automatically locks the door and can leave it slightly ajar. This allows fresh air to enter the closed room, thus airing it or maintaining the same temperature.

I would also like to tell you about a “super-reliable” find – an additional interlock. This is the best parent protection (from children and adults) with a portable The Guardian Travel Door Lock.

Durable Velcro fasteners require the flexible bar to cover the angles

The convenient additional interlock on the lock does not allow others to open your locked door. It is impossible to even make a key. The device can be used for specific rooms of the house, hotel apartments, on trips, etc. A small portable child proof lock of this model is:

  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • Attached directly to the lock
  • Portable and compact
  • Suitable for almost every door

You definitely cannot do without kitchen cabinet locks and the top-quality protection for cabinets and drawers they provide

It is clear that child safety concerns do not end with child-proofing the door. The child proof cabinets require much more care and attention, so that the child does not open the night stand, cabinets, drawers, and the toilet.

1. The compact double-action Munchkin Xtraguard Multi latches are intended for this purpose

With multipurpose use, this is portable anywhere consisting no toxic materials


  • Flexible bar to cover the angles
  • Double unlock required to open
  • Does not damage the surface
  • Fastened with durable Velcro fasteners

2. Similar to the previous one, Ellas Homes Child Safety CABINET L LOCKSS also offers reliable locking of boxes, cabinets, ovens, a toilet seat, trash cans and much more.

This modern lock is safe for floor during removal and inaccessible to a child

Distinctive features of this model:

  • Multipurpose use
  • It is fastened with durable Velcro fasteners
  • Can be move dto another location
  • It does not contain any toxic materials

Such a child proof drawer latch is easy to install and use. It is securely attached in one motion without damaging your furniture’s surface. The “smart” locking system allows an adult to easily open up the protective device, but this can never be done by a child.

3. Simple, convenient and safe at the same time – these features also refer to the ultra-flexible adjustable Jool Baby locks.

For unlocking drawer, the latch takes only 3-minute to install onto a sturdy magnet


  • Adjustable bar length
  • Suitable for any furniture or appliance
  • Fastened by strong 3M adhesive
  • They do not damage the surface during the removal

These child door locks are pretty restrained and modern looking. The possibility of adjustment extends the range of applications, allowing you to keep everything superfluous inaccessible to the child.

4. I want to pay more attention to the kitchen cabinet locks – places where dangerous chemicals and household fluids are kept. Most often, they are placed in the bedside tables and are pretty accessible for a small child. To protect the kids, you can use the child proof locks listed above. For cabinets, bedside tables in the kitchen, in the bathroom, another interesting option is on the market – Jambini magnetic lock for cabinets

A convenient U-shaped latch is for strong fixation with adjustable length

The model is attractive and has the following advantages:

  • 3-minute installation with adhesive tape
  • Unobtrusive, fixed inside the cabinet
  • Internal sturdy magnets are built-in
  • Switch for unlocking

These are the BEST childproof cabinet locks in terms of appearance! Basically, they are completely invisible from the outside. The peculiarity and attractiveness of these locks is the fact that they are concealed on the outside from everyone, including the child. They do not spoil furniture design nor do they attract attention, but they serve as excellent protection against the child getting into undesirable places. You do not need to drill or screw anything in to install the child proof drawer latch.

5. Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks also help in locking all the door handles. The convenient latch has a simple and clear design, and is U-shaped for strong fixation of the door handles.

Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks


  • Adjustable length (up to 5 inches)
  • Safe and non-toxic materials
  • Absence of fastenings to the door or lock
  • Double unlock buttons

This kitchen cabinet locks model is portable and flexible and can be easily removed, moved from one place to another, and transported. They are intended for long-term use. Its opening is triggered only by double unlocking using the buttons. It is impossible to open the lock with brute force, even for an adult. And most importantly, it will not leave any traces on the furniture! And the installation is entirely trouble-free.
The goods that you found interesting can be bought on Amazon at a significant discount. We chose the main and mega-reliable Cardinal Gates Door Guardian for our front doors
To open the top door lock with this system, it is necessary to place the thumb and index finger at the same time on the upper and lower buttons and pull with sufficient force. It’s simple and understandable for an adult, but it’s impossible for a child. Therefore, the child safety locks for front doors we selected do not need to be installed very high up.
Along with all of the above, we bought kitchen cabinet locks with Velcro, which I liked very much because of their ease of use, frame flexibility and the ability to apply them in completely different places. It is also good that over time, the protection can simply be removed without damaging the furniture. And for the interior doors, we ordered a “double” set of top door lock and a few Door Monkey gate valves.

By the way, do not miss out on Amazon if you have little children

Another interesting finding I want to share with you is a special Genie Complete Diaper Pail bucket by Playtex for blocking out the odor of used diapers.

It can hold up to 270 diapers with an air clamp and filter, ergonomic design provided

Indisputable advantages of the model:

  • It holds up to 270 diapers
  • Air clamp and sealing
  • Activated carbon filter absorbs odors
  • Wholesome ergonomic design

I was very sorry that I did not find it when our baby was born. It’s so convenient! Since the bucket blocks odors, it can even be stored in the nursery. You can throw out diapers with the child in your arms even without ever touching the bucket with your hands (the lower pedal is used to open the lid). It is so easy to change the bag and immediately seal it! And when the baby grows up, you don’t need to be concerned that he will open the bucket when you are not around.

All of these products provide reliable protection for the child proof cabinets and allow you to assemble the most appropriate comprehensive protection system for your child. Everything that we ordered on Amazon was offered at a discount. Therefore, together with reliability, high quality and safety of the materials, we were very attracted by the price of the described child proof door locks. As a result, we ordered even more than we have originally intended.

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