Put on helmet on children on bicycles

Safety and prudence for children on bicycles

What is the boy or girl who has not ordered a bicycle for his birthday, for Christmas, etc.? The bicycle is one of the favorite gifts of children. But, do we know how to use it to be safe? Going out to ride a bicycle in a city where four-wheelers drive, sometimes, can be dangerous, especially if we go with children.

In many countries we still lack a global awareness of cycling and we are still using this vehicle as a means of transport to exercise and enjoy your ride during our leisure time.

Put your helmet on your son when he gets off his bike

For this reason, more and more municipalities have cycling routes for the enjoyment of bicycle lovers. Precisely, this weekend, we have coincided in these routes for cyclists many parents and children with new bicycles. Families have done everything possible to dodge the rain and wear the brand new bicycles of our children.

However, I have noticed that most of the children were not well equipped with the proper safety guards. No helmet, no knee pads, no elbow pads. Surely because the bicycle did not come with the gift security kit. While the adult amateurs do not forget their helmets, nor their padded trousers to get on a bicycle, the profane parents in the matter continue riding their offspring on the bareback bicycle, a contradiction if we think that many of the children are now learning to riding and others perfect their technique taking skill and, precisely, at this time falls are more frequent.

To avoid serious damage, as a consequence of negligently raising children to the bicycle, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) recommends that children and teenagers use their helmets for safe cycling, just like adults. This must be approved, in perfect condition, well placed and of adequate size. In addition, it is important to wear reflective clothing at dusk, as well as a white front light and a red one on the back of the bicycle, and be familiar with the rules of traffic on public roads.

If you like to walk with your small child as a passenger on the bicycle, remember that you must travel in an approved additional seat and you must wear your helmet properly adjusted. The bicycle trailers, which we see in other countries to transport children, are still not covered by Spanish regulations.

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