19 Pushing and pulling toys for toddlers in 2018

When babies make their first steps, they challenge their motor, coordination and balance skills. Little by little they will learn to walk on their own. In the meantime, parents can get push toys for toddlers to help them muster these essential skills. These toys are created with the purpose of getting children moving.

There are many little details to consider when you shop for the best push toy. Of course, it should be age appropriate. It’s always good to challenge your child, but too much challenge is frustrating and even dangerous for little children. If your baby is already standing steadily, you can stimulate active play and encourage movement with these toys. Most of them have many interactive features, colorful buttons and exciting melodies. They are like activity centers that keep children busy.

Little babies love bright colors, big elements and loud sounds. These toys promote creativity and develop other essential skills. We have collected toys we consider the best for children. They got high rates on Amazon and our love.

Our Top 3 Picks
  • Melissa & Doug
  • Our rating

  • Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator
  • Price: See Here
  • Hape
  • Our rating

  • Wonder Walker
  • Price: See Here
  • Little Tikes
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  • Shopping Cart
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1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator



This toy features three green alligators that charm little toddlers as they keep moving. The whole toy is made of quality wood that encourages active play and exploration. There is fish drawings on the wheels, cattails on the handle and butterflies and ladybug beads on other parts. Since children love different bright colors, they get attracted to the toy and keep returning to it. Not to mention an improvement in their motor skills. The manufacturer says that the paint is child-free.

Learning to walk is fun yet challenging for children, so parent supervision is advised at the beginning. The construction is sturdy and safe for toddlers who can stand on their own. This toy encourages playful activities for children older than 12 months. It’s also a great tool for hand-eye coordination.


wooden walker is safe for little children to walk by themselves
the construction is sturdy and lasts for years
there are three alligators and many drawings
it makes a subtle noise
suitable for children older than 12 months

We love that this toy naturally encourages playful activities. This brightly colored toy attracts attention and promotes development of essential skills. There are three alligators in the center of the toy and fish on wheels that appears to be swimming when they turn.

A wooden handle helps children keep the balance. Children like to spin and touch butterflies and ladybugs. Parents can teach children about new worlds and colors as well as help them during their first moves.


wheels are almost impossible to turn on some surfaces, especially on shag carpets
alligators made a sound but many children prefer louder noises
the toy is smaller than it looks

The toy happened to be lighter than we though and babies can tip over it. Make sure to stay close when your toddler is learning. Note that it’s made in China and according to Chinese rules and laws.

What we like about it:

We love that this simple toy teaches children about many useful skills. When your baby takes her steps, alligators move and create a soft clacking noise. The toy is colorful and attractive for children. These alligators encourage active play and movement. Parents can help children develop motor skills. Handle supports the child on her journey.

2. Hape Wonder Walker

Hape Wonder Walker



This adorable walker is a great way to play and learn with joy. The walker was designed to keep children safe and promote active play. It meet the US standards for safety and quality. The walker is made up of wood free of hazardous substances. Bright colors and interesting patterns attract children and keep them engaged for hours.

As parents, we know how many different skills children develop at the same time. One of the essential ones is walking, which includes many little milestones. The first steps are so adorable and so important! Walkers like this one encourage children to walk more and feel lots of joy on the way. Of course, toddlers learn to walk at their pace, and this toy is just a fun addition to this process.


there are many different gears, knobs and balls that children can move and play with
this is a great way to develop motor skills
wheels protect the floors thanks to the rubber-trimmed setback
wood is sturdy and heavy compared to plastic
all materials and finished are child-safe

The toy is made of quality wood that is very durable and will serve for many years. The company claims that the toy won the Parent’s Choice Approved Award in 2011. Thu, the toy is as safe for children as it can be. Of course, we would still recommend supervising your child during the first tries but then she can play by herself.


supervision is highly recommended because children can push it fast and fall
wood is heavy for a child to pick the toy up
you shouldn’t leave it outside exposed to moisture or sun

One thing we didn’t know about the toy is that the handle doesn’t turn properly. You need to pick the toy up and turn it, which is frustrating for little children. They ask parents to do it for them.

What we like about it:

We love that there are many movable knobs on this walker. Children get interested in them and automatically move forward. There are 5 activities to play and keep your toddler engaged. The toy is a great way to improve motor skills, encourage play and just have fun. Maintaining is easy, just keep it in a dry place.

3. Little Tikes Shopping Cart

Little Tikes Shopping Cart



A shopping card is a must for little shoppers because they love pretend play. This cart is very durable and steady and promotes different kinds of play. A basket is big for this type of toys, your child can put her favorite doll in there.

Toddler walking toys that come in bright colors attract their attention and keep them busy for hours. Children love using it inside and outside, especially when parents go shopping. The cart is the right size for child’s height and weight. It can be a storage space for little dolls, foods and other toys.


the cart keeps all items indide
the basket is deep, many items can fit
this is a favorite toy of many children
there is storage underneath to keep child’s favorite things and toys
the toy is made in USA (note that accessories aren’t included)

This is a great toy for children who want to be like their parents. They can go “shopping”, learn numbers and be responsible about their choices. Toddlers love to have a grown-up feeling and it encourages them to stay active longer. Children love to pretend their room is a supermarket, oftentimes they invite parents to play with them.


the storage space isn’t very big, only for a couple of small toys or one big doll
the cart needs to be assembled first and it takes around 30 minutes of time (directions come with the toy)
if a toddler wants to put her weight in front, the cart can fall over her

The cart is tall for many children. They can’t get their toys out of the cart and get frustrated. Just supervise your child during the first attempts to see if she needs help.

What we like about it:

The wheels are wide and sturdy, they help children to keep their balance and push the walker forwards. It’s neither too light nor too heavy, just the perfect weight for children to use comfortably. There are not many features for additional learning but the promises are delivered. Children are engaged, interested and active. With toys as simple as this one children have to use their imagination and come up with their own ways of play. Additional storage let children be a mom and pretend they have their baby doll with them.

4. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

Fisher-Price Corn Popper



This corn popper is a classic toy with a sleek design and a huge potential. It delivers a lot of fun to toddlers. The balls are bright and they pop around inside as baby tries to walk with the corn popper. If your toddler can already go fast, he will see how fast the corn can really pop. This toy keeps children busy for days and they can’t stop looking at the action inside the clear dome. This is a fun and easy way to develop lots of helpful skills and promote hand-eye coordination.

We really like how exciting this simple toy is. Even adults get interested in it, babies are just amazed. It stimulates baby’s senses and delivers tons of fan.


when balls hit the dome and plastic walls, they create a sound and action
the design is sturdy enough for toddlers
it keeps children interested for hours
this is a great way to encourage movement and walking in children who are resilient to stand up

This is a classic toy on a stick that we all love but the design is tailored towards modern children. We think this is an effective way to encourage your child to stand up and start walking. This looks like a little colorful vacuum cleaner but it doesn’t make so much noise. The dome is clear and lets you see the colorful balls of different colors that are inside. As a toddler walks, a mechanism rotates and makes the balls pop. This creates a fun movement and sound. If your child goes fast, it is like a real tornado.

Since the colors of the balls are different, they promote visual tracking as your child walks. Her eyes are fixed on several balls at the same time. You can change the angle of the handle and the arm to suit the height of your kid. 2 huge wheels can be pushed with ease although it’s not as stable as 4 wheels walkers. Still, this is one of the best choices for your child within this price range.


parents can get tired of the noise
the toy works the best on rugs and carpets
there are not that many balls inside as it seems

As we already said, this toy is not as steady as those on 4 wheels, thus little children can get frustrated. If your kid is making her very first steps, she can topple over. It’s not the best toy for the early walking.

What we like about it:

We really love that some classic toys never get old. This one is a great example of that. Toddlers love the movement inside the dome and it keeps them going. The noise is entertaining for children (less entertaining for adults) and encourages exploration and different kinds of play. The toys is easy to push and turn around. Children love to hear the sounds every time they walk faster with the toy.

5. Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker

Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker


This toy features a lovely walker colored like zebra to get your child’s attention. The toy is lightweight and a kid can push it around the house easily. There are many buttons, lights and sounds to play with while walking. The toy is foldable and travel-friendly. It’s made of sturdy plastic that won’t break easily.

There is an interactive activity panel that is a deal-breaker. Even those children who aren’t ready to walk yet can sit and play with it. It hold child’s attention for hours while parents do their chores. This toy is a favorite activity of many children and we can definitely recommend it. It makes children more confident while walking and promotes different types of learning.


there are many different ways to play and you get a book with colorful images for those times when your child is tired
the handle is easy to grasp and push
parents can teach children about numbers, letters, colors and songs

This is a highly educational toy with different songs and phrases. It doesn’t fold when you assemble it right (which takes less than 10 minutes). We love the design and how cute it is. This toy stands out from many other walkers, you can take it with you when you visit your family and friends.


sometimes wheels are so fast that they don’t roll and just slide on the floor
the toy can flip back on the baby
the songs and phrases are limited and can be annoying

The only problem that we had with this toy is that the wheels spin freely and sometimes they are too fast for a child.

What we like about it:

We can recommend this toy to everyone who wants to promote active play. It’s great for toddlers who make their first steps. Of course, supervision is required at the beginning. We don’t think it can hurt a child, but it can definitely scare the little one. The toy is small and foldable, you can take it with you whatever you go.

6. Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker



This is a great walker for children 12 months and up. You can easily sit and play with the interactive board. Or you can push the walker around the house and hear encouraging sounds. There are many different short songs to play along with the noises and tunes. It will encourage the child to walk more and push the walker around.

Together with parents children can learn to sit and stand properly and push the right button to get the result that they want. This walker offers a helping hand to a child who wants to walk around by offering fun activities on the way.


many different ways to use this walker
dozens of sounds and songs for encouraging interactions
many little activities for a child to explore
batteries are included
you can flip doors, turn hands and much more

We love that you can use the front part, sit on the floor and just play. Walking is encouraged with music and other interactive features. Older children can push the walker on their own.


there is a little phone receiver but no cord so it can get lost easily
the assembling instructions could be more detailed, it’s easy to get confused
it’s not very travel-friendly because reassembling takes quite some time

Some of the details are too small for a child to push, which can be upsetting. If your child is learning to stand, the walker can slip and run away, so an adult should supervise the kid. But this is a common problem with many walkers.

What we like about it:

We really love that a child can easily develop motor and gross skills while enjoying walking with this toy. Time flies quickly for a child and when she is tired, she can sit on the floor and play with the interactive board.

7. Little Tikes Scoot Around Animal Ride-On – Rhino

Little Tikes Scoot Around Animal Ride-On



This cute Rhino is not only a ride-on toy, toddlers can push it like a walker to help them make their first steps. There are other animals available as well: hippos, elephants, etc. The toy features a wide seat and a low center of gravity and completely safe for children. They love the look of the toy and start playing with it immediately.

This cute rhino has a handle at the back which toddlers push. Every animal has an animal action that defines it from one another. For example, this colorful rhino comes with 3 rings that you can toss on the horn. An elephant drops colorful balls from the trunk and a hippo has blocks that you need to sort out. This is a great toy for active learning and there are different ways to play with it.


this is an adorable ride-on toy with many additional features
the toy is easy to use even for small children
the handle is easy to grab with little hands
3 rings come with the rhino, you can also use your own ones
there is some storage area under the seat

We really like toys that can be used in different ways and this rhino is one of those. The first option to use it is for children to ride around the house and use their feet to move forward. However, if your child isn’t comfortable with that, she can just push the rhino forward or play with the rings. This toy promotes imaginative play and develops gross-motor skills. It doesn’t have any loud noises that can destruct your toddler.


the front part of the toy could be heavier because some children need to lean on the back to ride on the toy
many children aren’t tall enough for the ride
the rings are thin and you may need to get new ones soon

The only complain that we have is that many toddlers can ride on the rhino as their feet don’t touch the floor. Sometimes children get into a wall and can’t figure their way out. If your child isn’t very tall, the ride-on feature won’t work.

What we like about it:

We think this is a great toy for this price. Even though some children can’t actually ride on it, they love pushing it around. You can put her favorite toys under the seat and promote pretend play. You can show your little one how to play with this animal, teach her about numbers and basic colors. We can say that children tend to walk more when they have this rhino on their side.

8. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit, Stride & Ride Lion

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit


This adorable lion offers 3 different ways to play and promotes many essential skills. As we already said, we love versatile toys, and this is one of the best push toys for 1 year old. If your child doesn’t feel like walking, she can sit and play. When she is ready, she can ride on the lion or push it forward. There are many interactive features to keep children interested: the lion is roaring, the button lights up, and 10 big buttons teach your kid about numbers and colors. She can also play with butterflies and spinners. The lion come with colorful balls that you can throw in his mouth.


press the buttons for more fun and learn different songs and phrases
the buttons teach numbers and colors
the balls make silly noises when you play with them

There are many activities for children to enjoy this toy. The buttons light up and play some songs. The lion speaks to a child and encourages play. Not to mention a spinner clock, a nose to press and little things to flip over.


the challenge for children is to push the toy without getting their feet stuck under the wheels
there are no brakes so the toy sometimes runs away from children
if you want to play with the balls, you need to hold the top of the lion, which is challenging for children

The only thing we want to change is how hard it is to flip the seat. It should come up and snap easier because you really need to push hard to get the desired result.

What we like about it:

We really like how enjoyable this toy is for children. Toddlers love using is as a walker and a ride-on toy. It encourages different activities and promotes gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

9. Hape Dancing Butterflies Push and Pull

Hape Dancing Butterflies



This is a beautiful toy that features butterflies flying around a flower while your little one pushes it across the floor. This toy encourages kids to get active and use their new toy to walk more. The toy won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal Award in 2011 and got positive reviews on Amazon. The wood and paint meet the US safety standards. It’s better to play under supervision at the beginning, but overall it is safe.


butterflies are circling around the flower
this is a great classic toy with an improved design
promotes essential skills such as balance, motor skills and coordination
all materials and finishes are of high quality and sage for children

We really love that this toy features classic design with a twist to keep children interested for hours. When you push the toy, the butterflies come into action. They are big and colorful and keep children engaged. This toy promotes walking skills and balance. As a parent, you can think of many different ways to play with your child, teach her colors, numbers and even basic shapes.


the stick isn’t sturdy enough for little children who are making their first steps
the toy is smaller than it looks
kids have to push and pull it at the right angle to get the butterflies moving

We wish the length of the stick was longer because some children just can’t get it moving. The screws keep loosening up and you should tighten it almost every day.

What we like about it:

This is a classic push toy that most of us had when we were children. Now it’s back with even better design and more features to offer. The butterflies are large and colorful. There are two big wheels that are connected to a mechanism. It spins and makes the butterflies move. It is a great way to master essential skills.

As your toddler uses this adorable toy, the wheels turn which rotates butterflies. This results in visual spectacle that doesn’t require any loud noises, light-up buttons or spinners. The toy is simple yet so interesting for children. It promotes imaginative play like it did in the past and doesn’t destruct your child from learning.

10. Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker

Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker



This walker gives your toddler lots of learning opportunities. Little babies can learn how to walk and watch the concept of cause and effect in real life as they push the button to make popcorn. This keeps them more interested and encourages walking around the house. The buttons are big enough for a child to enjoy. When you push the button, it creates different sound: cooking noises, popping up popcorn noises, etc. There is also the shape sorter to teach your child about shapes.


he toy is made of sturdy plastic that is safe for children to use
it provides hours of fun and learning opportunities
develops essential skills with ease
can assist toddlers during the transitioning stage (from sitting to walking)

There are many opportunities to play which keeps your child interested. You can show your little one all possible options and watch her enjoy the toy. Basically, there are 4 main types of play: remove the cook top to sit and play with the button and listen various sounds. The cart legs keep the cart in place and acts like a stationary table with interactive features. When your child starts walking, 4 wheels encourage movement. They are steady and rotate slowly enough for your kid to follow.


the wheels don’t roll properly on some surfaces
the cook top is attached with a magnet that loosens with time
you need a screwdriver to assemble the toy

We don’t have any serious issues with this toy, this is just a lot of fun. The price is a little bit high though. The toy makes a lot of noises that adults may find annoying. The interactive board is heavy, supervision is recommended. However, it’s recommended with most walkers and other toys for active play.

What we like about it:

We love that this toy offers lots of different activities. It makes realistic cooking sounds and pops popcorn. Your toddler can slide the lever and sandwiches pop up. They can push the buttons and hear the sounds. There are 3 shapes for sorting fun. Little toddlers love this toy and keep playing for many hours.

11. Little People Fisher-Price Music Parade Ride-On

Fisher-Price Music Parade Ride-On



This little ride-on features many different sounds and music as well as engine noises that keep children engaged. They can’t stop using this toy and keep exploring new sounds and noises. The material is durable and sturdy, it’s safe for children. It encourages development of gross motor skills. Toddlers push forwards and backwards with their little feet and rotate the steering wheel with their hands. There are two different modes of play, each one promotes different skills. When children need to stop and rest, this toy still keeps them entertained.


different play modes for extra fun
storage area under the seat
many interactive features that make noises

This parade ride-on delivers a lot of fun to little children. It promotes imagination, creativity and active learning. There are 5 different tunes and realistic engine sound to help children pretend play.


a lot of loud music and noises
the storage doesn’t shut properly
supervision is required

As the name suggests, this toy is a parade and it is loud. There are many noises that you will hear all the time. No volume control option or anything.

What we like about it:

There is very little assembly required to start playing. You can take this toy anywhere you go with your little one. The sounds are fun and encouraging for children (not for parents though). All it needs is enough space for your toddler to ride. It has enough sitting space and the material is sturdy.

12. Pink Push-n-Play Wooden Learning Walker Toy

 Push-n-Play Wooden Learning Walker Toy



This is a great walker for little girls and boys. Some parts are removable to make it lightweight and easy to carry around. It can play tons of exciting activities, make noises and promote simple skills. Children love to push the walker around the house and play with the interactive board.


dozens of sounds for encouraging interactions
front panel is interactive for a toddler to play
sturdy and safe design
5 piano keys to learn to play music

We love that you can use the front part as an interactive board for a child to play. Walking is encouraged with interactive features. Older children can push the walker on their own. The walker teaches numbers, sorting techniques, colors, music and much more.


it’s not very travel-friendly because it’s bulky and can’t be folded
children can get confused at the beginning because there are so many features
don’t use it outside

Some of the details are too small for a child to push or rotate, which can be upsetting. If your child is learning how to stand, the walker can slip and run away, so an adult should supervise the kid.

What we like about it:

We really love that a child can easily develop motor and gross skills while enjoying walking with this toy. Time flies quickly for a child and when she is tired, she can sit on the floor and play with the interactive board.

13. Little Tikes Push and Ride Racer

Little Tikes Push and Ride Racer


This is a simple toy that combines a walker and a ride-on. it comes with a push bar for children to enjoy walking. This is perfect for indoors and outdoors, there is not much to damage since the design is very simple. The combination of several toys promotes coordination and balance. It is also helpful for muscle and gross motor skills development. The seat is situated low enough for a toddler to get on and off safely.


a riding and a walker in one simple toy that children can use without help
you can use it indoors and outdoors thanks do durable construction
the seat is low enough for children to get on and off and reach the floor
the back and handles are sturdy to keep the little one safe

This toy is designed for children ages 9 months to 3 years, but it’s so simple that even younger children can use it under supervision. The main benefit is that a child can get from one place to another without being destructed. Unlike most modern toys that are noisy and flashy, this one if a piece of sturdy plastic with wheels. There are no features that can distract the little one or prevent her from playing.


the rod to the handlebars is very short
there are no interactive features to keep children busy
assembly can be tricky because you need to thread the poles

We wish that the seat could be flipped up because children love to store their toys and carry them around. Many classic walkers have this feature and we don’t know why this one is so “basic”.

What we like about it:

We love that there are still simple toys on the market that doesn’t try to attract children with loud noises and extremely bright colors. This simple racer promotes all essential movement skills and brings joy to children. There is the bar on the back of the toy and children can put their favorite animal on the seat and push it forward.

The body is very low to the ground, children don’t need parents to get on and off. Even if they fell off, they don’t get injured. Children love moving themselves around and when they are tired, they just put their teddy bear in it and push the toy. It promotes imaginative play and encourages different activities.

14. Orange Tree Toys Lion Push Along

Orange Tree Toy - Traditional Hand Crafted Wooden Push Along



This is the perfect toy for exploration. 2 years old love pushing this adorable lion and feel on top of the world. There is enough space for a child to grab and enjoy a walk around the house. When parents take their child and this toy for a walk outside, they feel like explorers. The toy is lightweight and easy to push for hours.


visually appealing to toddlers
wooden and colorful
encourages walkings
orange Tree Toys – the home of bold, bright and stimulating toys for young children
introducing the cute Lion Push Along
when pushed, the colorful wooden beads make a great clacking noise
designed for maximum fun and safety

The lion is so comfortable for little children they don’t want to stop pushing it. The manufacturer uses quality materials that can serve for years. It has all safety features, children can play without supervision (though it’s recommended at the beginning).


the steering wheel can pop out of place if your child tries very hard to do it
the cup holder on the handle can be a little bit small
it moves like a lawn mower on some surfaces because the wheels don’t turn

The toy is very basic, modern children are used to flashing light and loud noises and can find it a little bit boring.

What we like about it:

There is a moderately-priced toy that delivers to its promises. Children get excited every time they get to ride this car. It’s convenient for parents and highly entertaining for their little ones.

15. Push Pull Along Penguin

Push-Along Penguin


Simple movement toys can be great for children when they make their first steps. This push along penguin flaps the wings and children can’t stop looking at it. The handle is easy to grip and convenient to hold. The little penguin provides a soft sound and serves as entertainment for the whole house. The toy is made of solid wood that doesn’t break or chip easily. This is a great simple toy to develop mobility, improve balance skills and promote hand-eye coordination. There are also other animals available and each has something special. The manufacturer says the toy conforms to strict European standards.


this is a great push toy in form of an animal
the knob is easy to grab and push
the paint is non-toxic and bright
when wings flap, they make a gentle sound that attracts children
quality is good

The main benefit is that the toy doesn’t have any unnecessary buttons and lights. The penguin is colorful and attractive but nothing over the top. It makes kids interested and keeps their interest for hours. For those children who are learning to walk there is an opportunity to push the toy back and forth from a sitting position. It makes a slight sound but nothing annoying. The manufacturer claims the wood is corrosion and wear resistant, you can use it on any surface. We think it’s better for smaller children who aren’t very mobile yet.


there is a red ball on the rope that is small enough for children to put in their mouths and swallow
some children don’t understand how to use the toy because it turns over
the manufacturer and its regulations are unknown

We couldn’t find who makes the toy (the original toy is from Europe but this one is obviously a copy) and we can’t be completely sure the pain and wood is completely safe.

What we like about it:

We think that the toy is safe enough for little children to use under supervision and it’s fun and joyful. it helps little children to walk, they keep coming back and play with it. The finish looks nice and colorful, and if we trust the manufacturer, it should be vegetable-based.

16. Hape Award Winning Galloping Zebra Cart

Hape Award Winning Galloping Zebra Cart


When you see the word Hape, you know the toy is made of quality materials according to strict safety standards. This Zebra Cart isn’t an exception. It promotes essential gross motor skills and encourages active play. Two zebras gallop when children push the toy, which also promotes hand-eye coordination. Children quickly understand how to get those zebras moving and then they can’t stop pushing the toy.


zebras are cute and colorful and keep children engaged
the base is sturdy
this simple toy promotes essential skills and brings joy to children
promotes creativity and pretend play
made from quality safe materials that follow the latest standards
the wheels are rimmed to keep your floors protected

Start a stampede with this adorable toy. If you want your children to play with safe toys while you’re busy with home work, this is a great choice. Toddlers love zooming through the house and forget about everything else. It promoted balance, coordination, gross motor skills and strength. The toy is especially beneficial for children who can already feel the balance and stay on their feet. The wheels are rimmed with rubbers to keep your floors safe and maintain acceptable speed..


this toy is really hard to maneuver, it goes only back and forth, if you want to turn around, you should lift it up first;
the toy can flip over if the child doesn’t keep her balance very well
if your child pushes too hard, she will go very fast and can fell to her knees (we don’t think it can hurt though)

If your baby is taller than average, the handle will be too short and she will have to bend far to push it properly. It would be better with an adjustable handle.

What we like about it:

We really like that there are many simple toys that provide several essential activities. The base is sturdy enough to stand properly, and design makes it interesting for children. Nodding zebras attract children. When children are more comfortable with walking, they can put their favorite doll in the wagon.

This toy boosts balance, coordination and many other skills. The manufacturer has good reputation and uses quality materials. Finishes are safe and water-resistant. The construction is solid and will serve for many years. These zebras don’t make annoying noises which keeps parents sane. The product is made in North America according to its standards and regulations.

17. Hape Red Wonder Wagon Wooden Push and Pull Toddler Ride On

Hape Red Wonder Wagon



This is one of the best toys for little baby girls and boys who wants to explore the world. The wagon is for her to ride around the house, park or zoo. It looks fancy with its life-like features and has enough space for a child to sit. Toddlers will feel like explorers when you push them around.

The wheels and the base are sturdy and can handle months of regular use. The wagon is smooth and light, you will have no problem pushing it for hours.


safe and convenient to use
bright red color attract child’s attention
there is nothing to assemble, it comes ready to use
children love wild rides around the house

We love that this wagon is very comfortable for a child. It’s made of quality materials and gives your child an opportunity to explore the world. It doesn’t have any unsafe features and toddlers can ride with no fear of falling.


the steering wheel can pop out of place if your child tries very hard to do it
the toy is so basic that some children get bored quickly
it moves like a lawn mower because the wheels don’t turn

The car is very bulky and you can travel anywhere with it really. You shouldn’t leave it outside because rain and sun affect the wood and paint.

What we like about it:

Even though the toy is quite pricey, it does an excellent job. Children get excited every time they get to ride it, and parents can have a free hand while being outside with their kid. Children also love to put their favorite doll inside and push it around.

18. Melissa & Doug Rattle Rumble Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker

Melissa & Doug Rattle Rumble Wooden Push Toy



This is one of the best toys for children who are making their first steps. The toy features three clear canisters that make sounds and entertain children as they move forward or backward. This is a classic toy with a twist that is always effective for those first steps. It’s suitable for children ages 1 and older. Note that it needs to be assembled first, and this part is a bit tricky.


children can see geometric shapes that are inside clear cylinders (they make noises)
the toy is colorful and attractive for children
it moves forwards and backwards easily
the design is tailored towards children and keeps them safe
the finish is smooth and shiny

This is a must-have toy for parents with little children who are trying to make their first step. This toy offers a lot in terms of walking and promoting confidence. At the beginning children can get a little scared but a couple of days later they become a pro and don’t want to leave the walker. The toy moves faster on wood than on carpets, but it doesn’t stuck or anything like that. Turning can be hard to navigate at the beginning, supervision is recommended. Children love the freedom that this toy gives them and they enjoy using it every day. It doesn’t roll back on children and totally safe to use.


it can be a challenge to get the holes to line up in the right way, there are no labels or directions
with time the paint can chip
the danger zone that we have found is the space between the wheels because babies slip and almost hit their face on wood

The main con of this toy is the assembly. It can be a real challenge to screw some parts properly, especially if you’re not experienced with screwdrivers.

What we like about it:

We really like how functional this little device really is. Since there are no flashy lights and loud buttons children have to use their imagination and think of different ways to play the toy. The craftsmanship is unique and encourages fun activities. This is a great toy for the times when parents want to see their little baby walking.

19. Indigo Jamm Colin Walkervan Toddler Push Toy and Block Set

Indigo Jamm Colin Walkervan Toddler Push Toy and Block Set



This is a cute retro toy that doesn’t have any interactive features but delivers what it promises. The walker looks like a kombi camper van with a surfboard handle. The smiley face on the front immediately attracts the little ones. The van comes with 14 different blocks and there is also a sorting section with a removable lid. If your child doesn’t want to play blocks, she can transport hew favorite doll. The wheels are big, chunky and totally safe for little children. They have rubber edging to keep your carpets and undamaged. The toys smoothly rides on most surfaces.


14 blocks to sort and build little towers
the toy is made of quality wood
promotes creativity and develops gross motor skills

This walker is a safe ways to help your child make her first steps and teach her shapes and colors. The blocks come in different shapes and colors but they are bulky enough for a child to play safely. We recommend supervision and helping your little one at the beginning though. The handle is shaped like a surfboard, it’s convenient for toddlers to grab.


no interactive features
blocks can get lost on the way
the toy moves only backward and forward, you can’t go right or left

The price of this toy is much higher than the price of many competitors. We guess that this is because of quality wood but anyways, this toy is overpriced.

What we like about it:

This is a great example of the first walker for a toddler. It has only basic activities that don’t distract kids from making their first steps. When your baby is tired of walking, she can learn sorting techniques and shapes. She can play alone, with sibling or parents.

How to choose push toys for toddlers

Toddlers love to explore the world around them by walking around and looking at everything. Push toys is a great chance to practice new skills and look at the surroundings. They follow what interests them the most and want to observe it. These toys encourage this exploration and promote development of essential skills.


Comfort is one of the main things to consider when shopping for push toys because children won’t use what they’re not comfortable with. Many toys for children have adjustable seats and handles. Others have storage units and places to put their favorite doll.


We recommend buying toys from reputable brand who offer good warranty protection. Oftentimes toddlers throw their toys and they break during the first week. Make sure the manufacturer can replace the toy or offer a refund. Most brands understand this situation and send a new toy.

Safety Features

Toddlers will always fell down and get up, it’s normal for them. However, you should make sure that there is nothing they can swallow or hit with their head. Most pull and push toys protect little children from tumbling. It’s always better when you can adjust the speed of the toy. The wheels should have anti-slip pads. Make sure to check for all these features before buying a toy.


There are so many different push and pull toys and they are made of completely different materials. Some of them feature sturdy plastic, others are made of wood. Some parents choose classic toys because it can serve for years. Others choose plastic because it’s cheaper easier to clean and maintain. Anyways, there are always pros and cons. Just make sure the product is safe for a child to use and is made of quality materials. If something gets damaged, remove the toy until you fix it or get a new one.


Some push toys don’t have any interactive features. Others prefer to have tons of interactive buttons, lots of melodies and sounds, flashy lights and neon colors. Many push toys have doors to open, something to flip, etc. Still, even walkers with no interactive features can be very effective. They serve to one purpose and do it very effectively. Children don’t get destructed when playing with them.


Walkers are great for stimulating different senses, such as visual, tactical and auditory. There are many ways to promote these senses and walkers is just one of them. Walkers often have flashing lights of various colors, they make realistic sounds. Most also have textured parts that children can move and see what happens. Parents should remember that toys can cause overstimulation when a child gets many things at the same time.


When you buy an expensive toy, you want it to serve for as long as possible. It’s cost-effective to get toys that adapt to your child’s age. Or toys that can be passed down from one child to another. Many of these toys have detachable parts and transformable elements that change according to your child’s needs.

Benefits of Push Toys

We often repeat that pull and push toys are really good for children. However, you don’t need to take our word for granted. We have made a list of the most beneficial things.

Improve gross motor skills

We often speak about these skills in our articles. When children are starting walking, they need your support. Or they need the right toy to be with them when they need it. It improves their gross motor skills and gives them a sense of confidence and support. The better the toy at making your child move, the faster she will develop her gross motor skills. But at the end of the day, each child learns at her own paste.

Develop imagination

Babies are naturally very curious but they need toys to encourage this kind of activities. Pull and push toys are one of the best ways to promote imagination in a playful way. You can help your child to develop skills like lifting legs while keeping balance and many more.

Aid learning

Most of modern toys have accessories and features that promote learning. Children are attracted to loud noises and bright colors and they naturally want to know more about that bright thing that plays melodies.

Pull and push toys are recommended by many experts for children ages one and older. They are the most beneficial in their first 3 years. You can maximize your child’s potential by giving her the right pull and push toy to play. We have already discussed the ones that we consider the best and they really worked with our children. But every kid is different and has her/his preferences. So maybe you will have to try different options before you see what attracts your little one the most.


Q: How can I encourage my little child to play with different push and pull toys?

A: Children love to repeat after their parents. So any toy that looks as a realistic thing for adults will attract their attention. For example, there are carts, cars and trolleys. You can pretend you go grocery shopping and give your little one food items to put in her cart. Once children learn to keep balance, they will play with these toys more without supervision. Most children are attracted to toys that make loud noises and have something to press and listen to. Even if it distracts their attention they will continue practice their balance.

Q: When will my little child be able to play properly with these toys?

A:Push and pull toys are perfect for toddlers who are just learning how to walk and can’t keep their balance well. These toys are made to develop skills that children already have, for example, pushing themselves up the floor and moving forward. Walking is a huge milestone and it takes time to develop this skill. Holding the right toy will give your little one support and guide her first steps. It will teach her to look ahead and avoid obstacles. This encourages exploration, boosts confidence and does many other helpful things.

When your child is around 15 months old, they can push toys that have wheels and play with their dolls. Just make sure the toys aren’t very big for your child. Some time later toddlers start helping parents out with housework in their own childish way. They can push a toy broom or play with kitchen sets.

Pull toys are more complicated than push toys and require more skills to operate. Little children should be able to hold their arm behind them and look back. Supervision is recommended when children learn this skill. They don’t get everything from the first try but they learn and get better with each attempt.

Q: Are these toys safe for little children?

AAll toys on the list are safe for children of the right age. They require different skills to operate and parents should decide whether or not their child is ready. Each toy has a recommended age but some children develop skills faster than others and can play with these toys. Just make sure the child need to develop the skills that the toy focuses on. Of course, you can always contact the manufacturer directly (at least in the US) and ask about safety.

Q: When should my little one start walking?

A:All children go through essential milestones at their own pace. Of course, if you have serious concerns it’s better to consult with your doctor. Most children try to make their first steps at 9 months old. The usually start walking at 12 months. But there is no need to worry if your child walks earlier and later than everyone else. Some children don’t try to stand up until they are 17 months old and this is fine.

Q: Can push and pull toys inhibit toddler’s ability to walk?

AWe have seen studies that say that children can slow down their development when they are introduced to push and pull toys too early. Some push toys can result in development of improper walking patterns that require corrections (which takes time). However, children learn to walk through trial and error. It’s best to follow them on their journey and supervise their relationships with new toys. It’s better to remove those toys that seem very challenging. Failures are inevitable and you can’t safe your child from that. When toddlers learn to walk straight, they will use pull and push toys more to stimulate their senses and discover the world around them.

We hope we could give you some idea about push and pull toys for toddlers. If your baby gets the right toy, she will develop skills faster and with joy. Not to mention many other skills and senses that are affected during active play. With time your children will walk independently. However, parent supervision is highly recommended until your child is completely stable.

We have described strong and weak sides of every toy and provided you with Amazon links to help you make an informed choice. Some of these toys are better than the others but they all deliver to their promises, safe for children and deserve your attention.

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