Precautions when the baby starts to crawl

Basic care to avoid dangers to the baby in its crawling phase

When a baby starts to crawl … tranquility is over. It is the prelude to what will come later when we walk, and it is also the beginning of the restructuring of the home. And it is that when they begin to crawl or move by themselves, discover new worlds, unexplored lands so far and things, which can now reach.

How to protect the baby from the dangers of the home when crawling

  1. Let’s start with the walls, which seem harmless, and at the same time very attractive to children. We have to take special care especially with the plugs, now our baby can move to the nearest wall and discover a few holes that only fit the little fingers and plump of our children. Now most parents already have protection systems for the plugs, but it does not hurt to take it into account.
  2. On the other hand we have also the radiators, that although they do not burn much, if you can give the odd scare, or even hit with them. To do this nothing better than putting some barrier, either chairs, tables, so they can not access them.
  3. The low furniture with doors or drawers are also very attractive for them, especially when they know how they work, and nothing more fun to approach, lean on them and open, and besides being able to give a good bump, can be caught the fingers, remove all the utensils that you have inside and organize again the closet or drawer in question.
  4. The doors are also a research ground for these. Open, close until, or else they hit them, or worse, they get their fingers. There are some protectors that prevent the doors from closing and thus prevent fingers from being caught, but this causes the door to bounce and may hit them.
  5. Of course the kitchen should be a place where you can not let it crawl, it would not be the first one the garbage can calls loudly … or try to get into the washing machine or take some cleaning product. For the drawers and doors of the kitchen there are some elements that prevent them from opening easily, but you must be careful as well because in many cases they are managed and eventually open them.
  6. The bathroom is a space similar to the kitchen, with products from the bathroom and / or cleaning, the famous bucket of dirty clothes or the bath or shower can be a place to get to crawl and quickly access them.

We have to take into account that from now on our baby will be in constant contact with the soil, so it is not about doing the cotton test on a daily basis, but keeping a minimum of cleaning so that our babies do not bring things to the mouth like lint, crumbs or even dirt.

The home parks are no longer an attractive area for them, they are small and prefer to go outside to continue exploring. Our babies have become small explorers and crawlers and we must prepare them an adequate space with supervision so that this important stage is carried out without any mishap.

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