Personal opinion: what is the best soft baby carrier?

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I was curious about ergonomic baby carrier even before I got pregnant. I saw parents carrying their babies in those interesting bags. I was wondering if it was convenient? However, both mom and baby always looked quite happy, so I decided that in the future I will definitely try this thing. The time has passed, I had two wonderful babies and already tested several different models of infant baby carrier for short and long walks. Now I’m ready to share my experience with you.

The baby is always so close to you and can feel your warmth

We started using the carriers with this model. It is designed for newborns. It holds the baby so close to you in a secure position. This model provides good head support and has reliable fasteners. I also liked the fact that it has a special belt which allows mom to reduce the pressure on her lower back. I was a little concerned about using the toddler baby carrier right after giving a birth. I was afraid to even to hold the baby in my arms back then.
You have bought a carry for the baby. Now your eldest daughter is not deprived of attention

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After a while, my fears disappeared, and I started using the device and never regretted it. This is a magic remedy for the cranky and restlessj baby. If my daughter didn’t want to sleep, you could put her in an ergonomic carrier and go for a walk. She used to fall asleep immediately and I could meet with my friends, go to a cafe or wander around the mall. The baby remained with me all this time and slept peacefully. It gave me an opportunity to get some time for myself and have my baby next to me.

The soft structured baby carrier gives you an opportunity to enjoy walking again. I gained some extra weight during pregnancy that I wanted to lose. I decided to walk a lot. With the stroller, it was inconvenient – pushing it wasn’t as easy as carrying ergonomic baby carrier. With this wonderful device, I could walk miles building up my leg muscles while my baby was breathing fresh air.

It’s a great solution for the parents – the baby peacefully sleeps and the family is happy. I would definitely purchase such a baby carrier model myself. I like the design where hard part – the “shell” – fixes the baby’s back securely, gently pressing the body to the chest of the parent. The head, neck, and hips of the newborn remain in a natural position, so there is no need to worry about the baby health and comfort.
The rigid frame keeps your bambino in a comfortable position. He gets used to sitting

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This model of a soft baby carrier is made from cotton, which is another advantage. A completely natural material without synthetics leaves fewer chances for allergies. The fabric feels soft and the black color doesn’t require frequent cleaning, which is important having a growing toddler. The carrier will match any outfit. You will always feel comfortable wearing it.

The maximum allowed weight for this baby chest carrier is twenty-five pounds. To be honest, this weight is almost too heavy even for me to carry on my shoulders. I know that for some moms it’s perfectly okay though. Just make sure you read the instructions about the weight restrictions of the soft baby carrier that you are going to buy. By the way, by the time the babies turn one year old more likely, they won’t stay in the carrier for a long time. They get so curious and love moving around, so staying still can be extremely difficult for them at this age.

Why the close physical contact between the mother and a baby is so important according to the children’s psychologists

Here is a carrying light and with a pocket. The material is well washed. Make own selectionI’m not a pediatrician, but I read a lot of literature on this subject. I’ve also noticed that a soft structured baby carrier stimulate the development. The baby has a very close connection with the mother which is ordered by nature. The baby is born into the world helpless, tiny, and weak. He needs a protection and support. The mother satisfies not only physiological but also mental needs. Despite the fact that the babies are so tiny, they feel a huge need for love and emotional connection. An ergonomic carrier provides a close contact in the best possible way.

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Let’s be realistic. You can’t neglect all your chores, taking care of yourself, stop cooking or go shopping. Most of the moms have to work even when they have very small babies. Personally, I started working almost immediately after the birth of my son – my second child. I worked from home, but I needed to leave the house to meet clients. Infant baby carrier helped me so much then. I didn’t have to leave a newborn with someone to do important things.

If a baby feels a lack of attention during his first year, he may develop anxiety. The baby needs to look at his mother, remember her face, to see emotions, and hear her voice. Eye contact and physical contact, are not interrupted if you use the infant baby carrier, and it’s extremely important. The connection between you and your baby isn’t intruded if you use the carrier. It is necessary to respond to the needs and emotions of a small person. Each infant baby carrier model has its own merits, but the main goal is to be close to your little one and satisfy all his needs.

What do you need to do to provide your baby a necessary level of comfort:

  • to respond when the baby is crying;

  • to communicate and play with the baby;

  • to hug, kiss and show love in every possible way;

  • to create safe and peaceful conditions;

  • to share your body warmth.

Your baby doesn’t care about what you are wearing, your looks and status. The most important is that you are close. With toddler baby carrier it is easy to provide. Just look at this comfortable and safe design. A sturdy product holds the baby firmly, reliably protecting from falling. Even if one of the bindings accidentally unzips, the baby won’t fall. Wide straps and fastenings help to reduce the pressure and discomfort from carrying a heavy toddler.
Easy carrying. The color is non-staining. It suits to any clothes of the mother and the kid
Dads appreciate this product as much as moms do. An ergonomic carrier connects parents and children, and make your hands free. The more your infant communicates with the parents, the happier he grows, trusting the world. Safe environment protects a child from the development of phobias, panic attacks, fear, and suspicion in the future. Mental health is very important, now let’s discuss physical development.

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What is the best soft baby carrier according to pediatric orthopedists?

Some parents wonder if the baby carriers can affect the development of the skeleton in a negative way. In fact, orthopedists consider M position as a physiologically correct and the best one for the baby’s legs. In this position, legs are slightly bent and knees are above the pelvis forming a comfortable angle. The soft baby carriers should meet the requirements of children’s orthopedists, without creating an unnecessary pressure on mother’s lower back.

Light panels create a feeling of airiness. A calm grey color of carry does not irritate eyesLook at the example of this model. Pay attention to how widely the legs of the baby are spread out. The product “grows” with the child and design can be adjusted according to the age – up to 36 months. It would be hard for me to carry so heavy toddler anyway. Seat and straps can be adjusted very easily. Toddler baby carrier has several options for the baby’s positions, and all of them are safe and beneficial for the health.

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Additional soft shoulder straps provide the even distribution of the weight of a small passenger. Breathable material and smart design, with a soft mesh for air circulation, protect you and your baby from overheating. A soft baby carrier has a special hood for protection from the sun. I think it’s perfect for the long walks for both moms and babies.

The ergonomic baby carrier can be as helpful as a nanny

Why do you need a babysitter, if you can do it yourself? You can take your baby anywhere, as long as both of you are comfortable. I wanted to continue working during the maternal leave. With the first child, it did not work at all. After the birth of my daughter, I found my dream work, so I had to move in that direction. Ergonomic carrier helped me not to feel left out. I took both children with me – one could already walk, and the younger one I had to carry everywhere on me. It worked for me quite well.

We attended exhibitions and different events since it was very convenient. I was happy walking with my children and it helped me to lose some extra pounds. It was a great workout. I think every mom can try staying active because it’s really possible. You can carry one child in the baby chest carrier and push the other in a stroller. Sometimes I did it too.

Breastfeeding was one of the most favorite parts of my motherhood. Besides the fact that it’s the healthiest nutrition for my little one, it’s such a special way of bonding between mother and the baby. I could feed the child in an upright position, slightly loosening the straps and lowering it down. The son could safely eat, but at the same time remain still and fastened in the soft structured baby carrier. I could feed the baby even on the street in the park, it was quite convenient.

I also found another convenient accessory. This insert for baby carriers is perfect for newborns. It creates an ideal position for the youngest infants. The insert can be placed in the infant baby carrier so that it will be better adapted to the needs of the newborn.
The feature of this carrying case is a warm and soft liner. You can take out it for washing

Product Features:

  • the ergonomic position for newborn babies in a soft baby carrier is approved by the International Institute of Hip Joint Implantation. It provides M-shaped leg position, C-curved spine, support for the head and neck, the baby’s face is open and well seen;

  • for infants 7-12 pounds (3.2-5.5 kg) or toddlers over 12 pounds, but younger than 4 months, who can’t hold the head well yet;

  • breathable material, 100% cotton;

  • easily fits in any model of the baby chest carrier.

A great accessory isn’t it? I didn’t own one, because I found out about it too late. Otherwise, I would definitely purchase it. This item is perfect for the newborns and several months old infants.

What else did I like about the ergonomic baby carrier?

It is very convenient that it can be washed in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. The parts don’t break, the fabric does not deteriorate and it is very easy to wash even when it’s very dirty. I washed my toddler baby carrier quite often. At some point, my son always had some food in his hands. Stains from a banana or juice have become the norm. Yes, you never know where else stains can come from. The main thing is that they can be easily removed in a washing machine.

Friends gave us this type of a baby carrier as a gift. We are happily using it. My husband enjoys walking with the carrier during our family weekends. It’s a very useful gift and I’m very happy with it. I can’t find any fault since it’s very secure and has a smart design. When placing a child in the toddler baby carrier, make sure that the material doesn’t form the folds, which means that the base is not firm enough, and the baby is sagging. This is not dangerous for older children but unacceptable for newborns.

If you decide to buy a baby carrier make sure to do some research first. Learn more about the manufacturer, read reviews, and find the photos of the product. It will help you to make the right choice. Saving money is a great idea, but not when it comes to baby’s products. Be aware of fakes – the safety of your child is number one priority.

The baby chest carrier helped me so much in my everyday routine. I’m sure you will appreciate this product as much as I do.

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