Newborn shoes

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Do infants really need shoes, or is it just a cute but unnecessary accessory’d like to talk more about them.

What do I think about shoes for a newborn?

Small shoes have a soft sole that will not harm gentle baby’s foot. Khaki- style is great for boys
Honestly, a baby that cannot walk yet doesn’t really need shoes. I just love well-dressed and stylish babies – they look so adorable. I’ve noticed many times that people start smiling while looking at a baby in a cute outfit. I took so many adorable pictures of my kids in these tiny shoes. I don’t think that it’s a waste of money because it brings so much joy and positive emotions. What can be cuter than a baby in newborn shoes?
Those tiny boots are very good for little new-born feet as they are made of natural material
The first thing that I pay attention to when choosing any children’s product is quality and convenience. I prioritize natural materials and size so that the baby’s feet feel comfortable. Pediatricians and orthopedists believe that children who can’t walk shouldn’t wear shoes. All my friends got these cute outfits right after the birth of their children, and some even earlier. Personally, I think that newborn shoes make the perfect gift. Moms are always happy to get this kind of gift.

Sneakers are for little princesses, whose parents just cannot wait for them to make first steps The variety of models is amazing: sneakers, sandals, boots. The choice depends on the weather, activity, and the baby’s outfit. I am very particular about the quality of similar products, regardless of the price. The size is very important– they should fit perfectly. My son had chubby legs, so picking the right size was not easy.

I like that all models of newborn baby boy shoes are very flexible and have a thin sole, which is usually made of genuine leather. Everything is designed so that the baby’s feet grow and develop correctly. The baby should be able to wiggle his toes, and nothing should restrain his movements. I choose warmer models for colder seasons.


Should I buy orthopedic shoes?

Normally babies don’t need orthopedic shoes, so I never bought those. Several times I saw regular shoes that were labeled as orthopedic. Baby’s shoes should meet these requirements:

  1. natural materials;
  2. elasticity;
  3. wide toe;
  4. flexibility;
  5. softness.

When the baby starts to walk, the requirements change, but now we are talking about shoes for newborns. So far, your little one can be fine just with socks or booties, and the shoes will work as socks. I ordered a couple of pairs online, and they did not fit, so I gave them to my friends. Usually, I guess right with sizes when I shop online – that time I wasn’t lucky.

I could return the shoes, but it was an excellent gift for my friend’s baby. We are always happy for baby gifts. Newborn baby boy shoes are good for walking and for playing at home. It was fun to watch my baby learning a new thing when trying to take them on and off. I miss those moments since they grow so fast. Those little things bring a lot of joy. You won’t regret buying these cute accessories for your lovely baby!

Flat feet

Most of my friends think that the problem of flat feet in children is the fault of parents. Parents believe that this flat feet problem is caused by the wrong choice of shoes. I decided to search for credible information on this subject. What I have learned made me actually feel better. First, shoes for toddlers cannot affect children’s feet, if the size is right.
All parents are dreaming of their baby’s feet to stay as cute as they were when baby was just born
Secondly, most often, flat feet are hereditary. Newborn shoes cannot deform the foot. All children are born with flat feet, and changing begins later on and it has nothing to do with shoes.

I’m not saying that now we don’t need to pay attention to the quality of baby’s shoes or clothes. We just need to understand the real reasons for flat feet. Newborn baby shoes are completely safe and created especially for the youngest kids. I miss the times when my children wore these cute shoes. We have many charming photos where our cuties are dressed like adults.

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with spoiling your babies a little bit. They grow too fast!

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